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P2Billion Robinsons Gen. Santos Mall begins construction

After years and years of speculation, the wait is finally over!

Robinsons has just begun the construction of what should be one of the biggest investment projects in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City in years!

This project, a first-class shopping center reportedly costing P2 billion pesos and to be known as Robinsons General Santos, is under the Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), a JG Summit Company headed by Chairman Emeritus, John Gokongwei, Jr.

Situated in an 8.5 hectare property acquired by the Gokongwei’s in the late 80s along the corner of Jose Catolico Avenue, National Highway and the Bula-Lagao Road, this proposed edifice is about 500 meters away from the KCC Mall and the Gaisano Mall.

Clearing of the land has began almost a week ago after a series of meetings between RLC people and the local authorities including GenSan Mayor Pedro Acharon, Jr.   It will be remembered that years ago, before a series of bombings rocked the city, they were supposedly set on starting this project back then and have even applied for a building permit.  Eventually due to the barbaric terroristic incidents, they held off….. until now.


The Robinsons Gen. Santos site at corner J. Catolico Avenue (going right) and Bula-Lagao road (going left)

And so with Robinsons’ impending move to go ahead with their project, the city government will be awarding them incentives in form of tax breaks.  “Mall operations” is one of the top  “investment priority areas” under the city’s New Investment Code.

Robinsons Gen. Santos will be a two-storey mall which will house the company’s flagship stores- Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Appliances, Handyman Do It Center plus four Robinsons’ cinemas.

Aside from that is a Bingo center, an Amusement center and lots and lots of rentable spaces for retail shops and boutiques, restaurants and dining establishments.

More than 500 workers will be hired for the construction of the biggest of all of the Gensan malls and about 700 personnel will be employed once it becomes operational.  I learned that the Robinson’s management has pledged that 80% of their new hires will all be locals which redounds well for the benefit of the city’s new graduates and unemployed but skilled workforce.

Bula-Lagao Road

Meanwhile, according to a very reliable source, the SM group for its part is now on its final talks with the owners of a prime 8-hectare property along Santiago Boulevard which they have optioned to lease for their own mall.

And with NCCC of Davao recently opening its warehouse outlet at Kimball Plaza‘s old bodega at Leon Llido Street, signs may be pointing to their eventual entry into the Mall business in GenSan considering that they also have a four-hectare property along the National Highway.

Wow!  All these only mean one thing – more and more investors are now seeing Gen. Santos city in a new light and are beginning to realize the truth in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines being named twice as the Most Competitive Mid-Sized City in the country.

Robinsons Gen. Santos is scheduled to open during the 2nd quarter of 2009.  Check back here for regular updates.

Updates:  More photos of the mall site…

The Robinsons Lot now with its new fence.

A grader doing ground clearing inside the Robinsons lot.

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  1. jasper0127 says:

    Its a good news to all of us that SM City Gensan will start its contruction for their own mall on January 2009.Excited na talaga ako dito.

  2. jasper0127 says:

    Sir Avel what’s the latest development of the KCC and Gaisano expansion?

    1. bariles says:

      Watch out for my future blogs about them. Soon! 🙂

  3. jasper0127 says:

    Bakit lumiit ang floor area ng rob dati 85,000 sq. meters ang total floor area ngayon 34,000 nalang short ba ang budget nila?

  4. jay says:

    jasper, 85, 000 sq meters ‘yung lot but 34, 000 lang ang mall… matagal nang nireveal yun, nung time pa na lumabas balita ng rob here in gensan.

  5. jun says:

    Kuya tanong lang po kailan po ba mag start ang costruction ng gaisano koronadal wala akong makuhang information kasi ang gaisano walang web site.

    1. bariles says:

      @jun, i really have no idea. Somebody else just gave me the info na papasok sila sa Koronadal. Merry Christmas and stop worrying about it! 🙂

  6. emeroor says:

    nagyon ko talagang nkita ung extension ng road sa santiago at national pati ung sa downtown area..anu ung purpose bakit may extension?? paran hindi nmn ito general santos city ang pinuntahan ko..hehe.

