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Genee’s Hearty Ice-Cream Buffet plus more

Genee, the newest restaurant in GenSan, named after its “generals” has also something up its sleeve for Valentine’s Day.

On February 14, 2009, Genee Restaurant located at the Oval Plaza, will be the only dining establishment in town who will be offering a “Valentine’s ICE CREAM BUFFET‘ for its customers from 9am to 10pm!

Meaning, ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT! And for only P100 bucks!

Genee Ice Cream Buffet

But before that of course, why not try their healthy, delicious and affordable fare like the ones below:

Tuna Delights

Either you partake of their healthy, delicious Tuna Snacks..

Genee Breakfast

…or if you are early, try their Breakfast first, especially their Congee

Genee Bangus Meals

Genee Bangus Inasal delights

Genee Chicken Inasal

Genee Chicken Inasal

Genee Frozen Treats

Frozen Treats

Genee Cool Drinks

Refreshing Thirst Quenchers

Genee Fruity Refreshments

Genee Fruity Nourishments

All these are guaranteed to be ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY not only for you and your partner but for the kids too, making a trip to Genee on Valentine’s day perfect for a memorable  bonding time for the whole family….. without burning a hole in your pockets.  🙂

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Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. sheng says:

    Awww, this I will try, it’s so light in the pocket! Perfect for those people tightening belts.

    shengs last blog post..I have, I have not…

  2. Kritiko says:

    walay unlimited rice dra?? unta naa same sa chiken ati-atihan and mang inasal… please…

  3. rissa says:

    ang dami na palang magagandang establishments sa gensan.
    its been awhile na di ako nakauwi. dati manokan sa negros, chicken hauz, bbq restaurant,sagingan sa oval,hehe, aside from the shops in the malls. ngayon ang dami na. excited na tuloy akong umuwi. its been 3yrs.
    i really luv dis site. it keeps me updated about my hometown.
    thnx a lot. keep it up!!!! God bless.

  4. @Manoy Avel, apordabol nga! at ang isang cooler ha, fruiTAE man gued ang name. Ajejeje

    anynomouse :)s last blog post..Idol ko si Pacman UFN (Until Further Notice)

  5. miss igorota says:

    wow, it’s the first time i’ve ever heard of an “ice cream buffet!” cool!

  6. adrian says:

    wowowowow! this is a nICE treat! i’ll tell my friends about it—

  7. orman says:

    @Kritiko – you can’t have everything…but at least try something… see you at genee!

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  8. orman says:

    @adrian – the next time you’re home bunso, it’s gonna my treat for you at genee!

  9. orman says:

    @miss igorota – not only ice cream but also toppings will be available to your heart’s desire!

  10. orman says:

    @anynomouse 🙂 – hehehehe… we wanted it to rhyme with SUNDAE… hehehehe… tilawi bala…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  11. orman says:

    @rissa – rissa and there will be more to come since robinsons will be opening this year…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  12. Rey Billena says:

    You are all welcome for this valentine treat. There is still time for you to try one.

  13. Gay says:

    Been there thrice for breakfast, and I must say that chicken and bangus inasal are good. Would have been great if they pair it with fried rice and sunny side up eggs…

    Was there at 7am for breakfast and hoping for the ice cream buffet to be open then. Better luck next time 🙂

  14. bing says:


  15. P100 is so cheap! I’ll definitely visit this place the next time I’m in GenSan. Hopefully, this year!

  16. miles says:

    what time ba sila nag oopen ng store on weekdays?wanna try it after hatid s mga kids sa school..

  17. orman says:

    @miles – Genee opens as early as 6am to cater to the joggers at the oval plaza… do drop by and be among the growing loyalists of the restaurant…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  18. orman says:

    @Gay – we will definitely take this up in our next brainstorming session… thanks gay!

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  19. orman says:

    @Sleepless In KL – after the successful valentine’s day treat, we’re already thinking about doing an ice-cream and pastries buffet! it’s gonna be an ice-cream, pastries and cakes ALL YOU CAN!

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  20. orman says:

    in behalf of GENEE, we would like to thank everyone who helped break our sales record yesterday… balik po kayo and tag along your family and friends!

  21. Jordan Ray Quinco says:

    the food is not that good… but cheaper siya..

  22. orman says:

    @Jordan Ray Quinco – ouch! hehehe! jordan would appreciate if you can send your comments about the food to so that we can further improve…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  23. rammyboi says:

    yung Hiyas Contestants namin had an Ice Cream Buffet Yesterday. they said they were very satisfied. Sana nga nakasama ako. pero maxadong busy sked ko kahapon. aheheheh 😀 nxt time na lng. 😀

    rammybois last blog post..Otaku Sensei Special: Grab A Heart at Grab A Crab Restaurant

  24. Rhey Bacani says:

    ma try nga!!!!

  25. gensanite says:

    nice concept ang “ice cream buffet”… perfect for those na may “sweet tooth”… poydi rin gawan ng part 2 ‘tong ganitong concept… 🙂


  26. white knight says:

    i didn’t realize na ganun pala ka reasonable ang mga food prices ng Genee. With such elegant place, clean and good service you can’t ask for more but to keep on going back to that resto. Long live GENEE!

  27. purple24 says:

    been there for lunch with Mr. Bariles and our officemates the food is yummy and very affordable.

    I can’t wait to feast on their ice cream and pastries buffet soon sana..

  28. orman says:

    @rammyboi – hi rammyboi sana sumama ka nga… i was enticing them to go back for more kaso busog na nga daw… we hope to add more exciting toppings the next time around…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  29. orman says:

    @white knight – try two new variants in the menu: chicken in malunggay soup and sweet and sour bangus…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  30. orman says:

    @purple24 – we’re cooking up a storm for the next ICE CREAM buffet… cakes and pastries may be coming right up!

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  31. orman says:

    @gensanite – rye, when you’re in town, let me know, eat all you can jud ka and the chit is on me…

    ormans last blog post..Hallelujah

  32. […] Certificates from “Genee’s Fastfoods” and “Ice Crops-Robinsons“, courtesy of Mr. Rey […]

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