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Young General is 8th placer in Medicine Board Exams

I’d like to present to you, readers of Bariles Republic’s GenSan News Online Mag, our Guest Writer for today, a fellow general who is now based in Manila,  Jonathan “Toyski” Susvilla.  Here goes…

A little more than two hours before midnight, my shift was about to start and I was reading through some  email when a text message broke the news about a “general“, a friend, making it to the TOP 10 list of the 2008 Physicians Licensure Exam.

This came not as a surprise to me anymore and to everyone who knows him back in college when he was touted as the “Renaissance Man“.

In this age of consumerism where malling is the favorite pastime, being an artista is “the ultimate dream”, of every youth and our heritage is still being haunted by smallness, it is refreshing and inspiring to know people “living” from the center and excelling yet still meek – people our youth should revere.  People like Lemuel Benedict R. Non.

Lemuel Benedict who took up BS Biology at Mindanao State University – Gen. Santos is that university’s first and only SUMMA CUM LAUDE.  It was his father’s dream for him from the very beginning to take up Medicine after college.  Inspired by theis profession because he grew up with three brothers who all became dectors, his father wanted him to continue this tradition.  He even arranged and prepared all the necessary documents for him to get into a good school.

His only job was to take the National Medical Admission test, where he got 99% assuring him a highly coveted slot at the UP, becoming one of the only 10 non-UP students to have become part of the 160+ members of the Class of 2008.

He graduated in the Top 9 of his class and during the preparations for the board exams, everyone was bugging him and his group to get into the Top 10.  He took the pressure half-jokingly, and insisted that he shall only study out of necessity and that the most important objective of the two months of self-reviewing all 12 subjects was to learn as much as he could to further hone his competency.  This way, every patient of his, every Filipino who shall consult him for some ailment shall benefit from all these knowledge.

The possibility of being one of the topnotchers is just the icing on the cake.

So he went through the process of studying at his own pace.  Finally, in August, he took the exams with confidence, knowing his family and friends were supporting him and praying for him.

Then came the hardest part – waiting.  The day before the results were out, someone broke into his room and stole his cellphone, laptop and wallet while he was alseep.  He was left with barely any money and no way of communication with his family and friends.

Thankfully, his family responded with clockwork precission and acquired him a new cheap phone just a few hours before the results.  And through the mighty Internet, he was able to broadcast with his new number rapidly.  Minutes after the results came out, his new phone was flooded with messages of congratulations.  Yes, he was among the TOP 10!  He was the 8th placer.

The new doctor was exuberant.

“The feeling of jumping up from a tragedy like what I experienced to the news that I was a topnotcher was so overwhelming,” he recounted.

When asked on what he would want to say to the younger generation, the now-famous “general” has this to say, “I guess the most effective advice I can give is to first love what you’re doing.  You should not go through school just because it is required or because you have to, but it should be because you wanted to.  Never go through something without enough passion to pursue it.  Learning will go smoothly from thereon.  And of course, put God first above all.”


Doctor of Medicine, University of the Philippines, College of Medicine, Class of 2008

  • Top 8, Philippine Licensure Examination for Physicians, 2008
  • One of the Top 10 Graduates in Academics, UP College of Medicine
  • One of the Top 10 Interns of Philippine General Hospital
  • Most Outstanding Intern in Internal Medicine
  • Outstanding Intern in Surgery
  • 3rd place, Interns’ Research Forum for paper on “Value of Pathological Examination of Clinically-indicated Placentas:  PGH Experience, in 2004
  • College Scholar, 2006-2007

BS Biology, Mindanao State University, Gen. Santos City, 2003

  • Summa Cum Laude
  • Philippine representative (Bayer) to the Eco-Innovate Forum in Sydney, Australia, 2003
  • Winner, Best Poster presentation of Undergraduate Thesis in the Philippine Society for Microbiology Annual Conference
  • National Finalist, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, 2003
  • National Finalist, Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines, 2003
  • Manny Villar Excellence Award
  • Top Student, Ten Oustanding Students of Region 12
  • Gen. Santos City Youth Achiever Awardee, 2003.


Father: lfredo P. Non, a mechanical engineer, graduate of UST, who back then topped (Top 5) their boards.  Presently, he’s in Canada.