  7. Toinks says:

    @emeroor – butangan na diha og traffic lights. 😉

  8. bryan tablazon says:

    Wow Huh….pasalamat diay mi kay john gokongwei kay naka huna2x cya og butang sa iyang mall dri s gensan idol…og dili lng na ika upat pa gyud na pinaka dako nga robinson mall sa pilipinas ang robinson places Gensan….as in big mall og pinaka dako pa gyud cya sa mindanao og visayaz na robinson grabe nato……..

  9. bryan tablazon says:


    sir kanus a gyud sugdan ang SM unta sugdan na nila kay para daghan nata suroyan og nganong nang gamay man ang robinson mall dba 85,000 sq floor 35 na lng lagi…..

  10. jasper0127 says:

    @jay – Jay magbasa-basa ka nga 8.5 hectares ang lot tapos they published to build 85,000 sq meters floor area ng mall dito sa Gensan kahit basahin mo sa wikipedia nila nakasulat doon ang 85,000 sq meters na floor area

  11. jay says:

    basta ‘di na ako nshock sa news.. kasi noon pa ganoon na talaga ‘yun alam ko and ‘yun na ang nabasa ko from the start…

  12. jay says:

    ano ba yan, ang init ng ulo ng mga tao dito…

  13. mil-shariff says:

    kailan po ba ang hiring ng robinsons? saan din po ba ang office nila na pwede mag pass ng application?

    pls reply..thank you…

    sana madaming matulungan na unemployed ang may-ari katulad ko i need work.

  14. roszhien says:

    HOw nice to have a big mall here in gensan..
    if anyone knows about the leasing price.. can you email me at

  15. wow galing naman ang laki nitong mall na eto hmmm sana maka punta ako ulit dyan sa GenSan para mabisita ang Robinson… meron narin tinatayo dito sa Davao eh (^_^)

  16. Jordan Ray Quinco says:

    GO GENSAN! GO!! god bless to all of us!

  17. Jordan Ray Quinco says:

    sana may STARBUCKS.. YELLOWCAB… sa robinsons…heheheh!! more power!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Hey tanong lang sana kung saan magpass ng application form for Robinson?

  19. jasper0127 says:

    @Jennifer – As of now sa PESO office ng City Hall doon kayo magsubmit ng application.

  20. nash says:

    helo i want to apply sana any email that will allows us to apply online for robinsons..thanks

  21. romel says:

    may pa mo diha kay naa nay robinsons mall kami diri sa butuan mantinir gihapon og gaisano nga init og mga bisaya ang mga tendera, i hope that the tuna industry will not collpase in gensan just what happen to the logging industry here in butuan nga during the 60s and 70s boom gid kaayo, karon wa nay mga kwarta ang mga taga butuan , i read ra ba nga menos na ang kuha sa mga tuna due to global warming, and some factories are downsizing their employees, magunsa na lang unya ang gensan

  22. […] Bariles had the good fortune of entering the 8-hectare property of the Gokongwei’s along the Lagao National Highway two weeks ago when the group of Engineer Mark Reyes from the City Engineer’s Office conducted a meeting with the contractors inside their makeshift office to discuss matters pertaining to the construction of the upcoming GenSan Mall, Robinsons Place General Santos. […]

  23. m0neypakyaw says:

    Excited na talaga ako matapos contract ko d2 sa Jamaica…..Hopefully nasa Gensan na ako pag open ng Robinson’s Place….manonood agad ako ng sine…kahit mahal…..katabi ang tsik…..kc bagong bago ang aircon….sarap mag akapan….

  24. tank6r_m8 says:

    Sana ang kunin nilang mga salesladies jan sa Robinson’s eh with pleasing personality para ganahan ta mubalik balik…..lalo na pag maganda ang cashier…sarap mamalit….paimpress kunohay….torpe diay.

