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I tried Royal Lounge’s “eat-all-you-can” feast and I’m coming back

Royale Lounge which opened during the recent Tuna Festival is actually the newly-renovated restaurant of the East Asia Royale Hotel, known before as Kalilangan Coffee Shop.  It is the first in a series of massive expansion moves being undertaken by the 11-year old hotel.

I first went inside the place during the night of the Tuna Fest’s Foam Party at the hotel carpark after being drawn inside by the brightly lit interiors walled in by glass panels from floor to ceiling.

Tastefully designed by Architect Brix Teng, using earthy hues of brown and mocca on its furniture including its soft leather seats, the now bigger dining establishment exuded class but does not overwhelm the visitor in its sophistication because it still feels homey and welcoming.

I only took coffee with that time and did not stay long but vowed to come back soon.

I finally had the chance last Saturday upon the invitation of GenSan’s hotelier gentleman Romeo Bartolome, known to his friends as Rombar to check out their latest offering, the Royal Lounge’s Weekend Buffet Dinner.

The place was packed when my partner and I arrived around 8pm.  We found out later that the whole dinner costs only P250 while kids below ten are charged half at P125.

After finding a vacant table across the Sushi Bar beside the glass panel facing the hotel arcade, I immediately did what I had to do which was to line up for the food.

Other than the Sushi Bar, the new Royal Lounge also has a Salad Bar and a separate Fruit Bar for the diet conscious.  Of course, I feasted on the sushi first because I couldn’t resist their California Maki and Tempura.

Last stop before the Main Course, the Fruit Bar, which was truly a food carver’s masterpiece.

Then I partook a little of everything from this gastronomic feast: Beef Medallion in Brown Gravy, Squid Ball in White Sauce, Royale Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton Hong Kong Style and the star of the night, the Barbecued Pork Ribs.

Everything was delightful especially the Squid Roll which was a new discovery I would consider making part of my “must-eat” list. The tangy white sauce dip was a good complement to each lightly breaded slice.

But being a pork person, I fell in love with the barbecued ribs which were glazed with Royale Lounge’s secret barbecue sauce (peppered with yellow corn) that I didn’t mind licking with my fingers.   Each grilled cubed serving was so tender and succulent.  If there was a dish here that I would recommend to my friends, this would surely be it.

I wouldn’t know if Royale Lounge would continue to serve their Barbecued Pork Ribs during their Buffet weekends or will make it part of their regular menu, but I strongly suggest that they do.  It is one thing that would make the generals come back again and again, buffet weekends or not

Royale Lounge Weekend Dinner Buffet is available every Friday and Saturday evening at the East Asia Royale Hotel, National Highway, Gen. Santos City at P250 per adult and P125 per child below 10 years old.  For reservations, contact (63) (83)553-4119 to 28.

NOTE: Photos were taken by Marz. Please click on them for larger views.

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36 thoughts on “I tried Royal Lounge’s “eat-all-you-can” feast and I’m coming back

  1. Toinks

    hmmmmmmhhh……truly a class of its own, GenSan’s fine dining at its best…to date. :-)

  2. jinky borela

    yummy! ma try nga tomorrow evening ajejeje. . already tried their buffet breakfast several times and was satisfied to the max. . .

  3. Marlon

    Yummy food! tuna is the best! i hope Royal Lounge have Adobo Tuna Panga, its like beef salpicao… taste,taste hummmmm :)

  4. Marlon

    I hope i can be there! for now, in dreams… or Avel will a free ride, hep hep! Hurray! Congrats! :)

  5. gensanite

    a wonderful addition to the city’s “gastronomic destinations”…

    bon appetit!!!

  6. bernieallen

    Great Design, world class, matches those in China,KL,Bangkok and Singapore and the greats of Manila.

    Now that is what I mean by SENSIBLE DESIGN!

    Not Barriotic.

    “Tastefully Designed” statement is PERFECT indeed.

    I’ll be there in October, will check the place… hope the food tastes good as it looks.

  7. bariles Post author

    @Toinks, the place really has got class. :)

    @Jinky, feast on the sushi bar first. The sushi is prepared right before your eyes!

    @Marlon, hi! Adobo Tuna Panga? That would be a good dish especially for hotel guests. :)

    @Gensanite, you said it right! Another place to be seen in gensan!

    @Bernie Allen, thanks for your comparison. Dont worry, the food tastes good as much as it looks. See you here on October.

