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Orman’s Big Birthday Weight-Guessing Contest

Tomorrow, September 28, 2010, the only small brother that I have, the one whom people used to call Orman the banker but who is now known as GandaEver, the blogger will be blowing 47 candles!

Yes, my dear readers, one of the Most Influential Bloggers for 2010 is celebrating the day that our dear mother, introduced him to the world.

As a tribute, I am running a simple contest, sort of a guessing game for my readers.

This is the Orman’s Big Birthday Weight-Guessing Contest!

The mechanics are simple as it sounds.

  • First, you have to “like” this blog post.  Check the like button below.
  • Second, write in the MESSAGE BOX below your greeting to Orman and with it.  your answer to the question:  “HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK GANDA EVER WEIGHS?”
  • The guy who gives the answer nearest to his actual weight on the evening of September 28, 2010, at 9:00pm will entitle him to the following:
    • Gift Certificates to Razon’s-Sun City Suites.
    • Other Exciting Prizes (to be updated)

Good luck!!!

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46 thoughts on “Orman’s Big Birthday Weight-Guessing Contest

  1. Ria Jose

    Mare, stay fab, gorgeous, and Ganda Ever So Much! My life, and the world, is so much better because of you. I love you! :)

    Weight: 180 lbs?

  2. gilbertyaptan

    Happy natal day to Royal Gandaness! May you have more blessings
    and May God grant the deepest desire of your heart. :)

    My guesstimate of your Gandaeverweight is: 289 pounds or 131.09 kilos. :)

  3. nescabalquinto

    happy birthday kuya orman. love, perseverance, contentment, peace of mind and heart, love, prosperity and generosity may reign in your heart. may you always remain the same though the numbers brought you more wisdom. continue to be a blessing to everyone and God will repay whatever you do…

    weight: 475 pounds = 215 kilos

  4. Arlene

    Mwahhhh to the birthday boy! All the way from the city of Waterfalls! I want to wish him all the best in life – his career, his lovelife, his blogging career. Wish him too happines and and lots of love always.

    Weight guess? Hmmm i’d like to bet on 360 lbs.

  5. dimple

    how sweet of the KUYA naman…

    what a fun way to greet Sir O! a colorful lovelife to come along with all the blessings you deserve

    well oh well i think he is 90kilos?hehehe

  6. sheng

    Hahahaha, ang cute naman nito, Happy Birthday Sir Orman, all the best for you! Congratulations for everything!

    My guess is 310 lbs

  7. Mimi Nuneza- Riccio

    Happy happy birthday, Orman! May your day be filled with smiles, love and blessings. I am not good at guessing numbers and figures doesn’t matter much LOL!

    p.s. I wish for you to have a special person to love,a special person who will care about you as much as your family and great friends do!

  8. anyabelle

    Happy Birthday, Friendship! Grabe, I cannot thank you enough for everything. You absolutely deserve a grand birthday for everything you have done for your friends and for the city of Gensan!

    282 para divisible by 47 ^_^

  9. rosilie

    My guess is 390 pounds. happy happy birthday kuya ganda! You are simply full of wits, humor and weights that no one can resist but love and respect instead.

    All our best and happy wishes for you. We love you muchos!

  10. Anthony

    May God bless you more with what is truly essential in life: Stronger Spirit, Brave Heart, Healthier Body, Endless Love and God’s infinite Grace….Happy Birthday Orman!

  11. Anthony

    May God bless you more with what is truly essential in life: Stronger Spirit, Brave Heart, Healthier Body, Endless Love and God’s infinite Grace….Happy Birthday Orman! I guess you weigh around 300lbs lol

  12. rob sison

    happy bday to you happy bday to you happy bday happy bdaaaaaaay happy bday to you…217 lbs =o)

  13. marianne dayap

    happy birthday sir Orman!. continue to share your talent to the generals!. tuna festival was a great success!. godbless you more.. thanks for letting me fly a lantern last culmination night.. :)

    oh anyway, i guess your just about 110kilos? :)

  14. Ryan

    hahaha! lingawa ani oi.. i guessed match sila nung largest catch na tuna sa LBM contest.. 103 kilos or 227lbs.. heeheh

  15. arghie

    happy bday sir orman!!! ganda ever so much ka talaga kahit sa ganyan mong kahiganteng size.. haha…

    basta be who you are because “YOU” is enough and still the BEST!

    i guess, nasa 75 to 82 kgs si Sir Orman… Basta kahit ano pa yan, cute ka pa rin sir! :D


  16. kyawkyaw

    Happy happy happy birthday to the one and only Ganda Ever so Much!!!

    official weigh in after the party na ha…. kasama na kain sa guess ko….

    heavygat = 396 lbs

  17. Rain Ramas

    A fabulous birthday ahead, Orms! I celebrate your presence in my life!
    (and with that, I’m going after these prizes hahahaha)

    I’m guessing Orman’s weight to be 272 lbs or 123.63 kg.

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes…. Razon’s na yan eh!

  18. Son ov'a BitZch

    Happy birthday Dad Orman! Weight niya? Mas mabigat pa ang bariles at tuna sa GenSan. GandaEver is weightless! Lumulutang na nga yan sa sobrang ganda at pagmamahal ng mga taong nakapalibot sa kanya.

  19. metalbites

    happy bday kuya orman!!!! im so proud of u

    47years old x 5 pamangkin /2 sisters= 117.50kg???? hehehehe iloveu koy!

  20. Prima Guipo Hoewr

    To my dearest and most gandaeverfriendorman,
    What can I say about the young man I used to work with at the VOX–the contributor from the NDDC Elementary Department. Who would have thunk that he’d grow up to become the best blogger ever. Can I join your BLOGGER group?

    As to weight, I’d like to say 150 lbs (but the competitive person in me wants to win too so I am sorry if I up that to 200?) Here’s how I look at it, pound per pound you are the best bargain of a friend yet. See you soon! Love, Prim from Rhode Island PS. Remember Al always wanted to retire in a remote island somewhere…Rhode Island is the next best thing!

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  22. nice A

    happy blowing of 47 candles, ganda ever! hirap hulahan kc sabi nya non wag daw pag-usapan yang mga weight. cge guess just for fun. 47x 3.5 (i lab you at kalahati, LOL) = 164.5×2.2= 361.9 lbs.

  23. lito

    Happy Birthday Orman

    Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
    To make your Birthday a wonderful day
    Hope your birthday brings all these and more
    Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

    You’re a beautiful person inside and out
    Tagged as gandaever there’s no doubt
    With many friends you can’t live without
    And an influential blog we care about

    So on this very special day
    I wish you’ll always be happy
    Plus good health and true happiness
    What else could you ask for ,royal gandaness?

    hmmm nahirapan akong mag guess…try lang to …160 kls…

  24. Ariel Marco

    Happy birthday, Kuya Ormz!

    I, my wife, and our son finally arrived at a consensual estimate of your weight. This was after a rather lengthy, thorough, and sometimes heated deliberation and review of records (e.g. photos) and recollection of past live visuals of you walking, standing, sitting, riding your car (e.g. how it tilts one way when you are on it) and Anakin’s cross-reference to his favorite NBA player Glenn Davis of the Boston Celtics. The verdict: 283.5 pounds or 128.86 kilograms at mean sea-level pressure.


  25. dolly santos

    I think ganda ever weighs 270 lbs. Happy BEERday BIG BANKER! loveueversomuch!

  26. John Santiago-Navarro

    Happy birthday sir Orms…I wish u a great time on your day,many birthdays to come and a good health…Continue to be a blessed person and a blessing to everyone ….Mwah :)

    189 KLS. :)

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