  25. cutie says:

    @bariles – hi poh.. i want to apply as one of the sales lady.. can you please teach me how t apply?

  26. romel says:

    im from butuan city , buti pa kau may robinsons at sm city na, inggit kami sa mga taga gensan, kami dito sa butuan, mantinir lang gihapon og gaisano nga lousy kaayo ang service , althoug mura pero way ayo ang quality service nila, masyadong mainit ang mall at ang cr mabaho,sana masustain ninyo ang economy ng gensan, sana marami pa kayng mkuhang tuna baka matulad kayo ng butuan na boom during the hight of the logging industry pero ngayong wala ng kahoy, bagsak economy dito, sana di maubos mga tuna dyan

  27. epm says:

    ^Kanya-kanya ra man na ug panahon. Depende sad siguro sa leader. Honestly, murag gensan is beginning to diversify coz you can’t just rely sa isa ka industry. Para mas sustainable ang economy dapat mas daghan ug industries para naay fall back. 🙂

  28. vicky says:


    Magandang GensAn..!
    ask ko lang if robinson mall of gensan is still hiring a new employee.?im a fresh grad kc..


  29. Lolly says:

    This is great great news. I myself and my families are looking forward to Robinson and SM Mall. We are based overseas and love to see gensan operating just like davao or Cebu. A busy town that never sleep. Im married to a foreigner and im so proud that so called my home is gensan is safe and lots of places to offer. Malls are very very important as part of our everyday life routines. We loved shoppings, eating out or anything outdoors. Im proud that GenSan is never left like any other tourists distination like davao or cebu. GenSan is very popular in overseas because of PACMAN where originated. We should continue developing GenSan as soon as possible and be proud of what we have right now. show it that GenSan is fast growing and development city as well as safe place. When i say to my friends here that im from GesSan like wow…Pacman? Tuna? Dole? we are coming home again this July 2009 a couple of friends are coming again with us but KCC and Gaisano is the only malls that they can go to. I mean they shop till they drop. They loved souveners / native stuffs.

  30. Kit says:

    Robinsons Mall’s tentative date of opening is August 2009. We will be coming to Gensan in May to start the recruiting process. Watch out for further announcements as to where you can send your applications. I am a native of Lebak and I’m looking forward to my visit there. By the way, I work for Robinsons HR here in Libis, Quezon City. See you all folks! 🙂

  31. Marisa says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa di namin maaabutan pagbukas ng mall were going home on june and be back here in germany after a month waaaaaaaaaa…Too bad soooo sad..God Bless Gensan…

  32. BanKER says:

    @m0neypakyaw said:
    Excited na talaga ako matapos contract ko d2 sa Jamaica…..Hopefully nasa Gensan na ako pag open ng Robinson’s Place….manonood agad ako ng sine…kahit mahal…..katabi ang tsik…..kc bagong bago ang aircon….sarap mag akapan….

    Hoy Uyab nimo si John Michael tung nag work sa PNB??? oi….labing labing

  33. jon says:

    any updates and latest pix!

  34. jon says:

    Ur welcomE! Magandang GENSAN!

  35. jon says:

    FYI’ jobseekers :


    To plan, oversee and control human resource administration and operations within the areas of recruitment and staffing, compensation and benefits, personnel and labor relations, organizational development, training, performance management and other related functions in order to provide and achieve appropriate and productive working relationships among the management and its employees within the mall and the limits provided by corporate guidelines, local ordinance, and the Labor Laws or Code.


    Recruitment and Staffing

    To provide expert design in developing and delivering programs to attract and retain highly qualified personnel/staff, to ensure equitable selection process and to supply 100% manning in order to provide and maintain high quality human resources services which support management goals.

