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In Memoriam: The Maguindanao Martyrs

This blog post from GenSan News Online Mag is dedicated in honor of the over forty innocent victims of the senseless carnage which happened yesterday in Ampatuan, Maguindanao, in Central Mindanao.

Some of them were people I know and a good number were friends of mine from the media here in General Santos City.  I could only cry in anger for what happened to them at first, but eventually I realized that I must  pray for them instead and the families they left behind. Please pray with me.

I also urge you dear readers to  pray for our land Mindanao which  is once again tainted with the blood of innocent people…. and for the perpetrators of this barbaric act to be immediately brought to justice.

And while we are all waiting on how government will respond to this, please display a black ribbon in your blogs, Facebook profiles or wherever possible online,  in remembrance of the Maguindanao martyrs and as a sign of our collective shout as people of Mindanao, “NEVER AGAIN.

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  1. CRISTINA says:

    My condolence to the Mangudadatu family. I met this family long ago and they were kind to me. and also to the other victims of the massacre. may justice be with us as soon as possible.ang bayan kong Mindanao minsan na namang nabahiran ng dugo.

  2. Rea says:

    I AM ONE WITH YOU GENERALS IN SHOUTING FOR JUSTICE. There are a lot of people I know who were killed since my father is also from the media. I can only cry and pray when I heard the news.

    Let God’s holy will be done and I believe vengeance is His alone. However, something really needs to be done with that act of brutality. Dili na jud tao ang naghimo ato.

  3. TG says:

    I remember what mahatma ghandi said that i like your Christ but i don’t like your Christian. Why? Because Christ lives his teaching but some Christians believe in him did not. i post the same statement to the muslims community That I like your prophet muhammad who taught about the teaching of allah but i dont like some of those muslims who “believe” in him but did not do what he taught them to do. Hunger of power which i believe are all behind of the maguindanao massacre. They forgot about their allah whom they believe as the almighty above all.There power succomb them to do the barbaric act. i believe allah were not happy about it. Imagine,how dare you to curtail the lives of 57 persons including the innocent one. i was really so upset when I heard and saw what happened in Maguindanao. For the victims and those who are left behind may God bless you and justice may prevail for mangidadatu family et al.

  4. […] It will be November 23, 2010 soon but the cry for justice of the  families of the 58 Maguindanao massacre victims still resonates from all the four corners of Mindanao, a year after it […]


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