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An Invitation to set a World Record on my Birthday!

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On Monday, January 19, 2009, I, your author and friend Bariles will be celebrating my birthday.

In that case, I want to invite all of you dear readers to gift me by leaving your birthday greetings below.

That  I guess, will make me the happiest birthday celebrant in the blogosphere.

Please don’t ask me how old I am.  You don’t ask a gentleman that question anymore.

Just smile, be happy for me and do your thing!

And yes!  We could set a WORLD RECORD here for the most number of birthday greetings to a single person on the World Wide Web!

Baptism of Bariles

Baptism of Bariles sometime during the last century at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish

Wow!!!!!   Let’s go for it, friends.  Wouldn’t you want to be part of this soon to be amazing feat? And please, please… help tell the world about it.

Gracias!  And good luck to us!  :)

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261 thoughts on “An Invitation to set a World Record on my Birthday!

  1. kitel

    To our dearest Mr. bariles!!happy happy bday!may God continue to bless u abundantly!Keep shining!wish u all the best things in life!mwaaah! miss Gensan gurls love u alwayzzz!!

  2. Meg

    my everdearest avelmar
    even if this is very late you know that for me..being you is a birthday party everyday…
    thank you for all the love all these years…
    if i can have all the time in this busy present job that i have.. i could write a pages and pages of our stories together…
    you are god sent to me my dear friend and you know that..
    ive always said this and once again ill say it that i love you very much…
    happy birthday..
    god bless you and your loved ones,
    te meg

  3. mach 23

    Come fly with me in the world that have no gravity… this is the world that you can find your self happy mach.com_
    Happy Born day…

  4. mach 23

    Come fly with me in the world that have no gravity… this is the world that you can find your self happy mach.com_

  5. Proud Art

    Belated happy birth day sir Avel..:) keep up the good work! More blessings to come..

  6. anonymouse :)

    @Manoy Avel, ano, world record na ba???
    napansin ko lang, bakit baptism pic mo ang nakalagay dito???
    So dapat Happy Bunyag ang greeting sa iyo???
    Wala ka bang baby pic nung cutest ka pa (ngayon cute ka na lang)???

  7. jes

    ooppss. late na ata ako ng ilang araw sir.
    well, it’s better late than never. haha!
    belated happy birthday sir.

  8. Jet

    Hmm… it’s kinda late so Belated Happy Birthday po.. haha..

    Just wanna know if it’s now a world record? hekhek :)

    [ jetgrill.blogspot.com ]

  9. Nagib Akim Bansil

    Heloo barelis hapi,hapi birth day to you hope u are the hapiest person in this moment wish you a long life and healthy and hapi togeder ur family gud luck from ur unknown frnd from Dubai UAE but 2bung Pol.So.cot.

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