    Employee Relations

    To establish and maintain open communication with employees to resolve work-related problems, provide disciplinary actions in accordance with the company policies and other functions affecting the link between the management and employees in order to enhance and foster harmonious relationship, improve relationships and productivity within the organization and more specifically within the mall.

    Compensation and Benefits

    To facilitate, process and render to employees the pertinent, definite and accurate compensation and benefits provided to them by the management, in order to render, enhance and maintain good personnel and organizational relations.

    Training and Development
    To oversee, facilitate and assess the conduct of training programs implemented and provided by the management, in order to support directions for self development and advancement and improvement of employee profession and improve company performance.

    Organizational Development

    To implement and maintain organizational structure with clearly defined responsibilities and authority as guided by management, and assess, support, propose and implement enhancements and group processes to win a healthy and productive working relationships in order to create readiness for changes and improvements among employees, units and departments within the mall.

    Personnel Administration and Labor/Industrial Relations

    To check, monitor and control proper standard administration of company policies and procedures and other HR functions and services, and to ensure compliance with the Labor Laws and Code in order to establish quality professional relationship between the personnel and management within the mall.

    Medical Services

    To ensure that adequate medical service in the mall are available to all employees, maintain a professionally run mall clinic; and, through them check, monitor and endorse concerns regarding the physical fitness of employees, in order to provide a healthy working environment and physically fit personnel.

    Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree or Post Graduate Diploma / Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Humanities/Liberal Arts, Psychology or equivalent.
    At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
    Preferably Assistant Manager / Managers specializing in Human Resources or equivalent. Job role in General HR or Management.
    Full-Time positions available.
    Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.


    Education and Experience

    Graduate of BS/BA Degree in Human Resources, Management, Psychology, Behavioral Science, Marketing or any related course with 3 years managerial experience in all areas of personnel administration.

    Specific Knowledge

    Knowledgeable with various recruitment avenues and sources, with effective presentation skills, excellent technical knowledge in various human resource functions and communication skills, effective analytical and inter-personal skills.

    Business Understanding

    Knowledgeable in implementing and administering HR policies and procedures; Understanding and practice of Labor Laws and Code.



    Listening and Organizing, Negotiating, Presenting


    Thinking Clearly and Analytically, Identifying and Solving Problems, Making Decisions


    Time Managing and Prioritizing, Setting Goals and Standards, Planning and Developing


    Supporting, Training, Implementing and Monitoring

    Interested applicants may send their updated resume and recent 2×2 colored photo to










  36. JEF ZAMORA says:

    hi! can anyone help me with my problem regarding the construction of SM Mall on general santos, i need to know the exact mall main entrance. is it along the National hway or at San Miguel St. Tnx alot guys!

  37. hello… just wanna ask if how much is the rent of every kiosk… tnx…

  38. when will be the next interview and training of new hired employees?

  39. junskie says:

    maaung gabii gensan. yakkkssssss ka pangit sa building sa robinsons place gensan.ilang mall murag dagway sa warehouse.may pa among central warehouse diri sa tagum kay mura pa ug sm mall ang porma.atangi ninyo among new city hall nga gitukod karon sa tagum pag mahuman ni karong marso 7,2010. kay mao ni pinaka nindot nga city hall sa tibuok asya.pang world class gyud ni among city hall nga nagkantidad ug 450million pesos. pang tourist attraction pud ni namo sa tagum.nindot ang tunga sa office kay dunay fountain ug ang atubangan pud sa city hall dunay overpass.kung gusto pud ninyo makita among perspective sa city hall kay pag open lang mo sa pa gyud ni willie revillame ang mag show sa opening sa city hall karong marso. 7, 2010.ang atubangan sa city hall kay himoon pud nga tagum business park kay duna kunoy investors nga mag tukod ug tulo ka tower nga tag 35 storey ka andana ang gitas on nga condo hotel.una pud mi durian festival diri matag kataposan sa august to september. dia pud sa tagu ang pinaka taas nga xmass tree sa tibuok pilipinas nga may gitas on nga 153feet.mag open na pud diri puhon among gaisano grand mall karong november. ug under construction pud diri karon among 7 stoery nga gaisano mall bali upat na tanan among gaisano diri sa tagum karon duna pud mi nccc mall diri nga upat ka andana. ug in the next 2 yrs. mag tukod napud diri ang sm mall. dia pud diri sa tagum ang pinaka dako nga rosary beds sa tibuok kalibutan. ug naa pud diri sa tagum ang pinaka nindotm nga cathedral sa tibouk pilipinas. makita pud ninyo diri among world class beach volley drome nga whitesand ang balas diri sa may rotary park.kami pud diri sa tagum ang music capital sa mindanao. kami napud sa tagum karon ang durian capital sa pilipinas may 141hectars nga durian farm land.ana lang. tagum padayon sa pag uswag matag adlaw nga madungug sa x88.7 fm. diri sa tagum lang.
    .-= junskie´s last blog ..OPERATION NEW LOOK (Public Announcement) =-.

