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Dolores Tropicana Resort’s 10th Bikini Open, a visual delight

The Bikini Open 2009 Night last weekend was one of the better-produced shows from Dolores Tropicana Resort which I have witnessed.   Again directed by Al-Nehzar Ali with a theme invoking images of the Orient, the whole thing was a visual delight.

The program was also a paean of sorts to Bikini Open’s legacy since it is now on it’s 10th year having started in 1999 when Bariles was still Marketing Officer of  Nation Broadcasting Corporation’s Anna@Rhythms 97.5 FM, its media partner and co-presenter then.  At that time, now VP for Dolores Resorts and Hotels Teresa “Tata” Mondido was still part of RD Hospitality Group’s Marketing Department.

Anyway, a short opening sequence featured a video presentation of the past decades’ Bikini Babes and Hunks which am sure made everyone from the staff of Dolores Hotels feel nostalgic.  What Bariles noticed though was that through the years, the swimsuits of the ladies became more and more conservative.  This could be due to the GAD Code (Gender and Development) being passed and implemented by the city government which prohibits very skimpy attires for candidates of any beauty pageant.

Past Bikini Hunks and Babe

Past winners of the Bikini Open:  Bikini Hunk 2007, Bikini Babe 2008, Bikini Hunk 1st runner-up 2008, Bikini Hunk 2008

This year’s event also heralds Dolores Tropicana Resort’s expansion plans, according to Ms. Tata.  On the pipeline is a two-storey building at the vacant portion of its hotel cottages which will add 30 or more rooms to its existing 35 rooms (all equipped with satellite TV and wi-fi connections).

Sharing jury duties for the 10th Bikini Open along with Bariles were Oliver “Blogie” Robillo, Dr. James Haw and Ms. Jocelyn Enriquez of Emcor, who all had a grand time selecting from the 10 Bikini Babes (most of whom where of the shorter variety this year) and 10 Bikini Hunks (who were much better-bodied than last year’s batch).

Below are some of the shots taken by Bariles Republic resident fotog Marzz, Davao photoblogger Chattee Lara, problogger Lyle Santos, and award-winning fotog Leonard Pe.

Fire Dancer


The evening opened with the performance of this much-applauded Fire Dancer.




The entry of the 20 finalists with their faces covered by white masks.

Pair #1: Magnolia Mae Lauron & Jonathan Ogayre

Pair #1: Nur Weda Isnirajil & Greggy James Dela Pena


Pair #2: Elcar Jeck Gabutan & Naiza Balindo

Pair #2: Elcar Jeck Gabutan & Naiza Balindo


Pair #3: Jay Ann Rivera & Jonathan Ogayre

Pair #3: Naiza Balindo & Jonathan Ogayre


Pair #4: Ivy Shane Presbitero & Kenneth Paul Salva


Pair #4:  Ivy Shane Presbitero & partner


Pair #5: Emilio Bacalso & Marie Jho Guardino


Pair #5:  Emilio Bacalso & Jay Ann Rivera


Pair #6: Jerold Cabanog & Vanessa Yee

Pair #6: Jerold Cabanog & Vanessa Yee


Pair #7: Sheena Toribio & Emilio Bacalso

Pair #7: Sheena Toribio & Emilio Bacalso


Pair #8: Kristine Jagus & Mubarak Ismael


Pair #8: Kristine Jagus & Mubarak Ismael


Pair #9: Jecrist Canape & Je Java


Pair #9: Jecrist Canape & Je Java


Pair #10: Kenneth Paul Salva & Magnolia Mae Lauron


Pair #10: Kenneth Paul Salva & Magnolia Mae Lauron


And now for the major winners, here they are…

Bikini Open Hunk and Babe 2009 Winners

From left:  1st runner up Elcar Jeck Gabutan & Vanessa Yee; Bikini Hunk 2009 Greggy James dela Pena & Bikini Babe 2009 Naiza Balindo; 2nd runner Kristine Jagus & Kenneth Paul Salva


Bariles Republic wishes to thank Ms. Tata Mondido for inviting us and the rest of the bloggers from Davao and GenSan. Special thanks to her senior staff which include Ms. Mae Solizar, Mr. Bernard Lauron and waiter Nonoy Padilla.

