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Bariles inside Cebu Pacific’s SMILE Magazine

If you are planning to travel via Cebu Pacific within the next few weeks this month, try to get hold of a copy of the latest issue of their inflight publication, SMILE Magazine.

Why, you may ask

Well, for one, this issue features well-written articles timed for the Christmas season and the New Year.

Its cover story, Toast to 2010, raises a glass to the new decade by featuring Asia’s finest nightspots where you can spend either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

Another story, “Way to Snow” is about Seoul, Korea and its favorite winter sports, skiing, skating and snowboarding.

“Christmas From A to Z”, on the other hand is, according to its blurb, “A jetsetter’s guide to the holidays”.

Other than these articles however, are travel guides to every destination that Cebu Pacific Airlines flies to.

But for SMILE Magazine’s December issue, the other better reason to get a hold of a copy is the fact that Bariles himself is the featured “local guide” for General Santos City!

Check this page layout below, where the GenSan Guide is between Dipolog and Zamboanga features. Click on it for a LARGER VIEW.


In the original manuscript submitted to the editors of Smile Magazine, Bariles has actually written more establishments than the few ones mentioned in this December 2009 issue. Due maybe to space constraints, they just featured what they could.

Still, being a part of this publication which will be read by thousands of Cebu Pacific‘s travellers all over the world, is more than enough honor for Bariles already; and worth a priceless amount of mileage and publicity for his little blog about his beloved city by the bay.

Maraming, maraming salamat po, Smile Magazine!

About Avel Manansala

Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. Gay says:

    Go Avel!!! I got featured in Yummy mag as one of top 10 local food blogs naman 🙂

  2. anyabelle says:

    Nakuh naman! Stariray ka na talaga!

  3. Robstroy says:

    Wow! Bongga ever so much! Bariles! ikaw na jud na koya!

  4. orman says:

    you’re so sikat na talaga!

  5. Lyle says:

    As always… you make GenSan and the ‘Generals’ proud. You’re one of a kind, Bariles!

  6. gensanite says:

    nice… ganda ng entries mo, KUY… sikat ka na talaga… nape-pressure na ako sa steamed friend rice nga imong tugon… hehehe… will get the chance to leaf through this mag… will be flying via cebupac when i’m coming home… 🙂

  7. Brendel says:

    The Fishman is really going places. Btw, love love your smile in the pic. 😉

  8. Amie says:

    Cannot be reached na talaga si Bariles! Thank you for making us proud to be generals kuya Avel. Merry Christmas jan…Mwaaah!

  9. bariles says:

    @Gay, thanks and congrats likewise! You’re really a a full-fledged general now. Mwah!
    @Anyabelle, hehehe… stariray ha? Sounds like starlet to me! 🙂
    @Robstroy, thanks my friend! Chada no?
    @Orman, it is a good way to end the year. For GenSan!
    @Lyle, thanks teacher! As long as you and Brendel will always be there behind me, I could do no wrong. 🙂
    @Brendel, my best angle really…hehehe! Thank you sis. 🙂
    @Amie, you are welcome, and again, this is for all the generals out there like you and your pretty girls. Miss you. 🙂

  10. anyabelle says:

    waaah, tama ba yung word ko? lol. basta, in short, star na star ka na talaga! 🙂

  11. fahdingding says:

    COngrats KUya Avel.. Celebrity ka na talaga! WHeeee!
    You make us PROUD again!
    Magandang GENSAN!

  12. fahdingding says:

    Celebrity name na ang – AVEL MANANSALA!
    Kuya Avel for GENSAN Mayor 2013!
    Signature Campaign….. LOL

  13. DavaoBase says:

    At shirtless pa ang pic mo sa Smile ha! Hehe. Congrats! 🙂

  14. Jinky says:

    wow, ang galing mo talaga, bariles!

    another feather in your cap ha . . . very inspiring naman to. . .

  15. boodit says:

    galing! i’ll check it out when i fly cebu pac from manila to gensan next, next week…i’m proud of u, kafatid!!

  16. sheng says:

    huwaw, i hope the hubby can get a copy of Smile, he’s flying to Iloilo tomorrow, i hope he can ditch me a copy.

  17. jasper0127 says:

    OO nga Sir Avel ang sikat mo na talaga nabasa ko talaga yan Sir coz Im travelling from Gensan-Cebu-Roxas via Cebu Pacific na shock talaga ako nyan hindi lang pala pang Gensan beauty mo pang world wide na talaga.


  18. josephvergara says:

    kuya Avel sikata n nimo uy,abot nman k dre saudi ug tibuok klibutan ang balita sa imoha,hehe..ayaw pud me kalimti ha,suruyon taka diha pg uli nko…regards kay kuya Orman…gimingaw nko sa atong samahan sauna.

  19. faust says:

    WOW… Avel you’re big time na…

  20. josephvergara says:

    Kuya,asa gani banda imong ofis???nagakaon pa ba ka ug chocolate???

  21. josephvergara says:

    ayaw lang nang dollar kay dili na makaon,hahahaha….

  22. Dalton25 says:

    Hello! Congratulations, Bariles! Two thumbs up for you.

  23. none_air says:

    Wow! Kuya Avel, Are u the Big Brother? hehehe Sikat na jud ka.

  24. BrAvO SiX says:

    on the way to stardom…..!

  25. psyche says:

    Whoa! That’s our bariles 🙂

  26. rabsky says:

    KUYAW! 😀

  27. rosilie says:

    Congrats!!!!!! Bigatin na talaga, weight and name. mwa!!!!!!!!

  28. Migs says:


    Iba ka talaga koya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mas sikat ka pa yata kay marian rivera!

  29. Morbanitoe says:

    Salamat sa lahat ng pagsusulat mo tungkol sa “Magandang GenSan”. Marami ang natuto sa iyong paraan na mas ok ang pumuna ng kung ano ang magaganda sa ating siudad kaysa sa mga “Hindi kagandahan”. Mas nakakapagbigay ito ng inspirasyon sa lahat na gumawa ng lalo ng maganda o mabuti para pamarisan ng nakakarami.

  30. lito says:


  31. jasper0127 says:

    Regards ko kay Sir Orman Sir Avel.

  32. dimaks says:

    Congrats on the feature sir Avel! indeed a way to go!

    This has become a very progressive and active blog so, a well deserved recognition.

  33. fahdingding says:

    Is it true 400 na lang daw ticket CEBPAC Gensan to Manila? Promo daw, magnagsabi sa akin pero di ako makapaniwala! LOL

    totoo ba?

  34. raincindy says:

    Astig ka talaga Bariles =) I just grab a copy, hehe!

  35. Frank says:

    That’s good, very good.

  36. nice A says:

    Yehey, I already have a copy of it! sikat na si khun avel, mabait pa!

  37. […] Read:  Bariles inside Cebu Pacific’s  SMILE Magazine […]

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