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SM GenSan opens San Miguel Street; unveils new perspective

It was quite sunny last September 12, 2011, Monday when SM City General Santos finally opened to the public the widened and much-improved San Miguel Street, weeks after GenSan News Online Mag first blogged about it here.  Click here to read it.

San Miguel is the street which runs parallel to the frontage of what will soon be the biggest mall in South Central Mindanao.

Both GenSan City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio and Representative Jun Acharon of the First District of South Cotabato led the ceremonies, officially opening the two lane road with a middle island to motorists.  They were assisted by Mr. Hans Sy, eldest son of SM taipan Henry Sy and is currently the President of SM Prime Holdings.


The inauguration of San Miguel Street was also the occasion for media personnel from Davao City and GenSan to field Mr. Hans Sy with questions pertaining to their foray into South Central Mindanao.  When asked with the question, “Why GenSan?”, Mr. Sy answered, “Because this city has a local government which is very consistent and strict with its policies and we like working with them.  We will be here for the long haul.”

ARTICLE: General Santos City is country’s Most Business-Friendly City.  Read here.

A new SM GenSan perspective was also unveiled to the public.  Check it out below.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Thanks to their staff for emailing us with this updated SM GenSan perspective.

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  1. eeee says:

    NICE… eto ba yung biggest mall in mindanao?

  2. MacVicne says:

    ang galing! cant wait for 2012! 😀

  3. Dapdap says:

    Hi Kuya avel.! The moment my 13-year old cousin heard the news about the four construction workers reported injured when the third floor of the SM City being built collapsed while the workers were loading cement early Sunday morning, he instantly asked me, “Kuya, safe pa ba ang SM pag natapos na.?”

    My eyebrows just met while I was uttering the words “Siguro naman”.! Hahaha.

    Anyway, thanks for reposting the link about GenSan being the best business-friendly city the country. Am sure, not everyone has gotten a chance of reading it.

    My God’s speed recovery to those workers who were injured.
    Kudos to the BIGGEST MALL in Mindanao.!

  4. […] The mall which will be the biggest in Mindanao, according to Mr. Sy himself is set to open during the first quarter of 2012. For more info, please CLICK HERE. […]

  5. White Knight says:

    TRULY AMAZING! My hats off to the SM Management for such magnificient design. Truly our SM City General Santos will be the biggest (so far) in Mindanao with gross floor area (GFA) of 150,000 sq.m., more or less (15 hectares) as mentioned by Mr. Hans T. Sy himself.

    The incident happened yesterday morning (4am dawn) is not suprising anymore in this kind of megastructure. Theirs always accidents to happened, its unavoidable. And the question whether it is still safe? Obcourse, SM would not risk its name.


  6. White Knight says:

    You know what una kung nalaman na may na disgrasya kahapon sa SM from a tricycle driver I happened to ride going to church. Sabi niya apat (4) daw ang namatay but in PDI today it was just accident now treated in the hospital. I don’t really know what source to believe.

  7. pong says:

    Nice! can’t wait for the opening.

  8. meer says:

    wow.. grabe na talaga ang gensan.. feel ko next year.. andami na talagang establishments jan.. ang dami nang clearing all around the city.. sure ako na talagang mag-boom na next year ang Gensan.. aside sa mga mega-projects, mali-lift na rin ang tuna ban.. back to normal na nman ang tuna industry.. sana may mall na rin sa calumpang banda… talagang vibrant na ang lugar eh, at sana may mga commercial establishments na rin na ipapatayo sa apopong..

    God Bless and Magandang GenSan!! The City of Champions!!

  9. Toinks says:

    Thank You Lord for answering my prayers. Luv, Luv, Luv the design. Sana medyo lakihan pa ang Logo…Hindi na kasi mabasa at parang nasasapawan na yata ng mga naglalakihang billboards.

  10. Toinks says:

    My prayers for immediate recovery of all those who were hurt in the incident. Get well soon!

  11. Toinks says:

    Lord, sana hindi na mag-end ang world sa 2012…


  12. Toinks says:

    Sir Bariles, hindi po yata running perpendicular to the facade ang San Miguel street kundi running parallel to the mall facade.

  13. fahdingding says:

    Much better perspective than the first one…. Can’t wait to go shopping this December.. INSHAALLAH!

    Mabuti na lang nagkaroon ng aksidente sa construction stage pa lang at least mapagaralan pa ulit ang structural integrity ng buidling… GO SM..

  14. Mark says:

    yes, indeed this is the SM’s biggest Mall in Mindanao!! Congratulations to all generals and truly we can say, “Proud to be Generals!”. Magandang Gensan! (^_^)

  15. coli says:

    looks like SM Naga ang plan, 2 separate building (carpark).
    wala din covered area for motorcycles tsk tsk

  16. redskin_kikie078 says:

    Nice one Gensan.. I can’t wait to go home.. biggest S.M mall in Mindanao.. Mr. toinks, hindi talaga mag-eend of the world sa 2012.. lols.. 2014 p ako uuwi ng pinas, heehee..