    1. SATRIANNI says:


  40. Sh1thole says:

    Sorry to be rude but who the f*ck cares?! Maybe Tagum have the biggest idiot world too. Maybe people there are uncultured and uneducated thats why they can never
    beat gensan because by the way you talk you are a big shame to all Filipinos!

  41. gboy says:


    Keep on dreaming kid, it will take 50 years before tagum can beat Gensan…. stupid kid. Inggit lang yan kasi hanggang central warehouse lang sila! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

  42. junex says:

    gud day all generals! we from tagum city are enviting all generals to join our first ever nationwide musikahan festival sa tagum on feb.19-28 2010.millions of pesos will be given away to the winners of the city government of tagum. the categories are national rondalla awit with vocal solo open category, avenida musika national brass band competetion open category, kasikas sa dalan drum and buggle competetion. himig handog national choral competetion-children,youth,college, adult choir and quintet choir competetion. rap rapan and musical instrument playing. of trumpet,saxophone.trombon,drum exebition,acoustic guitar, organ,violin etc. battle of the band competetion and biyaheng musika-national music video. with our guest performer during the musikan are the philippine harmonic orchestra of manila and the mindanao theater artist marshall. or call to the tourism secretriat head to miss. gigi abella tel.# 0842184727 or 09236580531 0r email at tagumcity or log on to the musikahan festival will be held in our new world class city hall ground of tagum. so join us nw. tnx

  43. Mark says:

    Congratz to Robinsons place Gensan..their flagship mall in Mindanao aside from their Luzon flagship mall which is the Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas..We Generals are so lucky for that privilige given to us. Hope magpatayo sila ng high rise hotel beside their sprawling mall..At least mga 25 storeys lng..okz na yn..hehe..just like in Cebu and Ermita my Midtown hotels din..I’m praying for this na magkatotoo na and parang Manila and world class na tau d2 Gensan..Good luck po sa inyo..

  44. kiez says:

    Selos ra na ang isa dinha, kay dugay na nahimog highly urbanized ang gensan.dili nila mabeat ang gensan unless kung unsa gyud kadako ang economy ug investment na naa didto sa tagum.

  45. Giah says:

    ..hmpp.!! Hello poH..
    Gusto ko po sana mag Apply as Sales Lady sa Robinson .taga Polomolok poh KO..kaya lang hndi ko po alam kung saan po ako pupunta…pwede po ba ninyo ako tulungan san ako pwede mag pasa ng resume?..paki email na lng poh ako..Hintayin ko nalng poH..slamat..!!!

  46. yulie me cabanlit says:

    hello po miss ko po ang gensan..nice tlaga ang gensan..simpling buhay pero masaya

  47. […] that statement, think Robinsons Place GenSan, think SM City GenSan, think Sun City Suites, etc. and why they chose to invest […]

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