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The Gen. Paulino Santos, Sr. Monument

Aguman Capampangan members in front of Gen. Santos Statue

Came across this old undated photo of the Aguman Kapampangan (association of migrants from the province of Pampanga in Luzon) where my late dad, Avelino (standing fourth from right) was a former member, having been born in the town of Macabebe and eventually settling in what was then known as Dadiangas in 1940. (Click on it for a larger view.)

What struck me here is the statue behind them of General Paulino Santos, Sr., which the group must have donated to the local government earlier before this photo was taken, since their banner was hung at the base.

At the background farther back is the old wooden building of the local municipal government of Buayan, years before its view was obstructed by a bigger concrete edifice for the newly-proclaimed City of General Santos constructed right in front of it.

Gen. Santos Monument now

Above is a very recent photo of what is now the statue of Gen. Paulino Santos, Sr. taken during the wreath-laying ceremony in honor of the city’s founder timed at the opening program of the 69th Foundation Day of the Tuna Capital last February 27, 2008.

The building behind it is the newer City Hall, now covering the view of the 59-year old rickety wooden structure seen at the background of the first photo above.

Try comparing the two photos and notice how barren the plaza fronting the city hall was ages ago. Now, it’s dotted with trees and other ornamental plants and serves as a rest and recreation area for tired and weary “generals” (as people in GenSan call themselves).

Below is the marker detailing a short biography of the general (in Tagalog) posted at the foot of the monument.

Gen. Santos Marker

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  1. […] my blog name by web artist Dennis Paul Custorio (who designed it) is a photograph of the statue of General Paulino Santos himself, founder of this city to whom it was […]

  2. melvin says:

    i remember this picture my dad (abling seating fifth from the left i think katabi nya si bing santos father of meggie)

  3. Solomon S. Buyco says:

    I just wonder of the History of Gen. Paulino Santos… As far as my History about the founding of GenSan is that it was Commissioned to him by Pres. Manuel L. Quezon and Philippine Constabulary was established and organized by Gen. Paulino Santos and also under the leadership of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon…

    And the sad part is that he was beheaded by retreating Japanese soldiers in 1945 here in Dadiangas and his head was still could not be found.

    I know that pen is mightier than sword and this is a disturbing news for me of what I have read about Gen. Paulino Santos.

  4. lanes4bike@Gensan says:

    Hi Solomon, I hope you can check the cause of death of Gen, Santos. I believe he was not beheaded by the retreating Japs. He died while in captivity by the retreating Japs due to extreme fatigue, hunger and malaria in the jungles of Mountain Province in luzon and not in Dadiangas. I believe It was the national hero Jose Abad Santos who was executed by beheading during the war by the Japs.

  5. fahdingding says:

    Tumpak ka lanes4Bike@Gensan

  6. Toinks says:

    Yes its right. Gen. PAulino Santos died in the jungles of Mountain Province in Luzon because of Malaria. His remains were then transferred to the city that was named after him in the early 90s.

  7. GensanBoy says:

    Dapat kasama lagi sa pinupuntahan ng mga bumibisita sa lungsod ang estatwang ito.

  8. Toinks says:

    @GensanBoy: Tama ka dyan. Pero kailangan din dapat palitan na ang ating lumang city hall. Masyado nang dilapidated at nagmumukhang unano sa mga nagtataasang punong kahoy sa tapat nito. dapat ang city hall ay mas mataas pa sa mga punong kahoy na yan.

  9. Sikad Power says:

    You may also visit the General Santos Museum at Marist Ave. inside NDDU.

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