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Sagalas 2011: Search for GenSan’s Most Beautiful Sagalas

In Luzon, the merry month of May has always been associated with a festive event by Catholics honoring the Blessed Virgin called “Flores de Mayo(Flowers of May).  As part of this celebration is the traditional holding of the Santacruzan which commemorates the search of the relics of the  Holy Cross by Queen Helena.

There is also a beauty pageant called Sagala which depicts the finding of the Holy Cross and features beautiful ladies representing prominent female personalities in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.

The festivity may sound alien to most of the people of Mindanao, but here in General Santos City, Robinsons Place GenSan is bringing the Santacruzan with their staging of their Sagalas 2011: The Search for GenSan’s Most Beautiful Sagalas!

Sagalas 2011 is basically a beauty competition which will pit GenSan’s loveliest in their very own gowns designed by their designer of choice.  Each candidate should also have her own male escort and an ark (arko) to boot.

Interested ladies have until April 16, 2011 to fill up and submit application forms.   On April 18, 2011, they will be screened by Robinsons’ set of judges.

A month after, on May 28, 2011, the candidates for Sagalas 2011: The Search for GenSan’s Most Beautiful Sagalas will finally be unveiled to the people of GenSan via a parade/procession around the mall, after which the winners will be crowned inside Robinsons’ Activity Center.

Now this is something that the generals should not miss if only to experience how the folks in Luzon have steadfastly upheld their religious traditions and customs through all these times.  We only have Robinsons Place GenSan to thank for for this rare chance.

Application Forms for Sagalas 2011: The Search for GenSan’s Most Beautiful Sagalas, are available right now at the Robinsons Admin Office.  For more info, you may visit them from 9am to 11:30am, Mondays to Saturdays.  Just look for Ms. Marie Imelda Espina.


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  1. Mackay says:

    Was at GenSan and had lunch at Piyesta over the weekend & I saw a sign on their door about this one. I got interested because as a balikbayan & a new fashion shop owner myself, I had to inform my designer to submit an entry on this one.

    Thank you for constantly updating us on what’s hip and what’s hot in GenSan =) FTW!

  2. jean says:

    It would be great if rob or any mall or better yet d local barangays here in gensen came up with a sagala for d little one’s.
    I have a 5yr old daughter and one of my dreams for her is to experience being a little sagala in a”flores de mayo”. for me its one of pinoy’s customs that deserve to be kept.
    I grew up in manila, and yearly we look forward to this annual tradition.
    thats why Im quite suprised that for the last 3yrs that i have reside here in gensan, I have not witnessed or came upon any info of a sagala, considering that gensan though a city is still a province, which I expect to be more traditonal than that of urban capital, manila. we d help of this, I hope something came up. Thanks & More Power !

  3. Reuel Quijano says:

    Good day, I am a student of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and currently studying the concept of organizing events. May I know who is the organizer of this specific event? Your response will help us to supplement our study in thesis making. Thank you and more power.

  4. […] This event is on top of their Search for the Most Beautiful Sagalas 2011. […]

  5. lelay28 says:

    can i still join this contest??? i like it a lot. huhuhu :((

  6. […] first was Robinsons’ Place’s “Search for the Most Beautiful Sagalas of GenSan” which unfolded at 4pm at the mall’s Activity Center with Bariles chairing the board of […]

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