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The Soccsksargen Summer Safari (Part 1): the Blog Posts

It has been almost 5 weeks already since the succesful conduct of the Soccsksargen Summer Safari which GenSan News Online Mag and GandaEverSoMuch spearheaded for the Soccsksargen Bloggers and yet the repercussions are still being felt all over the blogosphere and the net, in general.


Bariles is therefore writing a two-part post in grateful appreciation to all who were instrumental to its success and dedicating this most especially to the safari partner establshments, to whom he promised worldwide exposure through the blogs of the participants.

May 29-30, 2010 should go down in history as one of the most hectic albeit fun-filled adventure-laden eyeballs of bloggers from Northern and Southern Mindanao in GenSan and one of the most chronicled.

Over twenty A-list and notable personages in the blogosphere from Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Kidapawan Cities accepted the invitation of the brothers Bariles and Ganda Ever to discover the culinary and tourist destinations of South Central Mindanao and meet up with the rest of the bloggers from this side of the island.


Now, a month after that momentous weekend escapade, here are the over forty (40) blog posts written about it and which are currently flooding the Internet – featuring of course Soccsksargen Summer Safari’s PARTNER ESTABLISHMENTS, DESTINATIONS and SPONSORS.

For details on the events and activities which transpired during these two days in May, complete with photos and videos, check out the following blogs by clicking on their links:

  1. Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 1 – by ChiQ Montes (Cagayan de Oro)
  2. Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 2 – by ChiQ Montes
  3. MFAT/Summer Safari Video Blog – by ChiQ Montes
  4. SoCCSkSarGen Summer Safari Day 1 – by Brendel Balaga (Davao City)
  5. SoCCSkSarGen Summer Safari Day 2 – by Brendel Balaga
  6. SoCCSkSargen Summer Safari – Day 1 Highlights –  by Lyle Santos (Davao City)
  7. SoCCSkSargen Summer Safari – Day 2 Highlights – by Lyle Santos
  8. ICE CASTLE Experience – by Lyle Santos
  9. 1st Day of MFAT/Soccsksargen Summer Safari – by Eldie Aban (Cagayan de Oro)
  10. 2nd Day of MFAT/Soccsksargen Summer Safari – by Eldie Aban
  11. Ice Castle Experience –  by Atty. Magman (Cagayan de Oro)
  12. Thank You Speech – by Atty. Magman
  13. MFAT/ Soccsksargen Summer Safari – The Movieby Atty. Magman
  14. The First Soccsksargen Summer Safari – Day 1 –  by Sheng Dumalay (General Santos City)
  15. 7 Falls, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato – 2nd Day Summer Safari – by Sheng Dumalay
  16. MFAT/Soccsksargen Summer Safari Adventure – Day 1 –  by Michael Abonitalla (Cag de Oro)
  17. MFAT/Soccsksargen Summer Safari Adventure – Day 2 –  by Michael Abonitalla
  18. MFAT Summer Safari in Mindanaoby  Richard Badilisan (Cagayan de Oro)
  19. Mindanao Fat – Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 1 –  by Mindanao New Media (Davao)
  20. Caught on MFAT- Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 1 –  by Robstroy (Cag de Oro)
  21. Caught on Summer Safari Day 2by Robstroy
  22. Mindanao FAT: Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 1 – by Mindanao New Media (Davao)
  23. Mindanao Food Apprentice Tour & Soccsksargen Summer Safari – by Elva Agbon (Cag de Oro)
  24. A Weekend of First Experiences Day 1 –  Venus Mabale (Cag de Oro)
  25. A Weekend of First Experiences Day 2 – Venus Mabale
  26. My First Zipline  –  Venus Mabale
  27. Socsksargen Summer Safari Day 1 –  by Meiyah Laborte (Davao)
  28. Soccsksargen Summer Safari Meetups Day 1  – by Faust Principe (Davao)
  29. Soccsksargen Summer Safari Meetups Day 2 –  by Faust Principe
  30. MFAT Summer Safari in Mindanao  – by CDO Bloggers
  31. Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour Day 1  –  by Ria Jose (Davao)
  32. MFAT: Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 2  – Ria Jose
  33. Mindanao New Media Bloggers’ 1st Summer Safari & FAT 1 –  by Richard Diongson (Kidapawan)
  34. Mindanao New Media Bloggers’ 1st Summer Safari & FAT 2 – by Richard Diongson
  35. Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 1  – Migs Hipolito (Davao)
  36. Soccsksargen Summer Safari Day 2 –  Migs Hipolito
  37. Pacman Sports Bar –  Migs Hipolito
  38. Arnevel’s Restaurant & Catering Services  – Migs Hipolito
  39. Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar – Migs Hipolito
  40. Pacman Sports Bar  – by Jun Macarambon (Davao)
  41. Summer Safari Day 1 –  Kevin Paquet (Davao)
  42. How the MFAT and the Summer Safari gave me a good summer – Ariel Lalisan (Sarangani)
  43. Summer Safari:  Off to a good start  –  Orman Manansala (GenSan)
  44. The Many Miracles of the Summer Safari –  Orman Manansala

That’s over 40 blog posts and articles written about the Soccsksargen Summer Safari which is basically a record of sorts!!!  [quote1]

Thank God, it was a smooth ride from the start for Bariles, who planned everything with the help of Orman and talked to all the prospective sponsors.  That says a lot about how accepting the establishment owners of Soccsksargen are with regard to the power of the new online media in creating much-welcomed exposure and waves for their businesses on the Internet.

And not only that!  This safari and the blogs chronicling it will further open the eyes of outsiders to the wonders and beauty of the region and erase whatever negative perceptions there are left about this blessed part of Mindanao Island.  That is basically one of the reasons for the existence of the blogs of these writers.

In fact, an offshoot of the Soccsksargen Summer Safari is DTI-Sarangani’s plan to come up with their own Sarangani Blogger Discovery Tour in August 2010, with the intention of showcasing the province’s existing and promising tourism destinations.  Bravo!

Again, GenSan News Online Mag is thanking the bloggers who participated and wrote about their experiences and the rest who will still be blogging about it.

As for the identity of the generous Summer Safari partners, watch out for Bariles’ succeeding blog post about them.  Abangan!

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  1. Lyle says:

    The SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari was spectacular. Well-planned and smoothly executed. Thanks to the marketing prowess of Avel Manansala and the support of Orman Manansala.

    Of course, such an event will never be possible without the generosity of the partner establishments.

    Kudos to everyone who participated in this successful event. Until next time.

  2. bariles says:

    Thank you very much Lyle. You are right. We owe it as much to these safari partner establishments.

    And we are glad you and the rest were able to write about some of the best that our region has to offer for all the world to read.

    We’re very grateful too.

    See you in Sarangani soon! 🙂

  3. Mackay says:

    I miss your blog! Freaking office firewall blocked it =(

    This Safari events sounds cool, sana meron pa next year pag uwi ko. Hehehe.

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  6. Faust says:

    The fab duo’s and the soxbloggers did the best, kudos to all, can’t wait another blog event in gensan..woot

  7. […] Bariles was privileged to be invited to the summit along with his brother Orman Manansala, who helped him spearhead the two Google Mapping Activities in GenSan some months back for the Soccsksargen Bloggers. […]

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