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GSC Junior Officials Top 16 Chosen(updated)

From my collegue Elmer Cequena‘s blog, GenSanLand, is the list of the creme of the crop of high school students from General Santos City who made it to the TOP 16 List of candidates for the 2009 GSC Junior Officials.

This yearly search for the best and brightest among the young generals is undertaken by the local government of GenSan through the Youth Affairs and Development Office under the City Mayor’s Office, to enable them to immerse themselves in the different positions of elected government officials for a week.  In short, for five working days, they will be “taking over” the duties and functions of the mayor, the vice mayor and the 12 city councilors.

"Last year's GSC Junior Officials taking oath with Mayor Jun Acharon"

“Last year’s GSC Junior Officials taking oath with Mayor Jun Acharon”

Here is what GenSanLand has to say about the screenings:

After the rigorous competitive examination last October 7, 2009 and the interview held last October 16, 2009, we now came up with the results of the search for this year’s elite GSC Junior Officials. The final results were taken up by summing up the competitive examination (60%) and the interview (40%).

From a total of 110 applicants coming from the different high schools in the city, we shortlisted it to 30 after the competitive examination. After the interview phase, we again shortlisted it to 16 which is the same number of elected and ex-officio officials in the GSC local government. Congratulations!

Bariles was privileged to be part of the panel of interviewees and he was very much delighted with the quality of the applicants this year, especially in terms of being vocal in their ambition to effect change in their surroundings and in their communities.  KUDOS TO THEM AND TO ALL THE WINNERS!

The TOP 16 Candidates to the Search for the 2009 General Santos City Junior Officials are:

1. Ava Clarisse B. Santander –Mindanao State University-CETD – 85.50%
2. Jessica Danielle G. Datoon – NDDU – IBED Espina Campus – 84.90%
3. Ron Salvador Facturan – Shalom Crest Wizard Academy – 83.30%
4. Peter Chrysologus C. Diaz – Mindanao State University-CETD – 83.10%
5. Justin S. Manching – NDDU – IBED Lagao Campus – 83.00%
6. Kamila Mae D. Gonzales – ND – Sienna College of GSC – 82.70%
7. Joanna Carla M. Estorninos – NDDU – IBED Lagao Campus – 82.40% (voted Junior City Mayor)
8. Fernnie M. Magalona – Mindanao State University-CETD – 82.00%
9. Shyn Marie S. Ebol – Mindanao State University-CETD – 81.87% (voted Junior Vice Mayor)
10. Jennifer Galia – Holy Trinity College of GSC – 81.50%
11. Kim Nyree l. Chiew – GS Hope Christian School – 81.40%
12. Danny L. Mianagua, Jr. – Labangal National High School – 81.30%
13. Richel N. Pedregosa – NDDU – IBED Lagao Campus – 81.10%
14. Sheena Amor Seneres – ND – Sienna College of GSC – 80.60%
15. Churchill John L. Tabuada – Labangal National High School – 80.40%
16. Hannah Gleenah D. Yumang- Holy Trinity College of GSC – 79.90%

The Mindanao State University-CETD lead the finalists with four students from the school making it, led by topnotcher Ava Clarisse Santander.

They are followed by NDDU-IBED Lagao Campus with three of its top students getting into the Magic 16.

Then, Sienna College of GSC, Holy Trinity College and Labangal National High School follow suit with two students each landing a slot in the elite group.

The rest, Shalom Crest Wizard Academy, Holy Trinity College, and Hope Christian School round up the remaining slots with one student each.

These students will then be voting among themselves who they believe is fit for the role of Junior Mayor, Junior Vice Mayor and the 14 Junior members of the City Council.


