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Great Aerial Shots of Gen. Santos City & Sarangani Bay

Came across some aerial shots of GenSan and Sarangani Bay from LANTAW, Allan Barredos Multiply site. Was so impressed with them that I immediately contacted Allan (who hails from Koronadal) and got his permission to feature them here.

So here, ladies and gentlemen, are (so far) the most awesome aerial shots of Gen. Santos City and Sarangani Bay that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Thanks again Allan.

Sarangani Bay West

Sarangani Bay Coastline (Westside)

Sarangani Bay

Sarangani Bay

Makar Wharf

Makar Wharf and Barangay Calumpang plus Barangay Fatima (lower portion)

Mango Plantations

Mango Plantations now dot the once barren lands surrounding GenSan

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  1. irving says:

    This pictures are really nice… Not to mention, i had been some of these places already, and just as wonderful or perhaps better, these places would truly captivate your heart. Nice work blogger

  2. bariles says:

    Thanks irving. Southern Mindanao has really so much to offer nature lovers everywhere.

  3. Thanks for the feature! One of the things on my wish list is to do a more extensive photo documentary of Sarangani’s coastal beauty from Glan to Kiamba. Only thing that is lacking is time.

  4. gilbert says:

    For a moment while looking at the aerial shots, I forgot to breathe. Thanks Allan B. for sharing the breathtaking shots. :)

  5. Blogie says:

    Nice shots! :)

  6. JP says:

    nice shots. very clear and detailed.

  7. orman says:

    susme parang nevada desert ang gensan…! great shots here!

  8. marz says:

    wow!.. ang ganda ng gensan!..its a great place to live.

  9. Jordan Ray Quinco says:

    astig allan!! the best photos! anyways, ano ba sinakyan mo?…

  10. micah wee says:

    nice!! pics it’s so interesting, maybe to be a photographer is nice hehehe

    that’s all thnx!! ^_^ *_* #_#

  11. micah wee says:

    this picture in the saranani is cool! ^_^

    for those you enter’s this site you should be proud to be filipino and be proud that you live in sarangani.. remember god created the world..


  12. buletoy says:


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