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NZ-Phil joint venture Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood Co. on expansion mode

From a report at Australian Food News, GenSan News Online Mag learned that local tuna processor and canning firm Alliance Tuna International Inc. will expand its joint venture project with New Zealand seafood firm Prime Foods under a new name “Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood Co.”

Alliance operates two canneries in General Santos City supplying pre packaged tuna products to over 50 different countries around the world, generating a turnover of US$51.6 million dollars in 2008 rising to over US$70 million this year.


The new joint venture company will this year build a new seafood smoke house operation close to Alliance’s present factory. This will allow access to their existing management, engineering and maintenance facilities and source staff from existing resources.

Both factories will in the future expand their product ranges to include other smoked fish products, marinated salmon products, and ready to eat ranges such as gravalax, soups, pates and sauces.

The news report also said that Alliance Tuna is considering a name change to Alliance Select Foods International, to reflect its expanded range.

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  1. fahdingding says:

    Wow! Galing… Go Go Go GENSAN go!

  2. fahdingding says:


  3. white knight says:

    Two THUMBS UP on this new project certainly it would create another job opportunities direct and indirect beneifts. Another things is, I hope our new elected city government officials would seriously consider inviting big Business Process Outsourcing (BPO’s) companies to invest here in our city since to strenghten more of our economic competitiveness & survival not just in the sectors of FISHING Industry, PINEAPPLE, CORN, HOGS & POULTRY Industry and other agricultural businesses where our city is one of the main contributors. BPO’s undoubtedly is now considered the leading multi- billion industry contributor to our nation and we should take this opportunity while their is still room for us. Other provinces such as Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Davao have already joined Manila in these race. I think we have the edge too on this aspect. As we know it has a multiplier effect. Good luck!

  4. Monette says:

    As one economist said, the goal of every production is consumption – this is something that the sales people of Big Glory Salmon has taken quite lightly, I should say in my case. I am a seafood distributor and I went to GenSan to, among other things, source out new products for distribution. After the Tuna Congress dinner at the driving range of Royale Hotel, we went straight to Robinsons where sashimi night was happening and there I saw this product. I told them my intention to distribute it and my group even ordered and consumed some on the spot. I was asking for pricelist. They had no extra printed one so I was even asking for the one they have. They said they’ll email it to me. The following day I went back to Manila. Today, 6 days later I still have to receive their pricelist. And no, it’s not in my spam folder too, I did search because I am very interested (my interest was further fueled by the free sample I brought that my tasters here said was GOOD!). Yes, I do have their card and contact number and I could call anytime. But as a starting company eager to widen their reach, they should be more interested than I am. After this, I will still contact them because their product is worth a try, but I am just saying REPRIMAND YOUR SALES PEOPLE…THEY MAY BE LOSING CLIENTS THIS EARLY IN THE GAME.

  5. Toinks says:

    @Monette, maybe their consumers are mainly abroad.

  6. Monette says:

    Toinks, I do not think so or they should have told me so. Why put on a display in sashimi night where locals frequent, then? I told them at the onset, I am a local distributor (Manila area)…

  7. Toinks says:

    Ang pagkakaalam ko kasi is that they export it for New Zealand market. Dito lang sa GenSan ang processing. Why not make a follow up then.

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