  17. Toinks says:

    @fahdingding, Ok naman ang structural design ng car park building. Nagkaroon lang ng lapses sa paginstall ng scaffolding at forms kung kaya bumigay ito nung binuhos ang fresh concrete mix. Mas mabigat kasi ang fresh concrete mix gawa ng may dala dala pa itong weight ng tubig bukod sa cement, sand ang gravel plus yung mga kabilya.

    Im pretty sure the structural design itself is ok. Nasa manner of execution lang nagkaroon problema. Thank God at walang namatay and get well soon to all those who were hurt.

  18. fahdingding says:

    I see… thanks bro for the enlightenment about the issue! Excited na jud ta ani sa SM…

  19. […] SM GenSan Job Fair offers 500 job vacancies! Posted by bariles On October – 3 – 2011 – Please wait Starting today, October 3 and until October 4, 2011, the local government of GenSan through its Public Employment Services Office (PESO) is conducting a JOB FAIR at the GenSan Gym, in cooperation with the soon to open SM City General Santos! […]

  20. omario says:

    wow! SM City GenSan, the biggest sm mall in Mindanao 🙂
    can’t wait mag open sa january 😀

  21. vyperalta says:

    Nice perspective…..however observation lang po………ang pinakaclear billboard picture sa perspective ng SM sa itaas ay si cong pacman……..pero yung actual perspective billboard sa harap ng SM (san san miguel st) ay hindi si pacman……which is which ba?……..just asking…….

    1. bariles says:

      @vyperalta, pareho lang artists’ rendition yan. Magkakaalaman pag natapos na ang building sa February 2012. 🙂

  22. jeff says:

    ung 4 peoplw who died sa accident sa SM GENSAN ay sinadya – padugo – offering kumbaga. chinese feng shui.. kawawa naman.. anyways god bless gensan

  23. meer says:

    @jeff: just like what happened to abreeza? ahh.. pero kawawa nman sila.. tsk2..

  24. Mark says:

    @jeff: nope… we can’t tell that directly without knowing the real story… what happened in SM Construction site was just an accident due to some possible reasons such as human errors maybe… and corrections wala pong death casualty kundi injuries lang… then its not desirable to say na sinadya because i know the monolith construction firm were bound to their duties and responsibilities over their personnels and workforce..:) thank god kasi la tlga namatay… these incidents we could say were just honest mistakes and we will just leave it to the management of SM Prime Holdings to plan extra measures that it will never happen again most specially when they bound to open at the month of February next year 2012..:) Magandang Gensan.:)

  25. ayeng says:

    I hope and pray that the workers involved in the accident is doin fine and have recovered na, i think it was an accident wala naman may may gustong mangyari and accidetns do happen …

    malapit na talaga ang 1st quarter para sa pagbukas ng sm gensan hehehe…..

  26. jeff says:

    @mark wala po bang namatay sa incident na yun? ano po yung sinasabi ng isang hospital near SM where the patients where taken na may namatay?

  27. White Knight says:

    We heard it first here in Mr. Bariles social networking site, KCC now unveils its expansion called “VERANZA” adjacent to their mall. The rumors and exchanging hot conversations that has been circulating for the past months over this blog finally arrived. Kuya Avel kindly give us more details of this megastructure. Its another exciting development awaits for the Generals and South Central Mindanao. Truly amazing! Thanks.

  28. Bryan Tablazon says:

    wow…..go gensan go the king city of the central mindanao…..

  29. Bryan Tablazon says:

    home of the champion tlaga ang gensan at super boom2 town pa ang city hope sna hindi abusuhin ng mga politiko ang mga investor d2 sa gensan…..

    Magandang Gensan…………..

  30. rrrrr says:

    Sir avel, is it confirmed na 150 rooms po ang green leaf hotel?

  31. Di rin pahuhuli ang KCC iba talaga ang Veranza Mall like Abreeza in Davao – Go Go Gensan

  32. fahdingding says:

    150 nga ba talaga? SaNa!

  33. […] might just well become one of the choice hotels in the city considering its prime location along San Miguel Street in front of SM City […]

  34. naitsirk says:

    Wish ko lng pra gumnda ang view ng gnsan,,dpat my mga hi rise building na aang gnsan,,,lmpas 20th floor or more,,,tsaka ang airprt ang pngit dpat my mega structure din ang airport ng gensan.

  35. naitsirk says:

    Just like makati city,,maliit lng ang area,,pero bt ang dami gusali na matataas, , dto din sa desyrto ng abu dhabi,,ang lambot ng lupa,,bt posible nla npatayo mtataas na buildings? Hmmm i guess nsa cntractor lng yn,,ng pg gawa kng mgling tlga ang cntractor tsaka solid state of the art ang structure ng pg gawa ay posible tlga na pwede din sa gensan.

  36. […] This time, it is a proposed three-storey commercial building sitting right across the upcoming SM City General Santos and beside GreenLeaf Hotel also undergoing construction, along San Miguel Street. […]

  37. […] is how SM City GenSan looks from the corner of Santiago Boulevard and San Miguel Street […]

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