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What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest (updated 9/21)

Now that the dust has finally settled, GenSan News Online Mag is formally announcing its latest blog contest which was hinted at in Bariles‘ blog post on the Air Supply Concert in GenSan next month.

Bloggers everywhere, this is for you,  the “What Air Supply Song Are You?” Blog Contest.

The Marthin Millado-designed poster for What Air Supply Song Are You?

**The very talented Marthin Millado designed this poster for "What Air Supply Song Are You?"**

This bigger and better Blog Contest is brought to us once more with the help of our generous sponsors Dreamwork Ventures, the concert producer and Grab a Crab Restaurant.

The mechanics are very simple.  Here goes…

  • Write a blog post on the question – “What Air Supply Song Are You?
  • The contest is open to all Filipino bloggers, based in the Philippines or abroad.
  • The blogs should be hosted in either Blogger, WordPress, Friendster, Multiply, Live Journal or self-hosted.
  • Entries may be written in English, Tagalog or Taglish.
  • The entries must include the following keywords and links:
    • GenSan News Online Mag –;
    • Grab A Crab Restaurant –
    • Air Supply Concert in GenSan –
    • What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest –
  • Blog entries must include the names of sponsors.
  • Blog entries should also feature the official poster of the concert (below).
  • Blog entries must be published on or before September 25, 2009.
  • Participating bloggers must be subscribed to GenSan News Online Mag.
  • A participant must leave a comment below in the Responses Portion indicating the following information: name, entry title and entry URL.
  • Announcement of winners will be made at 1:00pm on September 28, 2009 at the mezzanine of Coffee Club 101.  All GenSan-based participants should be present during the awarding, while the rest may send representatives.

Here are the prizes:

  • PLATINUM Prize Winning Entry will receive:
    • Two (2) Courtyard Tickets worth P2,500 each, to the Air Supply in GenSan Concert;
    • One (1) P1,500 Gift Certificate from Grab A Crab Restaurant;  and,
    • Two (2) pieces of Backstage Passes to meet and greet the Air Supply duo.
    • Two (2) pieces of official Air Supply in GenSan Concert t-shirts from Dreamwork Ventures.
  • 4 GOLD Prize Winning Entries will receive:
    • Two (2) Courtyard Tickets at P2,500 each, to the Air Supply in GenSan Concert;
    • One (1) P1,000 Gift Certificate from Grab A Crab Restaurant.
  • 10 SILVER Prize Winning Entries will receive:
    • Two (2) Lower Box Tickets at P1,500 each to the Air Supply in GenSan Concert;

Check out the names of the judges by CLICKING HERE.

Again, thanks to Concert Producer Michael Wee and his Dreamworks Ventures, Inc. for assisting us again with another Blog Contest.

So what are you waiting for?  Dig up your favorite Air Supply song now, and let those memories come rushing back again!  And yes, do not forget to blog about it.  Who knows?  You might get to meet the Air Supply duo themselves up close and personal very, very soon!

The Air Supply in General SAntos City Concert Poster

The Air Supply in General SAntos City Concert Poster

The Air Supply in GenSan Concert is a major production of Dreamwork Ventures Inc.’s Platinum Concert Series 2009, in cooperation with the City Government of GenSan, the GenSan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., ABS-CBN.  Other partners are Grab A Crab Restaurant, MISO Hardware, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Bottlers Inc., East Asia Royale Hotel, Coffee Dream, Giacominos, NY Fries and Dips, Giacominos, Gaisano Mall of GenSan and Gregoria Printing Press.

About Avel Manansala

Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

View all posts by Avel Manansala →

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  1. sheng says:

    I added the sponsors na, found out I forgot to place it in the blog. Edited na po.
    .-= sheng´s last blog ..A Quick Note =-.

  2. […] get really excited when Avel Manansala of GenSan News Online Mag came up with a contest called What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest (another good news for a blogger like […]

  3. liezl says:

    hi avel…here’s my entry for the “What Air Supply Song Are You? A Blog Contest”

    (Liezl Oberio)
    .-= liezl´s last blog ..Now and Forever =-.

