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NDDU inaugurates 4-story IBED Building @ Lagao Campus

Just in time for the opening of School Year 2008-2009, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University in Gen. Santos City recently inaugurated its four-storey Integrated Basic Education Department (the new classy name for the word” Elementary”) school building at its sprawling Lagao Campus where its High School Department is also stationed.

NDDU Lagao

Formerly located at its Highway Campus, both departments are now housed in Lagao with the College department subsequently taking over the whole campus in Dadiangas.

Interestingly, the new building, christened St. Marcellin Champagnat Hall (after the founder of the Marist Brothers) looks very much like the main building at the Dadiangas campus, with its eye-catching green stained-glass facade in the center. It will definitely be NDDU’s signature look for the years to come.

Above photograph is the left wing of the new building, while photograph at the right is the right wing facing Tiongson Street in Lagao.

Below is the marker of the new building.

To NDDU Bro. John Tan, FMS and his staff, together with the whole Marist Brothers congregation, including Provincial Supervisor Bro. Manny de Leon, FMS congratulations from Bariles Republic, alumnus of High School Batch 82!!!


PHOTOS courtesy of Reuben Aprilshower & the NDDU Alumni Office headed by Ms. Mea Dayot.

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  1. gensanite says:

    Greeting from the ETD Alumni ’93 & HS Alumni ’97!!!



    Gensanite (Elementary Batch 1993; High School Batch 1997)

    (cool classrooms… very green… very Marist…) 🙂

  2. bariles says:

    Gensanite, cheers!

    NDDU just like the Eveready Bunny keeps on going and going and going…

    No let-up in her developments.

    Viva Marista!

  3. cidy says:

    Nice article and photos…

    cidys last blog post..My Blog

  4. Hi,

    I’m Elmer and I work at, a company interested in blog advertizing. I found your blog engaging and I’m contacting you to ask if you are interested in blog post sponsorship.

    If you are interested, kindly mail back ( and I’ll send you pricing details, guidelines and processes. Looking forward to doing business with you.



  5. gilbert says:

    ND is starting to shape up into the university it was meant to be. 🙂

    gilberts last blog post..In Search of Libertine’s Destiny II

  6. epm says:

    Wow… The pictures look nice! NDDU rocks! Proud to be a Damean.

  7. donG hO says:

    wow! ang ganda ng building. btw, i learned that we have relatives in dadiangas.

    donG hOs last blog post..bantayan roadtrip

  8. bariles says:

    Hi Elmer! Thanks for your kind words. Will try to email you asap.

    Hello Gilbert! I agree with you. With all these developments, parents won’t have to look far for their children’s education. Thanks for your comments. See you soon.

  9. bariles says:

    Hi epm! What batch were you?

    Hello dong? Really? What are their family names?

  10. Kristie says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I really love the design of your blog 🙂 Great job. I visit you frequently via entrecard. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Kristies last blog post..Finland Is Not A Scandinavian Country

  11. epm says:

    I’m from Batch 1995 (Elementary) and Batch 1999 (High School). =D

  12. orman says:

    call me bias but i am truly, madly and deeply proud to be a damean. the inauguration of the ibed building in lagao further cements the fact that NOTRE DAME WILL ALWAYS BE THE LEADER AND WILL REMAIN TO BE ONE IN THE YEARS TO COME. kudos to bro. manny and bro. john and to the rest of the marist family!

    ormans last blog post..Way Over Yonder by Carole King

  13. epm says:

    Hi.. This is site is becoming interesting every day… I’m so happy that I’m connected to Gen.Santos even if I’m far. =D

  14. bariles says:

    hello epm. thanks for your kind words. as long as people like you keep on coming back and leaving comments like these, i will be more than inclined to improve it even further.

    tell me what you want featured here and maybe i post something about it.

    salamat nang marami ulit. 🙂

  15. bariles says:

    hi orman! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN to that! Coming from you, the President of the Federation of Notre Dame Alumni, that’s indeed great to hear. Mwah!

    epm, elem batch 74 and HS batch 78 is yours truly. Good enuf to be ur grandpa ha?

  16. macky says:

    i hope mayron official website ang NDDU Alumni Association..

  17. bariles says:

    hi there macky! check out That’s the official site of the US-based ND alumni.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    By the way, when did you graduate?

  18. shine says:

    grabe si kuya orman huh.. di halata na sya ang president ng alumni.. sa mga ganung comment..?! hahahahaha.
    but in fairness ang ganda ng school talaga…
    Hail to our NOTRE DAME!

  19. BOIDAME says:

    ala ka nice ah!! nihawa lang ko sa IBED gawapo naman!!