Mother: Vissia Agnes R. Non, a commerce graduate, and presently a homemaker.

His three other siblings:  April Kathleen, Lynn Abegail, and Lance Alread.

WRITTEN BY:  Jonathan “Toyski” Susvilla

About Avel Manansala

Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. none_air says:


  2. Toinks says:

    Oh wow!!! congratulations Doc Non! 🙂 im sure sooner ‘di lang laptop. cellphone at wallet mabibili mo hehehe joke. 🙂

  3. bariles says:

    CONGRATULATIONS from Bariles Republic, Dr. Non! Way to go! We are proud of you. And yes, since you took your primary at the NOTRE DAME, we Dameans are proud of you, too!!! 🙂

  4. Ja M says:

    Congratulations to Lemuel Benedict Non MD, my fellow MSU-an =).

    Just an add on, Kuya Lem was my schoolmate since highschool(MSU-CETD) up until college is MSU-Fatima. I see him around, mostly at the AMSUA park and kiosk. Dang! I miss that place /sob

    Nice posting Toyski (who also happens to be my schoolmate and bud from college).

    Hi Ninong, I’ll see you in Christmas. Mwahz!

  5. gensanite says:

    congratulations, DOCTOR NON… 😀

    our hats off to you for your achievement…

    kudos!!! 🙂


    thanks for bringing us this news, TOYSKI… 🙂

  6. orman says:

    sana dito sa gensan magdudulubhasa si dr. non. congratulations!

    ormans last blog post..Updates to playlist: Taj Mahal

  7. ARIES says:

    Jonathan “Toyski” Susvilla
    Lemuel Benedict R. Non



  8. glengonz says:

    wow! another WOW! (wellspring of winners) for gensan! congratulations dr. non! wish you would practice medicine and not take another course to become a nurse! hehehe, we the generals are proud of you, gen. dr. non….

  9. AforDaboLz says:

    Congrats, Dok. Dumami pa sana mga katulad mo dito sa GenSan. Bariles, Feature mo din sana mga outstanding Athletes from Gensan. Like the son of Jun Allera who is the star player of UST.

  10. amie says:

    Congrats Doc!!! Makes me more proud to be an MSUAN and a general.

    I also salute avel for features like this that really inspires us and make us feel proud of where we came from…

  11. marlon says:

    Hep hep hurray! to our new doctor, hope you cater services in GenSan…. our nation is proud on you…. Keep it up! more success! more Power! 🙂

  12. Allan Loi says:

    Wow. . What would i say. . Another Gem for Gensan. . . I agree sana dito dya magpakadalubhasa. Sana dumami pa from Gensan.

  13. Lemuel Non, MD says:

    YAY! Thank you for all the warm comments and greetings. It feels like home even though I’m still seas and islands away. Thanx to Avel for featuring me here, and to Jonette and Tan for the efforts.

    To those wondering… yes, I’ll be spending hopefully a good 2 years in Region XII as a Doctor to the Barrio (well, actually di pa sure pero hopefully). I’ll be serving underserved communities and hopefully make an impact there. Sana makahanap ako ng NGO who shares my ideals. While doing that I plan on doing my private practice in Gensan hospitals by moonlighting. I’ll also try more traditional approaches like house calls and a home office. I also might want to teach para lang ma-maximize ang 2 years. After that I’m going to specialize either in PGH or in US/Australia (2 years din kasi paghahanda)… depende na sa takbo ng isip ko after 2 years.

    Yun lang… sana lahat yan magawa ko, hehe.

    Hope I could bump into one of you guys soon when I’m already there.

    Congrats din natin fellow generals who’ve also become MDs this year: CHERRY ROSE JAMERLAN, JEREMAE BALANSAG, and WENNIE BAYBAYAN. In the next 2 years watch out natin name ng fellow general and fellow UPMed student ANGELIE DUGASAN (INTARMED) in the boards.

    Good luck and Mabuhay Gensan!

  14. Mark says:

    Congratz Lemuel Benedict Non MD.,

    Proud to be MSUANS., hehehe!

  15. Chinchay23 says:

    Great job, Toyski! What an inspiring story! Congratulations, Dr. Non!