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29 thoughts on “Dolores Tropicana Resort’s 10th Bikini Open, a visual delight

  1. BrAvO SiX

    ang ganda at sexy naman ni ms. vanessa yee…

    next event…1st SIK-SIK BILBIL EVENT naman.. hahahaha!

    just kidding.

    congratulations to all the winners..

    kudos to the organizers..

  2. gensanite

    hahaay… brings back memories talaga… remember ko, KUY, when you and BOSS RACHEL started this back in the day… 10 years na pala… we’re getting really old na, KUY… hehehe… nag-vo-voice over pa ako noon during this event when we were with ANNA @ Rhythms 97.5 (who your radio should be) pa… those were the days… hehehe… :)

    anyway… congrats sa mga winners, and kudos to Dolores Tropicana Resort for sustaining this event, and etching its mark in the summer event calendar of gensan… :)

    ’til next year… judge na pud ka, KUY… sana invite din ako… poydi mag-judge pud ko? pati na rin si BOSS ROB, and BOSS RACHEL para reunion of sorts? hahaha… joke…

    kudos to the photogs din!!! ganda ng mga kuha ninyo… :)

  3. Lyle

    Very nice post, Bariles! I just can’t get enough of GenSan. Pwede magpa-adopt? :-)

    What out for my post on my amazing GenTex (GenSan Tuna Experience) soon!

  4. odin

    ahh.. truly delightfull.. hehe the girls of course… keep if up dear friend.. giving us more info in whats happening in gensan.. an ohh thanks for your time to chat while visiting gensan..thanks and thanks

    odins last blog post..….IN THIS CORNER…

  5. Amie

    Wow! and sesexy nila lahat…but my choice talaga is James dela Pena, bagay na bagay siyang Mr. Bikini Hunk 2009. congrats to all the winners!!!

    Amies last blog post..Oblivion

  6. jinky

    To the winners, congratulations! Soar high with your sexy bods. .

    To Dolores Tropicana Resort, keep it up! Continue on your saga for world class innovations. . .

    To Bariles, you’re great! Now the world knows what’s happening here and what’s gonna happen next. . .

    To the Davao bloggers, hope you had a great time here!

  7. romwl

    its not a bikini contest, its a boxer short contest for men and short pants contest for women asan ang mga bikini

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  9. KaYe

    c gReggy na naman…???

    nakakasawa na ha!


    namumulubi ka na ba talaga????


    peace men!!! i know we’re friends…


  10. ali

    indeed our thanks to you my dear friend for being there and being critical which as an artist like me needs because for every event is still a learning process…and to learn is the antidote of every director therein…nonetheless I would be sharing this if not to the all out support of the producers, mam tata and mam belay who gave us the full creative powers, and kudos to fren may for the brutal logistics…well indeed, from 2007 when i started directing the show, every year has a focal concept and theme to follow and as a director played a lot in the creative process…and this is to prove the pundits wrong that artistry, combined with sheer efforts, a program like this can be a delight to the visual and senses, minus of course the flaying bodies, which to most are well covered and doesn’t justify what bikini is all about…its the city’s ordinance and now, its already imposed in major cities like davao and cebu…to our great consternation of course…we’re honored to be recognized by you sir abel, its a boost to us gensan directors(only a few) and continue the constructive criticism that we much need in order to hone and master our craft…again my thanks to the bariles…ciao

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    hmmp… ok ang mga porma ah…. active prin ang fitness muscle mania… kita kits ulit …

  15. alnell lumanta

    i really2 admire this kind of compitition coz na try ko din ang manalo nuon sa laranagn ng mga ganitong compitition. To the management and members, to the models and participant , thanks very much for the happiness that you shared to our new life generation. naging makulay ang mundo with hte right way.

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