Past members of the GSC Junior Officials are:

  • ABS-CBN Field Reporter Chat Ansagay, who became a UP Baguio alumnus;
  • Former ABS-CBN Feature Writer and Host Gwyn Marie Ebol, who graduated from UP Diliman;
  • Leigh Ann and Katherine Ann Grandeza, both Cum Laude grads of Immaculate Conception University Ateneo de Davao University;
  • Jeffrey Paulo Sunglao, now marketing manager of family-owned Paseo del Sol, Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs and Ranchero Grill;
  • Rom Kenneth Sales, graduated Magna Cum Laude from NDDU;
  • Lt. Jeremy de Guzman, former Junior City Mayor and PMA Graduate;
  • Eric Gerard Nebran, former Junior City Councilor, graduated as Magna Cum Laude and now Professor of NDDU;
  • Roberto Sabido and Donna Ann Balboa, former Junior Councilor and Junior Vice Mayor respectively, who moved on and graduated from UP Diliman;
  • Former Junior City Mayor Mark Joseph Brian Boayes, the first graduate of the prestigious Maritime Academy of the Philippines who hails from GenSan!

If you have more to add in the list of noteworthy achievers and former GSC Junior City Officials, just leave a message below.

Meanwhile, as constant reader Fahdingding always say, “Dapat ito silang i-CLAP CLAP!”


About Avel Manansala

Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. elmerceq says:

    Big thanks for featuring this in your site. By the way, just this afternoon, 13 November 2009, the 16 junior officials had already elected among themselves the top two reins for the junior officialdom of the city. This was done after they underwent the Basic Orientation Seminar on Local Governance held at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Session Hall. The much awaited event had now unfold – the Junior City Mayor went to NDDU-IBED Lagao’s pride, Joanna Carla M. Estorninos, while the Junior City Vice-Mayor position went to Shyn Marie S. Ebol of Mindanao State University-College of Education Training Department. The rest settled for the positions of Junior City Councilors.

    They will be serving the city for one week starting November 16 until November 20, 2009. Their oath-taking will be on 16 November at 8:00 AM, in time of the Flag Raising Ceremony of the city government employees. Their oath-taking will be witnessed by former recipients of the program, who were mostly professionals and successful executives and entrepreneurs.
    .-= elmerceq´s last blog ..A Revelation: The Truth Relieves =-.

  2. fahdingding says:

    WHEEE! proud to be an MSUan!
    Congratulations to the 16!

  3. fahdingding says:

    Wow! apat pala galing sa MSU – CETD!
    karapat – dapat kayong ICLAP! CLAP! lahat!

  4. sheng says:

    Galing talaga ng MSU, dapat anak ko dumating din sa phase na yan, because i did when i was in elementary!

  5. argo says:

    galing niyo ha! keep up the good work young generals!!!


    Hindi man lang nka place ang GSCHS?

  6. lito says:

    .-= lito´s last blog ..ang tanging pamilya:a marry go round,a movie to watch =-.

  7. Rea says:

    Adding to the list is yours truly, REA GENE REMEGIO, who is currently soul-searching! HAHAHA. Boom boom bang banggg!!! Batch 2003, magkabatch kami nina Gwyn and Leigh-Ann plus barkada rin. And Jeremy de Guzman. Hehe 🙂 And I have to say na all five of us from our school (NDGSC) were all chosen as junior officials. Weee 😀 *proud* hehehe

    And just to correct, Leigh-Ann and her sister graduated from Ateneo de Davao University po 🙂

    I’m so happy that the legacy has been continued! KUDOS!
    Keep the fire burning!

  8. quirky says:

    ..congratulations to the 16..or should i say the “Elite 16”..hehe

    @argo – kasi naman po di kumuha ng exams ung mga sci-currs ng GSCHS..un tuloy!..hehe

  9. nice A says:

    Developing the young generals to become future leaders is such a great program for gensan! Kudos to the organizers and to the top 16 GSC Junior Officials!
    .-= nice A´s last blog ..Colorful Taxis: Only in Amazing Thailand =-.

  10. orman says:

    good that we’re starting them young… turuan din sana sila about graft and corruption so that they’ll know kung anong dapat panindigan nila then we’re good to go!
    .-= orman´s last blog ..Happy Birthday, Oliver! =-.

  11. Gwyn Ann says:

    I’m so proud to be one of the JO! =) I think it is more than just the prestige and the experience but really, it gives one an attitude to aim high and make the Generals proud.

