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Young general Philip Nadela wows them at Korean TV’s Star King show

Young general Philip Cesar Nadela who is the first Litle Grand Winner of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Dream Academy was recently in the land of Asian telenovelas, Korea to guest in the top-ranking TV show, Star King.

He was with Amy, who placed 2nd to him in the talent competition.

Philip, all of 8 years old, the son of a local policeman in GenSan City and a teacher came home last year to a hero’s welcome a few days after winning the Grand Title.

Philip and Mayor Acharon

GenSan City Mayor Jun Acharon and PDA Little Grand Winner Philip Nadela during his hero’s welcome at the Gen.Santos City International Airport last year

You can read about that homecoming by CLICKING HERE.

Philip and Amy follow the footsteps of Charice Pempengco who was discovered by Americal talk-show host Ellen de Generes when a video of the talented young singer’s performance at Star King landed on YouTube early last year.

Check out then these Philip Nadela videos below, and that of Amy while they perform their numbers at Korea’s Star King TV show and in the process, mesmere the visibly appreciative Koreans in the audience. Here is a low-quality video of all of Philip Nadela’s performances. The audio is good though.

Now here is the High Quality but longer 2-part YouTube video of the uncut performances of both Philip and Amy. The first one shows Amy singing “And I Am Telling You” from DreamGirls and Philip doing his signature song “Diana” plus Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and “Ben“.

This is the 2nd part showing Philip and Amy doing a duet with “How Could You Say You Love Me“.

Now, the only thing to do is to wait and hope that Oprah or Ellen or Jimmy Kennel or David Lettermen discover any of these Philipp Nadela video performances in Korea’s Star King and maybe, just maybe, invite him to perform for them in their highly rated TV shows.

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  1. Samara Fae says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing the videos sir Avel! I had fun watching both Amy and Philip~ They’re so cute, even if I don’t understand Korean, I’m pretty much sure these people were really impressed of the kids. Ahhh~ Ang galing nilang mag English… *applause* Go PHILIP!!! We’re proud of you~ *kisses*

  2. D.O.M. says:

    Wow! International na! Galing!

  3. jordan ray quinco says:

    waa… go philip.. kapitbahay ko yan si philip… diri sa darimco silway.. hahah!!!

  4. Brendel says:

    Oh my, Philip and Amy are so cute! And Philip’s hairstyle is even sageuk-style. He looks like somebody fresh out of Korean sageuk drama.

    Brendels last blog post..GenSan Revisited, Part III: Dolores Farm Resort

  5. lollii says:

    I miss watching star king, especially PHILIP! Leeteuk oppa~ saranghaeyo <<<333!!!!Thanks for sharing the videos Sir Avel.. \(*-*)/

  6. @Manoy Avel, nganong dili man si Philip ang nikanta sa May Bukas Pa theme? Asa kaha sya ginatago sa Eh-be-Es Se-be-En? Rare kaayo ang iyahang guesting maski sa ASAP ba. Dili pa gyud nabalita sa TV Patrol kining guesting nya sa Star King.

    Kyut ged si Philip unlike Amy na mukhang tyanak. Ajejeje

    BTW, wrong ispeling ang LITLE og MESMERE nimo. Ajejeje.

    anynomouse :)s last blog post..My Mousey Heroes I

  7. […] Eight-year old singer Philip Nadela wows Korea's Star King …Eight-year old Filipino singer Philip Nadela performs in top Korean TV show Star King and wows the audience! […]

  8. MiGs says:


    galeng galeng talaga ni philip!

    concentrated siya sa studies yata kaya walang mashadong guestings?

    sana naman koya pagpunta ko dyan sa gensan ulit magkita na kami ng batang yan!


    MiGss last blog post..Conquer your Fear: Davao Xcelerator

  9. gensanite says:

    KUY… baka ang ibig mong sabihin e si “JIMMY KIMMEL” sa show na, “JIMMY KIMMEL Live”… ang “kennel” kasi ay aso… hehehe… 🙂

    panay ata ang foodtrip mo, KUY, ah… foodtrip tayo nina BOSS RACHEL and friends pag-uwi ko… 🙂

  10. dimple says:

    kalingaw.. the koreans are really enjoying!

    dimples last blog post..Summerkadahan Blues Update

  11. Lyle says:

    Another ‘general’ makes the Philippines proud. Astig!

    Lyles last blog post..June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Tips: Effective Stress Management Techniques

  12. Samara Fae says:

    Hindi lamang si Pacman ang gumagawa ng pangalan for General Santos. Patunay lng din na ang mga Generals ay marunong rin makipagsabayan nationally and internationally. GO PHILIP!!~

  13. BrAvO SiX says:

    indeed, very talented…

    another star in the making…

  14. tony says:

    very entertaining……ha.ha.ha. can’t stop! amy and philip are great. koreans are great also, they know how to appreciate talents esp. with the kids

  15. ms kimbum says:

    Sooo cute..(* *)cute cute nila.Cute ni Amy though sana ibang song nalang kinant niya.Si Philip ang cute ng hairstyle
    very korean hahaha= ) sino kaya nag-ayos na kanya.Tuwang-tuwa mga korean sa kanila very appreciative din sila..kakaliw sila panoorin
    (^ ^)

  16. hannah says:

    .,oH mY god!!.,CRuSh Na cRUsH kO yAn Si Philip .,aAHh AHHh UuhHMM KaNg BaTa Ka,.KUnG PWeDe LNg KiTaNg HInTayIn.,.UHhmm lOVe Na LoVe KiTaH,.guStOnG gUsTo KO Pa nAmAn aNg MgA LoNg HaIr Na MgA LaLAkE.,UhHMM.PHilIP kAkAgIgIl Ka EhH.,.,
    naG cuTe Mo TAlAgA.,.,pAkiSs aH.,.MwUaHhH….,,unAng kItA Ko Pa LaNg SAyO sa tv I kNOw Na AgAd Na IkAw MaNanALO.,.,gaLInG mO kAs,.mY gOd.,i lOvE yOu,.IM hAnnaH frOm LuCeNa.,I wIsH mAgKaROoN kA nG maLl ToUr DItO.,.gRaBe WIsH Ko Yann.,..:-)
    SiGe BaEt InGaT kA pAlAgE,..,wAg LaLaKe AnG uLo,.,gOd BLeSS,LOvE kiTa MwUaaHHH.,.,.

  17. none_air says:

    Congratulations! Ang galing ng Pinoy!

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