  16. purple24 says:

    Congratz Doctor Lemuel Non..

    im so proud to be a fellow MSUan and to have seen him around at the MSU Fatima Campus before I graduated. He is such a gem for Gensan.

  17. Halie says:

    Congratz Lem! Farads ’99 is so proud of you!

  18. lelen zab (cda) says:

    Congratulations Dr. Lemuel Benedict Non. Way to go!
    surely the people of Gensan are proud of you!

    it is touching to know that you will come back to your hometown of gensan to serve its people. also, very seldom doctors do house calls anymore…
    you’ll be blessed!

  19. Mark says:

    Another achievement for MSU-GENSAN..

    Top 10 August 2008 Agricultural Engineer Licensure Examination
    The successful Agricultural Engineer examinees who garnered the top 10 places in the Agricultural Engineer Board Examination August 2008 are:

    1. Ralph Kristoffer Baraoidan Gallegos, University of the Philippines-Los Baños – 83.00%
    2. Maurice Alfonso Duka, University of the Philippines-Los Baños – 82.30%
    3. Allen Julius Christ Belaje Declaro, Mindanao State University-Maguindanao – 81.40%
    Ever Jann Arapan Lanticse, Southern Phils. Agri., Business, Marine & Aquatic Sch. of Tech. – 81.40%
    4. Renato Bautista Aguilar, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-Bacnotan – 80.60%
    5. Shiela Carillo Salde, Mindanao State University-Gen. Santos City – 79.95%
    6. Mark Jayson Gonzales Pili, University of the Philippines-Los Baños – 79.55%
    7. Mark Capulso Cobrador, Capiz State University (Cit)(Pspc)-Main Campus – 79.15%
    8. Giancarlo Enrique Gomez Gatchalian, University of the Philippines-Los Baños – 79.10%
    9. John Rodulf Rubrica De La Cruz, Mindanao State University-Gen. Santos City – 78.55%
    Mark Dranreb Ocampo Royo, University of the Philippines-Los Baños – 78.55%
    10. Mark Keylord Soriano Onal, University of the Philippines-Los Baños – 78.40

  20. Gladysfay says:

    Another star from the FARADS:)

    This article really speaks true of this humble guy from Gensan:)

    I wanna tell You more updates. He just delivered his speech at Malacañang in front of Mike Arroyo & Juan Flavier.This I’m sure got their nod.

    I’m very proud of you Lem!

    Keep excelling & put God first.

  21. JRM says:

    I’m proud to say that I’m one of his classmates in MSU-Gensan. He’s one of a kind smart person I’ve known. He’s a down to earth friend and what else I could say.

    Congrats Doc Lem! May you have more patients to come…joke!

    God bless and to jonathan susvilla, my fellow agapean. (^-^)v

  22. Jordan Ray Quinco says:

    congrats po doc non!… doc Lemuel… may kapatid nyo po ba si Abegail Non?.. kasi may classmate ako nung Kinder 2 before… abegail non… la lang.. kasi matagal ko na rin siya sinisearch dito sa net… di ko parin makita… any fs account.. hehehe… tnx..

  23. lizzie says:


    CONGRATS!!! Im so proud to be an MSUan!!!!
    even here in Cebu, MSUans are making big names in a lot of field!

    I remembered Dr. Lemuel Non in our Botany class, xa ang student assistant ni Maam loYola sa amo class hehe kay 3rd yr pa xa ato ug crush namo xa kay bryt keu hehe.. Hai doctor na jud xa, Yehey!

    I also rememberd Mr. Susvilla—the smart painter!!!!

    Im so glad to know where u r at ryt now…

    Go go MSUans!!!!! Mabuhay Gensan!!!! Let’s show ’em what we’ve got!

  24. Only after two years have i chanced upon this article on Dr. Non, and written by Toyski at that. Congratz Doc. Consistent achiever jud ka. And yes, I agree, this year (is it?) let’s pray that Ading Angelie Dugasan will bring equal pride to the city and the people. Tindog Gensan, Padayon Gensan (circa May 2002).

    Congratz too Toyski. Nice article.

    (Pasaybet) Though I would prefer to be called a ‘Rajah’ than a ‘General’. The history to the two terms in relation to the city is a bit controversial.

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