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Traffic Signalization Systems at Robinsons and Makar inaugurated

Just when most of us weren’t looking, Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio and Congressman Jun Acharon both inaugurated the new traffic signalization systems at the Makar Wharf Junction and the National Highway-Bula Lagao Road-Misa Street at the corner of Robinsons Place.

The momentous occasion happened during the morning of the 34th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law by former President Ferdinand Marcos on September 21, 2011.  It was attended by employees of the City Hall led by Assistant City Administrator Glennville Gonzalez who also emceed the short program at the Robinsons Car Lot, City Engineer’s Office’s Rizza Paces & Mylene Gecosala (who provided the photos here), LTO City Chief Ismael Almanza, management personnel of Robinsons led by Roy Unso, and members of the media, among others.


The whole project costs the city P21.2 million and is the second phase of the Traffic Signalization System Project started during the administration of then Mayor Acharon.  The first phase was inaugurated on August 7, 2009.  Read about it by clicking here.

In the pipeline are traffic lights at the crossroads of National Highway-NDDU and Aparente Street and at the Bulaong Road-National Highway crossing.  What do you think?  Where should the next traffic lights be?

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  1. Tagay Talk says:

    Its a good thing we have trafiic signal system, sana lang maging synchronized ang signal at mas practical, may panahon kasi na pwedeng i-GO ang isang lane to ease waiting period eh di nagagawaan ng paraan…sana pag-aralan ng mabuti…..

  2. White Knight says:

    Great! We have two additional traffic lights. The National Highway-NDDU and Aparente is a must while Roxas-Osmena streets is still on observation since its only traffic during peak time. So when is the Highway-Santiago traffic lights will be fixed?

  3. Toinks says:

    honestly, kinahanglan pud baya og traffic signal diha sa may junction sa Pioneer Ave. og Pendatun and Roxas avenues…kana gung atbang sa Sydney Hotel or atbang sa Plaza Heneral Santos na flag pole?

    I think murag na over look ni sya na place sa city government for a traffic signalization.

  4. Toinks says:

    Naa pud untay central monitoring og automated traffic control center ang GenSan…kining mga traffic light posts butangan og CCTV og naa naka monitor sa central monitoring.

  5. Toinks says:

    Need pod og traffic signal sa may intersection sang Aparente Street kag Salvani Street. Daghan kaayu mga carlalu gaagi diha hatud sa mga estudyante sa Wizard Academy og Hope Christian School.

    Mao pud sa may Aparente-Nunez intersection…need kaayu og traffic lights.

  6. rabsky says:

    Good thing may traffic lights na sa Makar Wharf Junction papuntang school. 🙂

  7. Toinks says:

    Kailan kaya aayusin ang traffic light sa may St. Elizabeth?? Lagyan na lang kasi ng barricade ang sidewalk sa tapat Landbank para di mabundol ang mga poste ng traffic light sa tuwing may accident.

  8. Eberio says:

    ako, lumad nga taga-Gensan… but already based abroad, and stays in Cebu during vacation. With all the happenings and new developments in Gensan, I still find it a failure in terms of promoting our beloved city. You cannot find a concrete guide for travelers and tourists who wants to spend a holiday in our city. If you check on trip advisor or, you will discover that it’s not a place you want to spend your money with…. I can’t find any answers whenever my wife (from Cebu) or my friends ask me on what activities can they look forward in going to Gensan, or what tourist spots do we have… “Malls, restaurants and the Pacquiao Mansion are not tourist spots” This is not to say that I ain’t proud of them… but if Gensan really wants to market itself as the prime destination in the south and not Davao (nothing against Davao, alright!!), I think our local government should make a website or upgrade it’s website that would serve the travelers’ or tourists’ needs. Some suggestions that I think would help….

    1. Make the Queen City Park more presentable (see an entry in tripadvisor, and you would say, it SUCKS.. BIG TIME)…. restructure it like Roxas Boulevard or refurbish it like the corniches in Dubai or Abu Dhabi…

    2. Government should work with Pacquiao in making a museum that would showcase his achievements and make a website link with… and you’ll have an instant web traffic…

    3. The Government should petition in making Gensan an Export Processing Zone, what with the number of Factories in the area… this would entice more investors to Gensan, since investing in an export processing zone has some benefits, like less taxes as well as tariffs….

