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(updated) Acharon trounces rivals for Representative of 1st District of SoCot

With 89.27% of Election Returns counted, GMA.TV has released the results of the voting for the Representative for the First District of South Cotabato.

From the looks of it, incumbent GenSan City Mayor Pedro “JUN” Acharon, Jr. could be the clear winner.

Consider this GenSan Election results….

Partial Unofficial Tally as of 2010-05-12/ 7:14:08am/ 89.27% of ERs

  1. Acharon, Pedro Jr. B   –   157,550

  2. Angangan, Aldwin B.   –   934

  3. Gacal, Franklin Jr. M.   –  6,130

  4. Garcia, Rogelio B.   –   13,551

  5. Melliza, Ramon B.   –   49,470

  6. Plaza, Abelardo S.   –   708

Even if one adds up the votes of Acharon’s five rivals, it is not even 50% of what he got at 156,624!
Mayor Jun Acharon‘s good track record in pushing forward GenSan’s economy to what it is now certainly left a mark on the people’s minds.

These results only mean that people would want him to continue doing what he did to ensure that the quality of life of the constituents of GenSan and with the rest of the 1st District of South Cotabato (Tampakan, Tupi, Polomolok) would continue to improve even more.

Let us hope that the new Congressman in Jun Acharon still manages to live up to that challenge as all eyes will be on him once he enters the august halls of the Sangguniang Bayan in Quezon City.

And of course, Bariles will be there to record that momentous event.

FLASH: Congressman-elect Pedro B. Acharon, Jr. was proclaimed winner by the COMELEC at 3am last night at the Regional Headquarters in Koronadal City! – May 20, 2010

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12 thoughts on “(updated) Acharon trounces rivals for Representative of 1st District of SoCot

  1. fahdingding

    Tabang pa mo tanan…. HaHaHa!
    ito ang LANDSLIDE….

    Congressman request ko lang… gawin mo nang 2 distrito ang GENSAN..hehehe!

    Congrats Rep. PBA! = )

  2. meer

    God bless and Good Luck.. Congressman Acharon… lets look forward to more and more improvements for the city..

  3. vir

    hope Cong JUN will sponsor a bill separating GenSan as separate congressional district…And VM-elect Banas to have a way to get rid of those street children in our city, thery’re already a nuisance in our city.

  4. rhod

    Congratulations to Mr. Acharon. I hope that Polomolok, Tupi and Tampakan will have its separate congressional district. Moreover, lobby the cityhood of Polomolok. Its about time! I hope the new elected representative will act on these matters (if he really consider himself a genuine representative of the mentioned towns and not only of GenSan). Peace to all!

  5. GorG

    congrats Sir
    @Separating Gensan from the 3 would need consensus of both the districts (1st and 2nd). i heard, the 2nd district has yet to agree =)

    Kasama dapat tayo sa pagtulong ng pag unlad ng ating distrito =)

  6. rhod

    @Gorg: no plebiscite is needed for making a new district, just a law passed by the congress. but, of course, a bill should be sponsored first by a representative. just an FYI, congress is mandated by law to review the representation in the congress every after national census. well, let us see if our elected representative will do his homework. Peace!

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