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KCC Cinemas go Dolby Digital Surround-Ex

If you happened to watch a movie in one of the six cinemas of the KCC Mall of GenSan lately, you must have noticed something different while viewing a blockbuster and listening to its soundtrack.

The sounds emanating from the action happening on the screen are fuller, more powerful, crispier, richer and seem to envelop you the viewer, from all around the hall.  This is because the 6 KCC Cinemas have been equipped with the state of the art DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX.

With the Dolby Digital Surround-Ex, each moviehouse of KCC has been fitted with 5 audio channels or speakers: 3 front, two back and one sub.  This creates a surround environment, with each speaker independently producing a separate sound.

Thus one hears all the sounds on the movie’s playback, from the minutest drop of a nail to the faintest chirp of a cicada and gets blown away with louder and more bombastic explosions and shoot-outs on screen.

Still, with the much better and enhanced sound quality of their moviehouses, the management of KCC has deemed it necessary to maintain the same price of each admission ticket at P70 (on the average).

This is of course, quite a bargain considering that Robinsons GenSan Movieworld which do not have Dolby Digital Surround-EX charge P81 per viewer.  What they are proud to offer however, are sparklingly new theaters, upholstered and soft reclining seats with movable elbow rests and more legroom plus carpeted flooring.

So if you were to choose, would you rather watch the next blockbuster at KCC Cinemas which are older, offer no frills but are equipped with Dolby Digital Surround-EX audio equipment or the newer, Robinsons Movieworld?

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  1. sheng says:

    I don’t mind watching movies in the old KCC cinema, it’s cheaper and the air conditioning does not freeze you to death. But then again, there are times when you want comfort and it’s only Movieworld that can let you inside the theater with food. But not soda in cans! They do not allow such canned sodas because it’s dark inside and they are concerned of you having to cut yourself from opening the tin. Thanks for that Robinsons!

  2. fahdingding says:

    Wow! Ganda ng effect ng competition between KCC and ROB!
    Where is GAISANO! Sana OK na rin Cinema nila!
    Magandang GENSAN!

  3. fahdingding says:

    I Still prefer KCC to ROB!

  4. Morbanitoe says:

    Thanks for that improvement. I hope they have already addressesd the foul odor of some their cinema’s chairs and floorings. Also, they should police those moviegoers who habitually rest their feet above the chair fronting them. Lastly, those who keep using their cell phones must also be reprimanded by the guards. Nakakasilaw naman kasi lalo na kung nasa likuran ka ng gumagamit ng cel, Twice na nanoood ako sa Robinson ay wala naman mga ganyang distractions doon. Needless to say, sulit ako sa mahal ng bayad dun.

  5. none_air says:

    Kung may Gaisano Cinema, im sure mas mura sila hehehehe but then ill go for KCC pa rin. KCC for u and for me…U

  6. gensanite says:

    cheers to kcc for this improvement… this is what you call competition at its finest… they are giving the consumers/generals options… kudos!!!

  7. BrAvO SiX says:

    hmmmmm……with the given choices.. …

    i prefer the Robinson’s movieworld cinemas…

    brand new cinemas..for sure, they are strict about the rules….

    ‘ika nga, pag new ang isang bagay..ang sarap-sarap gamitin..! nakakarelax!

    as long as clear ang audio at naiintidihan…panalo na!

    pero iba pa rin siyempre ang movie experience pag kumakalansing at dumadagundong ang mga speakers.

    Robinsons Movieworld pa rin ako….i feel more comfortable..hehehehehe!

  8. dimaks says:

    ive been to KCC once and it’s good to hear about this development.. i am sure, marami nang nadagdag na shops sa loob

  9. Alexis says:

    KCC’s cinemas have that ‘dirty’ smell right upon entering the door. But the sound is excellent, as will think that people behind you are chatting but are actually parts of the sound effects.

    I prefer Robinsons Movieworld, though, because of the comfort and cleanliness that it offers. I’m willing to pay the premium of P6-P11 for comfort. Cinemas 1 and 2 are equipped with Dolby too. :))

  10. orman says:

    gaisano has decided not to operate their cinema houses anymore. they will convert the area into commercial spaces (for lease).

    okay naman ang kcc it’s just that you’re not allowed to bring your own CHOICE of food. go to any modern movie house in manila, you’re given all the choices kasi sa labas pa lang sagana na sa mga food stalls and they allow you to bring in the food.

    para saken, watching a movie should be a relaxing exercise. ayokong ma-stress dahil wala akong choice sa food na babaunin ko sa loob.

    now that kcc improved their sound system, they should think about changing their “food” rules too.

    keber na saken ang mahal basta hindi ako stressed.

    keber din saken ang malamig na malamig kasi pwede din namang magdala ng jacket. eh ako pa naman pag mainit, mega-sumpong ang hika.

    at ayoko ng mabaho!

  11. Morbanitoe says:

    Merry Krismas 2 all! Krismas na talaga dito sa teritoryo ni Bariles kay may mga falling snow naman, He he he. Akala ko noon ay may problema na monitor ko. By the way, maganda itong nangyayari dito sa Gensan dahil nauuso ang improvements at ang paglitaw ng mga bagong establishments. Sa 2009 ay nandiyan ang new plaza heneral santos, robinsons, bagong chowking, Arcades ni pacman, mga bagong street lights, at ang dami ng ongoing construction dyan sa hiway at santiago. Nakakagulat tlaga.

  12. Hikaye Yaz says:

    cheers to kcc for this improvement… this is what you call competition at its finest… they are giving the consumers/generals options…

  13. […] its being priced higher than KCC Mall of GenSan’s Cinemas, with each movie ticket at P81 versus KCC’s P70, he prefers the newer theater complex because […]

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