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Renovated Bus Terminal Road Opens

To the tune of almost a million pesos, the newly-paved road which serves as the entrance to the General City Bus Terminal has finally opened to the public after inauguration rites with Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio in attendance.

The concrete entrance road to the City Bus Terminal spans at least 200 meters.  Its completion compliments the opening of the expanded terminal building last year during the term of former City Mayor and now Congressman Jun Acharon.

Currently, the terminal building is being utilized by Yellow Bus Lines, Husky Bus and Holiday Bus Line and other public commuter vans.

Present during the inauguration of the road were GenSan Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio, City Administrator Jong Gonzales, Assistant City Administrator Glen Gonzales and other city hall employees together with representatives of the bus and van companies plus other stakeholders.

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  1. What about the Airport

  2. White knight says:

    Well and Good! finally after long years of interrupted constructions we now have a decent city bus terminal, at the least. Hopefully our city government will have a par standard infrastructure projects in the months to come. Will see it!

  3. kennethroots says:

    Unta makasulod na ang Rural Transit and Tours dira sa Bulaong Terminal para GES to CdeO and vice-versa.

    1. bariles says:

      kennethroots, why not? That would make us a hub… and instead of passing through Davao, these buses can take the shorter Tacurong route. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  4. nice A says:

    Hello, K. Avel! Good to see improvements like that. How I wish that the city government will take heed of the complaints regarding the airport facilities. It’s named international airport but it seems that it doesn’t meet world-class standards so far. For example, there are no pushcarts available for the luggage. I heard a lot of passengers murmur all the time especially when they are asked to pay luggage fee (which I don’t understand what it is for!) PLUS nonstandard charges by the porters. I’ve been to many local airports here and abroad not even categorized INTERNATIONAL but they all have FREE pushcarts. The presence of numerous porters with the nonstandard porter charges shows backwardness at these modern times. Simply providing pushcarts will solve the problem. It will spell convenience and will thus improve the image of our city especially for tourism which I’m also trying to promote by spreading good things about GenSan. We should impress them from the very time they land at our airport. I have no question about other things we can offer – abundant foods, fine beaches, big malls (especially with the soon opening of SM), etc.
    I know how much you love GenSan so I believe you can do something about it. Hope to see an improved airport the next time I visit Gensan again:) Miss yah, K. Avel! Mwahhh

    1. bariles says:

      @nice A, I couldn’t help but agree with your observation. Am sure our city officials are thinking along the same line. It just so happened that the National Government still runs the GSC International Airport through the ATO and it has not yet been turned over to the local government. Rest assured, Mayor Darlene has something planned this year since she gets in and out of this airport on a regular basis and have taken note of all these. Let’s all hope for the best.
      Miss you too nice! 🙂

  5. White Knight says:

    Since we are talking about development in the city, any update about our Makar port passenger terminal renovations Kuya Avel? I remember you have posted it here in your blog that Makar port will be having a facelift soon.

    Then I may add, along Public Market-Santiago Blvd., side infront of Rojon Pharmacy. It used to have a pedestrian there traversing this establishment going to the city market but it was totally blocked now with metal bars inorder to ease traffic. The problem is since there was no alternatively of traversing to the other side of the street, people make a way by cutting along the bars inorder that they could pass. Still, the purpose was not served and it was not pleasing to the eyes.

    I suggest its about time that we should make an overpass/footbridge to this highly traffic area to make both motorists and pedestrian safe and smooth traffic flow. Maybe the places that needs to be studied of putting footbridges are along these areas of: 1.) Santiago Blvd. Public Market- Rojon Pharmacy corner 2.) Infront of KCC Mall, J. Catolico Ave., 3.) P. Acharon Blvd., Public Market 4.) Etc.,

    However, the footbridges design should not be like in Marbel & Davao where vendors usually stayed. The size is not so big yet so small, enough for two persons side by side to pass by. Obcourse their is still a top cover, unlike in Manila during rainy seasons mababasa ang mga pedestrian doble pahirap. And our City Government should implement “strictly no vendors are allowed within the premises of the footbridge”. If we done it successsfully to our newly renovated park, then theirs no reason we can discpline as well our people to other facilities we have here.

    And most of all, hope our City Government has a “mega plan of transforming the whole stretch of lions beach”, minus the light structures, brgy. hall, mosque, etc. that currently blocking beautiful Sarangani Bay into a modern bay park in the near future. I believe this is the missing element of our city that we are so blessed yet we did not capitalize. Imagine, it would be such a beautiful panoramic view & fresh air of Sarangani bay during the night. I know this is not an easy tasks for the City Government-its legal issues, but we should keep on trying to make our city a beautiful place to live in not just for a certain individual interests but for the whole people of GenSan as a whole.

  6. glenn gonzalez says:

    hi mr. bariles..

    May i just point some answers to the queries of white knight regarding the road barriers provided along santiago blvd, cpm premises.

    The very reason we put those barriers is to ease traffic congestion caused by pedestrians in that area and to clear the other side along sun trading and amigo hotel of parked public utility vehicles. If there will no passengers taking that lane, then directly, there will no more drivers of puj’s to park thereat.

    That has been the result of our study, with Engr. Riza Paches, Engr. Mylen Gecosala, and Engr. Gauvain Benzonan, the former city LTO chief.

    Vendors coming from the bagsakan area use that pedestrian before as their shortcut, we have provided 2 landing bays 1, along P. Acharon Blvd, near the Roundball and the other 1, near SAFI.

    The idea of a footbridge is laudable, but it will be more difficult for our market goers who have already loads of good to take the steps for the footbridge. Even in manila, this happens also.

    What we need for now is to strictly implement the jay walking ordinance. police visibility must be provided by our cd, to prevent vandalism in the area.i really welcome your observations. As head of the traffic enforcers, hope to hear more of this from your end. Thank you.

  7. This is a very challenging to our City Government. Please take look for a development for our Lion beach and what happen to our airport any news

  8. Khalid of KSA says:

    Sir, I hope our LGU would allocate funds to further develop our Queen Tuna Park same as what they have done with our City Plaza. IMO the Queen Tuna Park looks hideous “mukhang talipapa” na nilagyan pa ng bakod. I hope they will relocate those shanties, barangay hall, mosque somewhere else.

  9. white knight says:

    Thanks Sir Glenn for your candid response & its good that you’re a fan of pala haha. Now we know the reasons.

    Another comment, it seems that along the strip of National Agrivet, Rojon Pharmacy,Sun Trading, their is no definite place of loading & unloading that passengers/motorists should follow that’s why perinnial traffic can’t be solved. Maybe we can make similar design like in Pioneer Ave where their is really a clear dropping/pick-up point in that congested area.

    By the way let me just comment about the metal barriers along Santiago Bvd., P. Market & J. Catolico Ave., there are nice & simple in my opinion rather putting costly cement barriers which can cause accidents at times. If our city gov’t is planning to put more barriers in our major thoroughfares, more of this is highly suggested and practical. Thanks.

  10. Ceasar Gascon says:

    Pls make available all sort of public transport (taxi, tricycle,motor cycles, karitons) on que at the airport before planes arrival. Regulate and standardised the fares. Drivers must not take advantage on the incoming visitors ( a bad image for tourist). To catch a plane last saturday I have to take the “habal habal” to the airport but not safe for an elderly woman traveling with me. This is an international airport I suppose, it is!

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