    4. Please upgrade the Airport…

    5. Are there any travel agencies in Gensan, where?!?!?

    6. I found some entries, like Zip-Lines in Gensan, restaurants that serve Ostrich eggs, tuna, the Kalaja Karts, London Beach Club…. etc… market these with pictures (and I mean good pictures, not the facebook type), make travel guides, promote these like we have the best of this kinds of spots…

    7. The owners of hot and cold springs in Gensan, should work hand in hand in promoting these natural wonders… they could improve buy adding more amenities like a spa or an inn nearby as well as improving the roads going into these sites. I remember last time a went to Ola-er swimming resort last 2007 with my wife, I was so excited to bring her there as I’ve been telling her all along the we have good hot and cold springs and OLA!!! I disappointed her, BIG TIME…. so many drunkards (mga pala-ig_ts!!!) showcasing their big tummies and white castles in the nipa huts… I eventually told my wife to not take off her clothes, go swim on your pyjamas instead….

    8. Publish a city map, indicating the city’s heritage sites, tourist spots, hotels, malls and other establishments and put copies on sites where guests come frequently like the airport and hotels.

    I can go on and on and on….

    This is not to say that I don’t like our city, but as an avid traveller who have been to Paris, Istanbul, Athens, Dubai, Santorini, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, etc… I can’t help but feel bad for my hometown…. I wish I could do more…

  9. Silway Boy says:

    @Eberio, very valid concerns. i just hope that we should stop comparing GenSan with wealthier, bigger and older cities abroad. it is just an infant compared to them. But as it is right now, with the city being within the radar of investors, thanks in part to their trust in the local government’s business-friendly policies, we are well on our way there. Eberio, I suggest you put your money where your mouth is, come home and invest here instead.

    Then you will be part of the change that you want it to be. Peace out!

  10. Eberio says:

    I cannot post… am I blocked 🙁

  11. Eberio says:

    @Silway Boy… thanks man, maybe I just wanna be heard… maybe, if there are any people here who are connected to the government, maybe… just maybe they could make suggestions in promoting our city… promote it, not only to our fellow generals… but to everyone who does’nt know anything about Gensan…. I mean no matter how good your product is, if you don’t present it well… IT WON’T SELL!!!!… I remember a trip to Santorini, Greece… One fellow traveller (maybe over 50 years of age, from Switzerland) asks my wife on where we came from… My wife said proudly “we’re from the Philippines”.. and the swiss said, “Where is that? ;(“… and so my wife countered, “Philippines, in Southeast Asia…”.. and the man said “not really, Thailand, Vietnam?”… then my wife (already annoyed) said, “you know Manila? Mohammad Ali, Thrilla in Manila?”…. then the guy replied as if he knew already were Lupang Hinirang is, “ahhh, MALAYSIA!!!” then my wife (in disbelief) just replied “yes Malaysia!!!”… END OF CONVERSATION…. see? I hope you get what I mean… if you watch AXN… Malaysia (truly Asia), Singapore, and Thailand (amazing Thailand) was heavily promoted…. so there’s the obvious on why visitors frequent these places a lot…

  12. Toinks says:

    @Eberio, Should your wife have said GenSan instead of Philippines, then the old man would have probably figured out where on Earth you guys come from. hahaha

    I suspect that the old man just played dumb with the two of you. ;-)))

  13. Rhea says:

    Para magkaroon ng synchronization sa traffic system natin. Aside from that, every traffic light there shoud be a surveillance camera para nmn ung sinasabi nga di naman dapat mag antay pa pede na mag go with the help of IT na nagsusurveillance ng bawat stop light. Kasi di nmn kasi 100% gumagana censor ng traffic system. 🙂

    Eberio: Agree ako sa sinabu mo but there’s a right time for that sa mga gusto mo mangyari. Naguumpisa pa lang tayo. Mas lucky nga ang gensan kumpara sa iba na una pa naging city. We cant blame din kasi dapat may enough budget sa lahat..

    1. bariles says:

      @Rhea, I agree a 100%. Any growing city should have surveillance cameras installed sa mga traffic lights para matiktikan ang mga “pabadlung” na mga drivers. Di kayang mabantayan ng traffic police natin ang lahat. Thanks for your suggestion. 🙂

  14. fahdingding says:

    PAti mga badlungon na mga JAY WALKERS..hehe!
    Way to go GENSAN…

    What’s next??? NAtional Highway junctions???

  15. […] NDDU frontage to benefit from 3 Traffic Lights Signal Systems Posted by bariles On February – 9 – 2012 – 1 views I just gathered from Engr. Rizza Paces of the City Engineering Office that the local government, upon the approval of Honorable City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio is gearing up for the next phase of its Traffic Lights Signal Sytem Project after the ones at Robinsons and Makar Junctions. […]

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