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NDDU is Mindanao’s #1 Top Performing Nursing School (with 100+ examinees)

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University or NDDU is now Mindanao’s #1 Nursing School.

This we got from the latest ranking of the Top Performing Nursing Schools in the Philippines by the Professional Regulation Commission.  Their basis was the July 2010 Nursing Board Exam results.

NDDU ranked 15th nationwide with a performance rating of 88.37% among nursing schools with more than a hundred examiness.  Only 18 of their 151 students did not make it.  In fact, two of its graduates even landed among the Topnotchers.  (Read related article here.)

The 50-year old Marist-run university however topped the Mindanao region!

It bested other educational institutions like Ateneo de Zamboanga’s #28 ranking (74.09%), San Pedro College of Davao’s #41 (64.36%), Zamboanga’s Western Mindanao State University’s #56 (54.19%), Notre Dame University, Cotabato City#62 (51.59%), Iligan Medical Center College Inc.’s #75 (45.70%), Brent Hospital Zambo City Inc.’s #88 (42.62%), Misamis University-Ozamis City’s #98 (39.45%), Brokenshire College’s #112 (34.78%), University of Southern Philippines’ #113 (34.42%), and Davao Doctor’s College’s #122 (32.41%) among others.

On a nationwide scale, NDDU got a higher rank than Cebu Doctor’s University at #16, Far Eastern University at #18, Makati Univesity at #31 and Centro Escolar University at #33, among others.

Below is the complete list of the Top Performing Schools with 100 and more Examinees from the country’s #1 Nursing Blog, Pinoy R.N.

Top Performing Schools with 100 and More Examinees –

Being a Damean himself, Bariles is very proud of his High School Alma Mater’s latest achievements and is enjoining his readers to leave congratulatory messages below!

CONGRATULATIONS NDDU for continuing to be the premier educational institution for Nursing not only in Soccsksargen but all throughout Mindanao and the Visayas!

Mabuhay ang Notre Dame of Dadiangas University!!!!

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Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. brVince says:

    top 7 & 9 🙂 congrats!

  2. Yes2Bikeways@Gensan says:

    Congrats to our Alma Mater!

  3. Lyle says:

    I went to NDDU too when I was in grade school. Congratulations NDDU!

  4. mj says:

    congratulations NDDU, my alma mater!

    Viva Marista!

  5. mj says:

    pahabol… it is not the first time that NDDU made it upto this far when it comes to nursing board exams.. 😛 galing hehe

  6. ei… those in the picture are not of the batches’ …Mein Bennenen they’re SDB should have been there..:D anyways.. it’s Gensan’s and NDDU pride then naman so ok….

  7. rhomer says:

    proud to b a Damean …….. NDDU make us pround !

  8. nice A says:

    nddu has always been one of our top choices. jan na yata nmin pag-aaralin ang girl namin ng nursing. 2 yrs na lng… thanks again k.avel for the updates. mwaaahhh

  9. WOW!!!

    Congratulations to NDDU! I am proud of my ALMA MATER!

    Mabuhay ang DAMEANS!

    Mabuhay ang mga taga GENERAL SANTOS!

  10. white knight says:

    With over a thousand nursing schools in our country today, it’s not been easy to reach these feat. For NDDU College of Nursing, it’s not surprising that they achieved these far. No doubt NDDU’s nursing education has been a consistent performer since the course was opened wayback in the 80’s.

    My warmest CONGRATULATIONS to the NDDU community and I wish that sooner the school would produce #1 in the board exam.

  11. checkmate101 says:

    congrats po my dear alma mater.

    proud to be a damean.

    proud to be a damean.

    GO NDDU.


  12. gensanite says:

    viva marista!!! congratulations!!!

  13. fahdingding says:

    Yes! Congrats to one of my alma mater – NDDU!

  14. Concerned Journalist says:

    Galing ng Notre Dame. I’m one of examinees of batch Mein Benennen (batch 2010). Sana pic na lang namin nilagay niyo jan. hehe. Anyways, thanks for the article, it was worth reading. 😀

  15. J.B.F. says:

    I would like to congratulate my alma mater NDDU for having 2 board topnotchers in the recent NLE. I’m proud to be a nurse grad of this institution. With due respect to the author but I would just like to correct that the #1 Mindanao nursing School in terms of passing percentage is the MSU-IIT. It would be good if we acknowledge their accomplishments appropriately. Thanks.

    1. bariles says:

      @J.B.F., if you happened to read the blog article carefully, I was referring to the list of schools from the PRC with 100 or more examinees. Nowhere in that list is MSU-IIT, which belongs to another category, the less than 100 examinees list.

      Simply put, NDDU and MSU-IIT do not fall in the same league, and that’s according to the PRC. So NDDU is still the #1 nursing school in Mindanao with 100 or so examinees. 🙂


  16. jj says:


  17. jj says:

    MSU-IIT o NDDU??? haha

  18. Julita says:

    Hello Po ask ko lng po kung anong advantage kung mag aral sa NDDU kasi im married to an american and i will take nursing in ang tanung ko po is pag tapos po bang nursing course is wlang maging problema pg magwork na xa US?hope matulungan nyo po ako.and also when is the enrolment start and mag end…
    I am planning to inquire those 3 nursing school in gensan NDDU,DOCTORS and Brokenshire.pls give me an honest advice where is thebest school to go to for a BSN course.thanks and looking forward to hear from your reply guys..

    1. bariles says:

      @Julita, based on their percentage of nursing board passers, NDDU might be the best nursing school for you. Enrollment for school year 2013-2014 is ongoing right now. You may wish to check out their official website . Good luck!

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