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Jinkee’s Fashion World’s Discounted Designer Bags now on SALE!

Eight-division World  Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao‘s glam wife Jinkee Pacquiao’s chic boutique, Jinkee’s Fashion World is definitely on a roll and fashionistas and brand conscious ladies will be very pleased on what we have to reveal!

Jinkee’s Fashion World‘s main branch at JMP 2 Building along Aparente Avenue, General  Santos City is having an AMAZING SALE on brand new and Jinkee’s pre-owned DESIGNER BAGS!!

Here are the various famous brands of discounted designer bags, shoulders bags, clutchbags, purses,  totes, wallets, etc. that are  on sale at Jinkee’s Fashion  World.

Hip Juicy Couture bags like  the ones above are  on sale  at 15% OFF!

Classy Tory Burch shoulder bags and handbags shown in the photo above are also sold at a discount of 15%!

Another set of discounted designer bags is trendy American  Brand Coach, pictured above, at 15% off also!

And from French Fashion designer Max Azria is the glam  brand, BCBG bags, pictured above, also being sold at Jinkee’s  Fashion World with a discount of 15%.

Now here are other discounted designer bags from Jinkee Pacquiao‘s very own closet, pre-owned and  slightly used, to say the  least.

Above is Jinkee’s pre-owned Chanel bag, discounted at P160,000 only!  It stillcomes with its original box.

Jinkee has also put up for sale one of the most expensive bags at her boutique, her very own brown Louis Vuitton hand bag priced at P190,000 only.  This discounted designer bag must have originally cost about P300,000.

This pre-owned Gucci Bag of Jinkee now sells at a discounted price of P45,000, one of  the cheapest in the lot!

Jinkee’s Fashion World‘s cheapest pre-owned discounted designer bag however is the owner’s pink Christian Dior of Paris bag above, priced at only P22,000.

Jinkee is also disposing of her brown Balenciaga bag, now at a discounted rate of P80,000.

At P130,000, you can have a piece of Jinkee’s slightly used discounted designer bags with this gray Chanel.

There are still a lot of Jinkee Pacquiao‘s pre-owned branded bags on display at her store and according to her gracious and pretty store manager, Tonette Jamora, all the discounted bags will be made available at a limited time only.

If you are looking for a Hermes bag however, like the one Jinky & Manny gifted Mommy Dionisia on her 62nd birthday last month (see Hermes story by clicking here) we are sorry to tell you ladies that her two pieces of this famous brand have already been sold out to local fashionistas.

So if you have the money and want to be trendy and hip like Manny Pacquiao‘s enterprising missus,then don’t miss a chance and visit Jinkee’s Fashion World right away!

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Jinkee’s Fashion World Main is located at the Ground Floor of JMP 2 Building, Aparente Avenue, City Heights, General Santos City.  You may contact them at (083) 554-2228.  It  has has a branch at the Lower Ground Floor of KCC Mall of GenSan (across Rai Rai Ken & beside Bibliarch Bookstore).

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  1. sweet says:

    grabeh! lol!

  2. rrrr says:

    Mahala pud oi bisan discounted na

  3. Toinks says:

    Wow! A bag that has the same price tag with that of a one low cost housing unit. Im sure the ones who can afford these items are those business people, expats working in SOCSKSARGEN and balikbayan tourists who visit GenSan.

  4. Toinks says:

    PHP 14k ang pinaka baratong akong nakita…purse ra siya…atimana teh!

  5. Chanel Rose says:

    So expensive only the rich can afford it , I can buy slightly used designer bag for $100 and up but not $500 or P22,000.00 . I can put it the bank and draw interest with now economy only boxers wife can afford it ! It’s impractical to carry expensive purse just to show people how rich you are, while a lots of people are starving!

  6. Wow these are very expensive, but it was very classic.Cant wait to have one.

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  9. Lhiz says:

    how can i purchase of this bag like the LV and balenciaga, where iam here from manila? thank you

  10. analiza says:

    is there a way we can purchase online? im interested on the Christian Dior although if these were displayed early last year its more likely that this has been taken.. but am just trying..

  11. […] businesswoman Jinkee (she has her own boutique, skin & beauty clinics, coffee shops, hotels and commercial buildings) has weathered all the […]

  12. peepie says:

    dli pa nia ipang dispose ia mga hermes????? ataya pd ui mhal ghapon gamay rman diperensya sa orignal price

  13. astolia says:

    Hi Ma’am Jinkee,
    I’m from Cebu looking a buyer for my fashion accessories,my line is
    more in metal which is manufacture here in Cebu,likewise I’m exporting my accessories
    more in Europe,U.S,Canada and Asia country.I’ll send some items to see how it looks.

  14. gemma patac says:

    tag pila ang mga tshirt ni pacman didto??

    1. bariles says:

      @gemma patac, ang price range from P250 to P1,500. Pili ka lang. 🙂

  15. Girldecastro says:

    Please notify me all your new stocks

  16. thank u for posting

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  18. roxie says:

    Old design na mga bags nya pero ang mamahal nman…….

  19. manisa says:

    sus ginuo ko grabe kamahal sa mga bags maayo pag ang ipalit og bags a ing ana ang price ipakaun nalang na sa mga pobre naa pay pulos very impractical only politicians,rich people can afford this items,

  20. liz says:

    pastilan kamahal sa mga baligya… only rich people makaafford..

    1. bariles says:

      liz, may mga bumyabyahe pa from Manila to purchase her bags and resell them back there. Have you watched the movie Segunda Mano? Parang ganun ang peg. 🙂

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