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Love Radio & RMN Radyo top Nielsen Media Survey in GenSan

DXWK, more popularly known as K101 Love Radio, and Radio Mo Nationwide (RMN) both topped the latest annual Nielsen Media Survey conducted in General Santos City last July 2011 for FM and AM radio stations!

Nielsen released the survey results earlier this week to the different radio stations and GenSan News Online Mag was able to wrangle a copy.

First, in describing the FM Radio Survey results, Love Radio leads the competition by a mile! Check out the table below.

Love Radio GenSan has been consistent in being the #1 FM station since 2000 in General Santos City except for 2004 when it lost the spot to ABS-CBN’s MOR.  Part of the reason could be their regular stagings of big rock concert parties in GenSan.  Click here and here to read about it.

For 2011, Love Radio got a rating of 1.21 and an audience share of 26.5%.  In distant second is DXCK 91.9 or iFM of Radio Mindanao Network which received a rating of 0.87 with an audience share of 19.2%.  This is however noteworthy since iFM is just a new FM station which started broadcasting not more than five years ago.

Rounding up the Top Three is University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network‘s DXRT 99.1 or Wild FM, with a rating of 0.78 and an audience share of 17.1%.

Surprisingly, inspite the fact that their deejays can be seen regularly on Kapamilya’s local TV program, Magandang Umaga Soccsksargen, ABS-CBN’s DYEC 92.7’s MOR Radio, can only manage fourth position in the Nielsen Media Survey.  It is followed by Brigada Radio (#5), Home Radio (#6), Campus Radio (#7), EZ Rock (#8) and lastly, by Killer Bee (#9).

On the other hand, for their 3rd time, Radio Mo Nationwide- DXMD 927, ranked #1 in the AM Station Ranking results from the same survey conducted by Nielsen.  Check out the table below.

With a rating of 0.73 which translates to an audience share of 47.8%, Radio Mo Nationwide lorded it over the former topnotcher in 2007-2009, Bombo Radyo which mustered only a rating of 0.64 and an audience share of 41.9%.  RMN has already topped the survey in 2007 and last year, 2010.

Bombo was followed by DZMM and DXRH, Manila-based stations whose broadcasts reach GenSan,  DXCP, DXRE and DXGS, three homegrown AM stations complete the rankings.

If we collate these two results, here is the outcome for both FM and AM stations:

OVER-ALL Ranking of GenSan’s AM & FM Radio Stations:

  1. DXWK 101.5 Love Radio FM – 1.21
  2. DXCK 91.9 iFM – 0.87
  3. DXRT 99.1 Wild FM – 0.78
  4. DYEC 92.7 MOR FM – 0.73 and DXMD 927 RMN Radyo – 0.73  (AM)
  5. DXYM 89.5 Brigada – 0.68
  6. DXES 801 Bombo Radyo – 0.64 (AM)
  7. DXQS  88.3 Home Radio – 0.14
  8. DXCJ 102.3 Campus Radio – 0.09
  9. DZMM 630 – 0.07  (AM)
  10. DXEZ 88.7 EZ Rock – 0.05
  11. DZRH 666 – 0.03  (AM)
  12. DXCP 585  (AM) –  0.02 and DXRE 837 – 0.02
  13. DXKM 106.3 Killer Bee – 0.01

In a nutshell, based on the combined results, it is K101 Love Radio which is really the #1 radio station in General Santos City, for both on the FM & AM categories.  Congratulations to Manager Dodie “Dr. Love” Ladrera and  his trusted man, Joel “Kabayan Joe” Malabon for this mean feat!

And cheers to K101 Love Radio, the GRAND SLAM KING for RADIO in GenSan!

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  1. tilapya kurdapya says:

    Sir Avel, on air pa pala yang 88.7?

  2. fahdingding says:

    I’m a big fan of LOVE RADIO especially yung programng PAPA JACK’s TLC and Wild Confessions (Mon – Fri, 9pm – 2am)


  3. pabloo says:

    bombo radio commentators has been yacking non stop that this latest rating is fake … any comment regarding this sir avel?

  4. Toinks says:

    Ako naman luv ko sa Love Radio yung tambalang balasubas at balahura. hahaha it makes my day complete. tawa ako ng tawa every morning on weekdays. Thanks Love Radio!

    Well, in general mas prefer ko ang music genre ng Killerbee. Patok na patok sila sa mga sutdents and yuppies.

  5. Toinks says:

    What about surveys for our local TV stations?

  6. Toinks says:

    Bakit di nasali ang 93.5 Dream FM? Complete ba talaga ang survey na ito? hmmm…

    EZ Rock is the former WRock.

  7. kebe says:

    wa jud nadugangan atong radio/ tv stations ba! tsk!

  8. emotero king says:


  9. jun reyes says:

    maganda naman lahat ng stations pinapakinggan namin at nakumkumpara din may magic lang talaga cguro ang love radio that’s why they remained to be on top.

    maganda ang teamanship at grupo talaga yan ang magpapalakas sa station bilib ako ha grand slam king for radio.

  10. Toinks says:

    Maraming FM stations ang hindi nasali sa tabulation or survey. walang

    93.5 Dream FM
    94.3 EZ rock

  11. marco says:

    congrats rmn gensan and ifm….and to to the rest of radio stations in gensan city, mapa AM o FM station man yan. ang survey or rating comes only once in a year pero ang magandang etikita bilang mga broadcaster dapat sa lahat ng oras yan. naniniwala ako na ang existence ng isa radio station purposely hindi lang para sa revenue but above all for public service and entertainment kaya nararapat lang na kilalanin ang inyong galing at dedikasyon. Congrats uli saludo po kami sa inyo. (anchors/dj`s).

    1. bariles says:

      @marco, agree ako sa iyo. Broadcasting ethics ay huwag kalimutan sa pag-eere ng bawat mamamahayag, AM man or FM. Salamat sa iyong magandang mensahe. 🙂

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