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XB GenSan Dance Crew qualify for “It’s Showtime” Monthly Finals

In the latest weekly finals for the new ABS-CBN pre-nooontime hit, IT’S SHOWTIME, a dance crew from Barangay Bula, General Santos wowed not only hosts Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis but also the whole studio audience and the members of the Board of Judges, who all gave them a 10!

Generals, watch, marvel and be proud as Bariles presents to you this XB-GenSan Dance Crew video of their winning performance at the weekly finals of ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime”.

The XB-GenSan dancers who are under the tutelage of Teatro Ambahanon’s artistic director Bing Carino brought their knowledge and skills of ballet-jazz to the fore, mixing them with their hip-hop moves and making their performance truly a showcase of GenSan talents with their shouts of the word “GenSan” all throughout their repertoire.

Definitely, the whole country and the rest of the world is taking notice on the amazing ability of the people of GenSan to shine in various fields.

The word “GenSan” was merely a short cut for “General Santos City before”, but has certainly become a “victor’s trademark”, a “winner’s tag”, a “seal of excellence” and a “champion’s badge” which every wearer should be proud of.

Bariles had goose bumps while watching this XB GenSan Dance Crew Video of their “It’s Showtime” performance and is pretty certain that the rest of you, especially if you are from the Tuna Capital, also felt the same for our fellow generals.

As of this writing, the XB-Gensan Dancers are back here at home and are trying to raise funds to shoulder their fare to attend the monthly finals next week. If you want to help them with whatever financial assistance. please leave a message here and Bariles could hook you up with their representative.

Congratulations to the XB-GenSan Dancers again and good luck on your next hair-raising exploit in Manila.

Mabuhay kayo XB GenSan Dancers,!!!! Mabuhay ang mga generals! Mabuhay ang GenSan!

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13 thoughts on “XB GenSan Dance Crew qualify for “It’s Showtime” Monthly Finals

  1. Fahdingding

    Tumayo talaga balahibo ko! proud to be a GENERAL – the home of champions talaga!

  2. jasper0127

    Actually kasabay ko sila sa eroplano to Manila but I am not surprise with their winning moment when I saw them expected ko na talaga silang manalo congrats I am proud of you.

  3. Grace Conde

    I am really amazed while watching them dancing, their abs caught my eyes first then i knew they are really good,, when they started, i had the feeling already that they are a member of teatro ambahanon, ang galing eh then kitang kita mo na they really worked for it,, I knew teatro practice almost everyday when i was in college before,, hindi sila nakakasawa, love to watch the video again and again,,makes me very very proud that Im from Gensan though i live in Davao now..

  4. Pampanga Directory

    Congratulations to the first grand final winner of Showtime. You really made us Filipino proud. And most of all, you made us realize that dreams do really come true!

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