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RaiRaiKen’s 50%-Off Ramen Goodness

A personal favorite of Bariles when it comes to Oriental fastoods is Rairaiken, which is Japan’s famost Ramen restaurants.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish served in a fish-based or meat-based broth, seasoned with soy or miso and topped with almost any sort of meat (fish, fowl, beef, pork).

Whether at Rairaiken‘s branch at the KCC Mall of GenSan or at the Robinsons Place GenSan, Bariles always go for their GOMOKU Ramen (Mixed Seafoods with mixed veggies, topped with fresh egg and chasyu), since he finds it healthier! He visits any of these outlests at two times a month, bringing a friend or two to let them discover the joys of partaking Rairaiken’s sumptuous ramen dishes!You can just imagine his delight therefore, when he checked into Rairaiken KCC and found that that there’s a 50% Discount on ALL THEIR RAMEN dishes!

So, Bariles fave giant steaming bowl of Gomoku which used to cost him P180 can now be enjoyed at a mere P90 only!!!!    THAT’S double the reason of visiting Rairaiken KCC or Robinsons then!

For the rest of their ramen dishes plus other Japanese goodies, here is their menu.  Please click on it for an enlarged view.



For reservations, please call Rairaiken KCC at (083) 552-0160 or Rairaiken Robinsons at (083)

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  1. fahdingding says:

    Wow! Kalahati na lang…
    Kainan na!

  2. Xiaomin says:

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    How are you? I hope this email finds you well. 🙂

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  3. joan cortez says:

    50% na yata lahat ng franchisee but unahin nila ang cleanliness and hygiene please!!!
    lalo na pala ang lasa, we need japanese not chinese…
    i dont care paying more basta wag lasang gamot.

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