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Pacquiao gifts Jinkee with a P25million yacht

Yesterday, while a lot among us lesser mortals were busy scratching our heads trying to figure out ways on where to find the money to buy our Christmas gifts for our loved ones, World Boxing Champ and Sarangani Province lone congressional district representative Manny Pacquiao was at the Port Area of the municipality of Glan, to unveil his present to his pretty wife, Jinkee – a brand new yacht!

The Italian-made yacht cost Manny Pacquiao twenty-five million pesos (P25,000,000.00), which is considered peanuts compared to his earnings from his last victory over Juan Miguel Marquez.  He has also raffled off two-million pesos (P2,000,000.00) during his 33rd Birthday Party two days earlier, on December 17, 2011.

The unveiling of the yacht which was named Sarangani’s Pride, was also timed with its blessing by a Catholic priest and witnessed by Congressman Pacquiao’s friends including Glan Mayor Victor James Yap, Sr., Jinkee’s relatives and members of the media.

As news of the event spread nationwide, not a few of our kababayans expressed disappointment at the fact that Manny Pacquiao chose to unveil it less than three days after the disasters which struck Northern Mindanao and parts of Eastern Visayas.

Read more about their reactions by clicking here.

In fairness, Manny Pacquiao slashed 1million pesos from his pork barrel to donate to the Typhoon Sendong survivors.  He has also reportedly ordered his staff to deliver truckloads of relief goods to Northern Mindanao this week. Bravo Manny!

I have misgivings though with this surprise unveiling of his P25million worth of gift to his dutiful wife, Jinkee.  He could have postponed it to a much-later date.

But then again, Manny Pacquiao is Manny Pacquiao!  Either way, he will still get reactions from all over especially on something this expensive.

How about you?  What do you think?

(Pictures courtesy of Boyette dela Cerna of Escalera News)

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  1. A139 says:

    ang gara naman…! Astig na astig ang yate..

  2. fahdingding says:

    It’s all about the timing I guess… So what, if niregaluhan niya si JINKEE ng yate na worth P25 Million kung galing naman sa dugo at pawis ni manny… In spite of that, hindi rin naka limot si manny sa kanyang obligation para tumulong sa mga biktima ng bagyong sendong…

    Pero di rin natin masisisi ang ibang tao ng dahil sariwa pa ang sugat dinulot ni sendong.

    “He was elected to be a public official yet the only news that comes out of this guy is extravagant, ostentatious and gross display of wealth. Even if youre the richest man alive, theres no need to flaunt it to our faces, have some respect and be sensitive to our plight. And you wanted to be President of the Philippines?” he said.

    Regarding this comment.. hindi naman lahat ng balita kay pacman ay puro luho… isa – isahin pa ba natin yung mga naitulong niya sa bayan at tao?!? Di gaya ng iba dyan ang lakas mang batikos pero kawatan pala.. marami sila mga KLEPTOCRATS! LOL

  3. White Knight says:

    @fahdingding. Good point.

  4. bariles says:

    @Fahdz, yeah, nice way of looking at it. Thanks! 🙂

  5. jong jong says:

    kelan pa po ba naging verb ang gifts?

    1. bariles says:

      @jong jong, matagal nang naging verb ang “gift”.

      gift [gift]
      1. something given; a present
      2. a special aptitude, ability, or power; talent
      3. the power or right to give or bestow (esp in the phrases in the gift of, in (someone’s) gift)
      4. the act or process of giving
      look a gift-horse in the mouth (usually negative) to find fault with a free gift or chance benefit
      verb (tr)
      1. to present (something) as a gift to (a person)
      2. (often foll by with) to present (someone) with a gift
      3. Rare to endow with; bestow

  6. Manny says:

    Goodness Gracious!! When he donates millions to disaster victims,or helps underprivileged filipinos in so many ways,is he ‘flaunting his wealth’? What about the various businesses and construction projects underway in gensan that provide much -needed jobs for Filipinos,is that “flaunting his wealth”? But No-o-o-o,let him surprise his wife with an expensive gift,and people are quick to criticize. Will we ever learn to consider the whole picture?

  7. boyet aquino says:

    hey people, i’m sure that yacht was bought some time ago before it reached the port of gensan it may already be inbound when the disaster happened, Kanya yun pera nya yun. pero tama din ang mga may negative comments, OK lang, para di sya botohin sa pagka presidente. if that happens…

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