    @Joana, hi! Lay off the rice and sweet drinks. just take a little of everything and go back for second helping. :)

  8. Tom Ramberg

    Hi Bariles

    I asked my wife Marie if she knew you because you are both close in age and from the same city. She could not tell by the small picture. I tease Marie because when she first tried an all you can eat Chinese buffet here she got an upset stomach. I told her all you can eat is an invitation not a challenge! Good advice about laying off the rice; save room for more pork! Hope to try the buffet next year when we come home.


  9. SHINE

    wow wow wow… ay salamat.. more places to dine.
    it will be a good place to visit. ikaw pa? sinabi mo eh.. hehehe

    see you this holiday…

  10. bariles Post author

    Originally Posted By Tom Ramberg
    Hi Bariles

    I asked my wife Marie if she knew you because you are both close in age and from the same city. She could not tell by the small picture. I tease Marie because when she first tried an all you can eat Chinese buffet here she got an upset stomach. I told her all you can eat is an invitation not a challenge! Good advice about laying off the rice; save room for more pork! Hope to try the buffet next year when we come home.


    Hi Tom! Welcome to Bariles Republic. GenSan used to be a small city before so one almost knows everybody. Who knows? I might have met your wife before.

    Don’t forget to invite me out with you once you’re here. :)

  11. JASPER0127

    Thanks for it at least marami ng social place for dine in dito sa Gensan sana madagdagan pa ito para ma encourage ang mga visitors sa city natin

  12. blackmeat

    tulo-laway masyado.. ang sarap tingnan ng pork ribs.. makaluto nga nyan minsan.. Ahehe!

  13. miko

    looks good ang site ng resto…

    for sure, i’ll be dropping by on that restaurant before going to gaisano mall para magpahilis sa kinaon….hahahahaha

  14. glengonz

    i perfectly agree with you vel… jun and i tried the eat all you can of royal lounge last sept. 27, and the best ever 6 full course…. worth to mention its mixed sushi and fruit corner. the place is soooooooooo cool! not so glaring and not so dim, perfect! i told the hands on operations manager of east asia royal hotel, rombar that i feel i’m dining in greenbelt or rockwell in manila. congrats to mr. romeo bartolome! we need more entrepreneurs like him..

  15. epm

    Looking at the picture,I could almost say that this is such a great place. I hope we have more restaurants that offer that ambiance and great food.

  16. Ache

    Uhmmmm yummy! Sige go din kami diyan to try it. Congrats to East Asia Royale Hotel…

  17. bayot_ko

    Na-try ko na to, ANG SARAP TALAGA!!! Sulit na sulit with free bottomless ice tea! Sosi an sosi ang dating! Babalik ako next week tapos sweldo….. WWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! plus magaganda pa yung mga chicks, hehehehehe!!!!

    Congrats pala to Mr. Rombar, galing! :)

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  19. bryan emo

    lamia anang mga foods uiiiii….galing lang mahal palit ko ana pag makadaog ko og last 2 whahahahahhhahahahha

  20. bariles Post author

    @Jasper – Kaya dapat tangkilikin natin ang mga “sosyal” na mga kainan like Royal Lounge.

    @Blackmeat – Patikimi pud ko uy! When are you here Kido?

    @Miko – nice location, di ba? Harap lang ng Mall. Pampahilis gyud ang malling.

    @Rhomer, hi! It just opened a month ago. Go for it!

    @Archmykel, hello! You’re right on that. Dapat the city should give more incentives to these entrepreneurs. :)

    @Robynne, hi! Wow! That’s great! Don’t forget to invite me to go with you, ok? See you soon in December! :)

    @Glengonz, you’re right there girlfriend! Hope we could have dinner there together soon. :)

    @epm, the place looks even better if you personally go there yourself. And the ambience is tops… i think it’s got the best ambience for an upscale resto in GenSan so far… together with Grab A Crab.

    @Ache, with the giant malls coming in one by one, that shouldn’t be farfetched!

    @Bayot ko, hi! You’re right! They have the prettiest staff in this town. And efficient pa huh? :)

    @Osh, hi! Contact me once you’re back so that you can take me with you, ok? Pasalubong…. :)

    @Rain, hi! Hahaha! Big eater ka rin.. like me? Welcome to the club! :)

    @Bryan, hello! If you’re less than 10 years old, half price ka lang. Hehehe! :)

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