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ZheZtah Chicken and Burgers’ delicious little secrets

One of the newly-established GenSan restaurants has steadily been packing it in these days.  Clients are mostly from the office-rich area of the local government center of the city who either eat there or have their orders delivered to their nearby working places.

Welcome to downtown GenSan’s best-kept secret –  Zheztah Chicken and Burgers!

ZheZtah is owned by Dimpie Zuzon-Lim and her family and is tucked away at their old house along the busy Balimbing Street, adjacent to the OVAL PLAZA. The standing structure now is the newly-renovated portion of their residence.  Below is how the new facade looks.

Inside this new GenSan Restaurant is a cozy air-conditioned two-storey dining affair which has been painted in sea greens and sky blues, evoking images of the ocean, since the Zuzon Family members are all accredited divers.

Interestingly enough, the posts of the dining tables are made of old oxygen tanks and there’s even a mini tableau under the stairs representing the family hobby.

Most of their recipes are secrets handed down from Dimpie’s grandparents, who were both Capampangans.

In fact, grandma Lola Mading is the supplier and maker of the famous “Lola Mading’s Pastillas” (which they also sell at the resto).  She also happens to be Bariles’ baptismal Godmother.

Currently, one of  their best sellers is their GARLIC FRIED CHICKEN, which is the favorite of Bariles’ office mates.  Its skin is crispy and yet still juicy and its meat is tender and buttery-tasty.

The portions’ light brown color only means that it was not fried in used oil.  A two-piece order with rice costs only P50.

Then there’s the ZheZtah burger, the patty of which is made from “quality pure beef”, according to their menu board.

At P37 bucks, it is quite a steal since you don’t get the usual patty with extenders and instead, you will be served real tender beefy meat, sandwiched in a fresh bun with sesame seeds and garnishings of tomato and fresh lettuce.

A smaller version of the burger, the ZheZtah Jr. Burger can be had for only P27.00.  Then there’s also the ZheZtah Ultimate Diver’s Burger which is actually a double-patty burger served with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onions and fries on the side.  This costs P110.00 a pop.

Not to be missed is another dish which will surely make customers come back for more.

This is Papa’s Crispy Pata which is the recipe of Dimpie’s dad, Frannie.    At only P380, what you’re having is a big platter with a heap full of soft and uber-delicious deep-fried cut pork thighs with super-crackling skin.  It comes  served with their very own side dip of vinegar, fish sauce with some secret spices.

And that is not all of course!

ZheZtah Chicken and Burgers still has other dishes to offer including pasta, salads, steaks and sandwiches…. and CAKES!!!!  YEY!

Bariles however, wishes to concentrate first on the three bestsellers above but for sure, upon his return, the rest will be given their proper time and space in his ever-growing tummy.  🙂

For orders and reservations and food deliveries, please call ZheZtah Chicken and Burgers at Telephone #s (083) 301-9425.

About Avel Manansala

Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. lito says:

    wow dami na tayong makakainan!affordable kaya go ako dito…

  2. Gay says:

    Wow oh wow! Thanks for sharing this spot Avel. A new place to eat!

  3. bariles says:

    @Lito, very affordable. One time, sabay tayo.
    @Gay, you can bring your friends from UP Los Banos there. They’ll surely enjoy the Crispy Pata.

  4. nice A says:

    Good thing they have delivery services. How much should be ordered so that they will deliver it to your door? My kids are burger monsters and your description makes me drooling here even if I’m not a big fan of cholesterol-loaded food. It’s good for a treat for myself sometimes though especially if I can’t resist it. Masarap ang bawal, eka nga, hehehe!

  5. fahdingding says:

    dba kuya brod nyo sa APO may ari nito? c tito franie! = )
    parati kami bumubili ng GARLIC CHICKEN dito….

    Lapit lang sa bahay eh!

  6. fahdingding says:

    In fairness, lasang CHICKEN HAUZ yung Garlic Chicken nila! = )

  7. fahdingding says:

    @Lito, very affordable. One time, sabay tayo.

    Sali naman ako jan! hahaha!

  8. rhomer says:

    og muadot mo didto make sure you’re not on a diet ha … magmahay jud ka og gamay lang imong kaunon … human kaon tagay tagay dayun … mas lami tong SPICY GARLIC CHICKEN … sulaya gud og di magbaga inyong hehehe

  9. hanz says:

    layo ra kaayo garlic chicken sa chicken hauz oi … eto ang ultimate garlic chicken … pang ulam at pang pulotan way kurat … sulaya gud syaro mubalik pa mo sa chicken hauz ( asa gani na chicken hauz? never heard … never mind ) … palakas ko basi tagaan ko free beef brisket ni dimpy hehehe … boziiiiiiiiiiiing !

  10. fahdingding says:

    Love nako lubot sa chicken dito sa CHICKEN HAUZ….

  11. Gay says:

    We ate here the other night, the day you posted this article. Nagkandaligaw ligaw pa kami but it was worth. The garlic chicken was good and the rice… good quality rice! Pasado sa mga rice scientists hehehe. They could improve the service though. Isa lang yung staff na nagseserve.

    Brewed coffee at 40 pesos was a steal!

  12. fahdingding says:


  13. Lyle says:

    Wow, favorite ko lahat ng sini-serve nila. Looking forward to eating there on my next GenSan visit. Great find and nice post, Bariles!

  14. elizabeth says:

    Wow ! nice to know (Tita Mading/Dara Mading) left a legacy! yah that yummy cow’s milk pastillas. How i wish when i’ll be going for my vacation i can visit my hometown in Isulan,& go to Gen. San,to visit our clans(mother side),fr the Pamintuan,Salangsang, Dionoso,Santiago Families& more friends-all d CAPANGPANGAN clan(i cn’t recall their names) i want to visit all these new food establishments,esp ZHEZTAH! more POWER!

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  16. […] to his surprise then, when at one time he dined at the Zheztah Chickens and Burgers, he found out that Lola Mading’s Pastillas are still available and being sold there.  […]

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