    My JO experience was a rather peculiar one. And I never did regret “pressuring” my sisters to be JOs, too! Haha! I’m sure Shyn will do good. =)

    Kudos to everyone!

    Oh, BTW, you might wanna add Rhyndyll. I think she was a Junior Councilor before. =)

  12. Rea says:

    @ Sir Avel,

    just to add again, Ms. Gwyn Ann Marie Ebol graduated as Magna Cum Laude from UP Diliman. Oha, just wanna show how proud I am with the previous JOs. hindi basta2x! =)

  13. zyra says:

    congrats sa mga bagong junior officials…im zyra bacayo, from batch 2003(ksma sina jeremy de guzman,leigh ann,rea,sigrid, etc..).still got our group pix..heheh…im taking up medicine in west visayas state university,iloilo…

    kung ano yung mga progress and developments n nakikita ko nga ngayn sa gensan, dati sa powerpoint presentation ko lng nakita,nung 2003 gsc junior official program…

    and hapi ko kay wa xa na remain na presentation, instead, the city made it possible..

    to the youth affairs and development office and to the city mayor’s office, thank you sa city hall experience and sa programang tulad nito na lumilinang sa kakayahan ng mga kabataang mamuno at maging aktibo..two thumbs up!

  14. elmerceq says:

    To you guys, for a decade and a year of legacy, I think we deserve a grand homecoming this December. Nindot jud na magkita-kitz ta this Xmas. We’ll just share whatever we can to make it happen…. with the GSCJO batch 2009 of course. Deal?
    .-= elmerceq´s last blog ..A Revelation: The Truth Relieves =-.

  15. Gwyn Ann says:


    Hey Ate Zyra! I miss you! Send me the group pic. I’d like to see that! Ehemm. Haha!
    I hope you’re doing good out there. See you this Dec?


    I like the reunion on December! Will be a great venue to meet and greet my fellow JOs. All three Ebols will be present, for sure. I hope matuloy yan, kahit simple lang po.

    Good luck, Sir Elmer and the rest of the people in YADO. =)

  16. Rea says:

    i hope i can go home this december para join ako sa homecoming. i hope i hope i hope. im sure it’ll be fun 😀

    @ ZYRA

    whoaaa. never heard from you since then. hehe. miss you! ako rin, id like to see our group pic. congrats! med student ka pala. wuhoo!

    @ GWYN

    sana may nakapagtago ng pic natin noon with Pacman and Karen Davila. haha
    .-= Rea´s last blog ..I’m The Queen of the World! =-.

  17. elmerceq says:

    @ Avel

    Please delete Kim Nyrie I. Chiew of GS Hope Christian School from the list. We replaced her with the #17 slot held by Coleen Marie M. Lepardo (79.80% rating) of MSU-CETD last 13 Nov 2009. Ms. Chiew violated the provision on attendance preliminary to the actual week-long activities.

    @ Gwyn, Zyra & Rea

    Thanks for the positive response to the proposed homecoming this December. This is but out of wild imagination. I guess we can manage even if we try to shell out from our very own pockets or through BYOB. All will do the same. Maybe we can make representation to benefactors.

    “There can be room for anything even under the sun if our minds all meet in the middle.”
    – Sino kayang nag-quote nito? Baka ako ang nauna hehehe.
    .-= elmerceq´s last blog ..A Revelation: The Truth Relieves =-.

  18. mjforones says:

    maybe this would be a perfect thread para ma tie-up lahat ng naging GSCJ officials. sana magkaroon ng grand alumni meeting all batches. sir elmer, im looking forward of that.. :D. kaabatch ko si rom kenneth sales. he’s the mayor and i was the vice.


  19. DATbalboa says:

    Wow, surprised to see this!

    “…. Donna Ann Balboa, former Junior Councilors who moved on and graduated from UP Diliman;”

    Sir, I was not a Junior Council. I was fortunate to be Junior Vice Mayor. =)

  20. Alex says:

    Engr. Bryan B. Boayes graduate of MAAP (Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific). Pls change it sir not Mark Joseph. Thank you

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