  4. kyawkyaw says:

    hintayyyy!!!!! habol ako!!!!
    buhayin ang

    name ko raw: kyawkyaw
    title ng entry ko: what air supply song am i???
    url ko:
    .-= kyawkyaw´s last blog ..A Quick Note =-.

  5. RainCindy says:

    Here is my entry Sir Avel =)

    Name: Cidy
    Entry title: Someone who believes in you
    Entry URL.
    .-= RainCindy´s last blog ..Someone Who Believes In You =-.

  6. […] I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Bariles of Gensan News Online Mag for hosting this “What Air Supply Song Are You?” blog contest which allows us to put into words our concealed emotions. Also, to the following […]

  7. lollii says:

    name ::: lollii
    entry title ::: Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop
    entry URL:::

  8. lollii says:

    kindly notify me if my entry is invalid or not. Thank You Sir..

  9. lollii says:

    Name: lollii
    Entry Title: Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop
    Entry URL:

  10. star says:

    Magandang Gensan, sir, pahabol lang po entry ko para kasi may kulang.
    name : star
    entry title : Air Supply – I CAN’T LET GO
    entry URL:


  11. Bottom Lines says:

    Here’s mine:

    Title of Entry: EVERY WOMAN IN THE WORLD
    Entry URL:
    .-= Bottom Lines´s last blog ..Every Woman in the World =-.

  12. Dave says:

    Name: Dave
    Entry Title: I’m all out of love
    Entry URL:

    sir! hehe pasensya na dito hehe
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..I’m all out of love =-.

  13. […] by the deliciously prestigious Grab A Crab Restaurant and also featured a blog contest entitled What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest. This will be a golden opportunity for me to strengthen the bond with my Star and a good time to […]

  14. bottomlines says:

    Hi, Mr. Bariles…I’m joining the contest for fun and a recognition of your excellent site and earnest effort to promote Gensan City…I’m proud to be a general…Thanks.

    name : bottomline
    entry title : Every Woman in the World
    entry URL:
    .-= bottomlines´s last blog ..Every Woman in the World =-.

  15. anyabelle says:

    Name: Angel Abella
    Entry Title: “Goodbye”
    Entry URL:
    .-= anyabelle´s last blog ..“Goodbye” =-.

  16. Tammy says:

    I just got back from my 1 month vacation sa Manila and pahabol na entry sir avel…

  17. Tammy says:

    Name: Tammy
    Entry Title: I’m All Out Of Love!
    Entry URL:

  18. arnel says:

    Hello Sir Avel!

    Sana makaabot pa. This is my entry:

    Name: Arnel Joshua Lim
    Entry Title: Yesterday and Today with Air Supply
    Entry URL :

    Congrats sa organizers!

  19. nice A says:

    wow,ang daming entries at ang gagaling nila! di yata ako makakauwi nito! hehehe
    .-= nice A´s last blog ..Country-hopping the more beneficial and practical way =-.

  20. ikang says:

    haha.. sir avel di na ako naka.abot ipopost ko na sana. kaso pagtingin ko late na.. sayang.. nxtym nlng.. woot,, gudlak sa mga nagjoin!! enjoy sa mga manalo!!.. ~even the nights are better~

    MUCH SLEEP….zoOOOom :))
    .-= ikang´s last blog ..Philosophy of Life =-.

  21. shang says:

    I had fun reading all the entries! Best of luck to the participants… and wow at the whooping prizes at stake! =)

    ~Someone who believes in You~*sings*

  22. Blogie Blog says:

    Air Supply @ GenSan…

    My long-time friend, Avel Manansala of General Santos City, invited me to be one of the judges for his blog contest, What Air Supply Song Are You? (creative, don’t you think?). So I dutifully read through around 20+ entries, thinking inwardly th…

  23. kiraxmisa says:

    well. it was the try and experience. thanks

  24. fahdingding says:

    Congratulations to the WINNERS!

  25. […] Bloggers was awarded a gift certificate and Air Supply tickets for those who won a write up contest ” What Air Supply Song Are you”? Many thanks to the very generous sponsor Mr. Michael Wee the owner of  Grab a Crab Restaurant […]

  26. […] project, aptly called the “What Air Suppy Song Are You?” Blog Writing Contest was launched last September 14, 2009, from an idea suggested by SEO Queen Janette Toral, who was a […]

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