  20. bariles says:

    hi shine! you’re right! hehehe! let’s visit the campus once you are here again. keep on commenting. 🙂

    hello Boidame! you should visit it when you’re here too. thanks for dropping by. where are you based now? 🙂

  21. Thea Lu says:

    Nice bitaw kaayo! I was there during the inauguration. I have a few pictures of my own in Multiply (exclusive to contacts). On the 3rd floor is the TD Library for kids. It was named after my Grandparents Trinidad and Doroteo Guipo. Though I wasn’t born, only raised in Gensan my family have contributed a lot to our General Santos City. From my parents to my aunties and uncles down to my siblings and my cousins, we are all Damians.
    TD Guipo Library P1

    Thea Lus last blog post..Upgraded to Premium

  22. Thea Lu says:

    BTW, I’m promoting this site to my aunts and uncles abroad. I’m sure they would love to hear about recent updates in Gensan. Let’s promote General Santos and the Generals worldwide!!! God bless and more power!!!

    Thea Lus last blog post..Upgraded to Premium

  23. Hi Avel and Orman,

    Like wine, you guys are looking better with the passing of time. Thanks for this article. May I use your link when we post the website for the TD Learning Center ( We are revising the site soon…Regards, Prima

  24. rodner says:

    bat wla pang website ang NDDU?

  25. brad says:

    High School batch 1995 NDDC-HS Boys Dept.

    pls msg. mga ka batch

  26. epm says:

    ^^We can access the website of NDDU but I don’t think it’s up and running. I hope the I.T. Department of the school will look into this.

  27. White Knight says:

    Originally Posted By rodnerbat wla pang website ang NDDU?

    Just browse our beloved website. meron na pero di pa sya ganun ka ganda compared to other schools website such as admu,dlsu,ust,addu,up, etc. sana nddu will invest more in their website design and update informations because it reflects the school identity and prestige. Besides, talagang hightech na tayo ngayon, even abroad can browse and get informations at the click of their fingers.

  28. mabuhay ang marist..
    st.marcellin champagnat and st.teresa of avila… pray for us..

  29. Micheal95 says:

    haha,ang laki,kawawa naman kami,ang mga taga marbel,NDMU-IBED
    3 storey lang,sayang…..
    parang pinapaboran ang NDDU kaysa sa NDMU-IBED
    kawawa kami…….

    1. bariles says:

      i don’t think so. Now that Bro. Willy Lubrico is at NDMU, I am certain that a lot of developments have started to happen, infrastructure wise. 🙂

  30. Jordan Ray Chua Quinco says:

    hello NOTRE DAME! kumusta?…
    astig na ang ETD.. nasa lagao n pala?. nice building.. punta ako jan bukas…

    im a product of notre dame.. i had my primary and secondary sa NDDU…
    took my nursing degree from san pedro college in davao…

    i miss my old skul.. punta ako jan next week… St. IGnatius of LOyola 2004 will be having a mini reunion in articulo’s residence.. see u there…

  31. emeroor says:

    @Jordan Ray Chua Quinco

    Science Curriculum mo ate??
    wowowee st.ignatius pa gyud ang section,,

  32. emeroor says:

    sorry Jordan Ray Chua Quinco lalake kayo or babae??
    kasi yung comment ko nagkamali na ATE?

  33. Jordan Ray Quinco says:

    obvious po masyado.. lalake po ako… feel the name dude… hehehe

  34. Gelo says:


    galing ng Marist Brothers


    from NDMU IBED Batch 2008

    Gelos last blog post..We’ve been Bonded Once More!!!

  35. toinx says:

    Oo nga naman.. bat ang NDDU magaganda ang buildings??? ang NDMU ang pangit…luma pa…tsssk.well. una rin naman naging university and nddu..dito po ba ang location ng dating NDL??coz i heard, NOTRE DAME OF LAGAO was moved to Brgy.San Isidro…san ba mas maganda?? SIENA o IBED??hehehe..i think sa ugali ng students, SIENA…pero sa buildings, ofcourse IBED!!!

  36. pugita says:

    Oo nga naman.. bat ang NDDU magaganda ang buildings??? ang NDMU ang pangit…luma pa…tsssk.well. una rin naman naging university ang NDMU..dito po ba ang location ng dating NDL??coz i heard, NOTRE DAME OF LAGAO was moved to Brgy.San Isidro…san ba mas maganda?? SIENA o IBED??hehehe..i think sa ugali ng students, SIENA…pero sa buildings, ofcourse IBED!!!

  37. […] 11am to 12 midnight and can be reached by dialing 301-CRAB.  It is located right across the new IBED building of the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University at the back portion of their Lagao Campus. Related posts:Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs, […]

  38. Mrs. Kittie C. Diolen says:


    how dare you insult my alma mater…..ofcourse luma na kasi 1985 pa nging university and NDMU…ang NDDU 2006?…..and ang NDMU Malaki ang University Library……dubbed as the
    “LARGEST LIBRARY IN MINDANAO”….and may hospital na ang NDMU no… shut up……
    THOUGH Tatak Marista tayong lahat…..DO NOT COMPARE,,,just value the relationship!!!!

  39. […] Ava Clarisse B. Santander – Mindanao State University-CETD – 85.50% 2. Jessica Danielle G. Datoon – NDDU – […]

  40. Mad Scientist Batch 02 says:

    I missed all those days! Wow… the new SMC building… really looks cool! I missed the school! Never been since graduation…

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