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Websites of GenSan’s 26 Barangay High Schools launched

Another first for GenSan recently unfolded and Bariles is certain that the Home of Champions is the only city in Mindanao to have done it!

Just last month, on July 4, 2011, the local government of General Santos City led by City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio launched the official websites of the public high schools of the city’s 26 barangays!

The launching occurred in a short but meaningful program at the Social Hall of the South Central Elementary School.  In attendance were the principals of these schools with DepEd Superintendent Estrella Lariosa.

The official web pages of the city’s 26 barangay high schools were designed by the hardworking consultants of the SHEEP Computer Literacy Program.  They are the people in pink at the photo above.

According to Mayor Darlene, this is just the first phase in the levelling up of the services of her administration’s flagship SHEEP program for community schools.  The 2nd phase will involve the putting up of the Barangay Elementary Schools’ individual web sites.

Now people, especially graduates and alumni of GenSan’s public schools will have a chance to check out on news and information about their alma mater by clicking their very own websites.

By the way, the web sites all use publishing platform WordPress, just like GenSan News Online Mag.

Click on the links to some of the schools below….

Gen. Santos City High School

Lagao National High School

Labangal National High School

Fatima High School

Bula National School of Fisheries

Dadiangas North High School

Fatima High School

New Society National High School

Buayan National High School

Tinagacan National High School

Ireneo L. Santiago National High School

Tinagacan National High School

The schools are expected to update the contents of their websites with the SHEEP Consultants on stand-by for technical assistance anytime.  Congratulations to all our SHEEP workers for a job well done!

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  1. Toinks says:

    Wow! Aside from schools publications ay meron na rin silang website where in pwede silang mag update ng News sa kanikanilang schools! Kudos to the people of SHEEP Computer Literacy Program the LGU of GenSan!

  2. DinSource says:

    I don’t like my Alma Mater’s design hmp! Ako na lang sana ang nagdesign

  3. fahdingding says:

    Karapat – dapat talaga tong ICLAP! CLAP!

  4. Mindanaoan says:

    Bongga uy! Very laudable effort!

  5. Greg says:

    What is the purpose of the website?

  6. ildefonso says:

    bat wala po ang engrcia l. valdomar national high school?

  7. K-lang says:

    @DinSource: FYI websites (except LNHS and GSCHS) were made by consultants with ZERO knowledge on web designing, no basic web design seminar/trainings whatsoever, and was tasked to finished the site in just a couple of days free of charge. If there’s something you can help in improving the sites, you are very much welcome.

  8. K-lang says:


    visit for the complete list of schools

  9. MARK says:

    SHEEP is a LGU program of General Santos City? may we know maam/sir how much is the costing of every website.

  10. djay says:

    @ K-lang

    Wla na ang hosting ng lnhsmaingensan…. Kung gusto nyo ang raw files and database.. just contact me… ako po ung web developer nun…

  11. […] few weeks after the successful launching of the official websites of General Santos City’s 26 Barangay High Schools, its protagonist, Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio again faced a jampacked audience of DepEd […]

    1. please update our page… data can be found in our website. thank you. the faculty and staff are incorrect.

  12. Good day! please update the blog page of our school in the centralized site of Gensan’s public schools. just visit our website. Thank you.


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