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AirPhil Express flies from GenSan to Iloilo, Cebu

I should have included this in my predictions for 2012!

Effective March 22, 2012, AirPhil Express will be flying passengers out of the General Santos City International Airport to new destinations Cebu and Iloilo Cities!

According to their official website, the Cebu-GenSan-Cebu and GenSan-Iloilo-GenSan flights of AirPhil Express will be available 3x a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays initially.

Here then are AirPhil Express flight schedules to these new areas:

  • GenSan – Iloilo  (Flight 2P 393):
    • Depart GenSan – 10:10 AM
    • Arrive Iloilo –  11:30 AM
  • Iloilo – GenSan (Flight 2P 394)
    • Depart Iloilo – 12:00 PM
    • Arrive GenSan – 1:20 PM
  • Cebu – GenSan (Flight 2P 389)
    • Depart Cebu –  8:30 AM
    • Arrive GenSan –  9:40 AM
  • GenSan – Cebu (Flight 2P 390)
    • Depart GenSan  –  1:50 AM
    • Arrive GenSan  –   3:00 PM

Currently, only Cebu Pacific services the GenSan-Cebu-GenSan route and with AirPhil Express in the picture, expect the plane rates to go down.

The flights to and from Iloilo City however is exclusively AirPhil Express‘ as of the moment.  Knowing how Cebu Pacific operates, they would not want any competitor to dominate this route for sure.   We can expect them to follow suit right away.

Right now, AirPhil Express which will be using their brand new Airbus 320 is offering a marked-down one way fare of P106o.00 for their new flights to Cebu and Iloilo from General Santos City and vice versa.

So if I were you, I would immediately stop what I am doing and go log on to their website at and book my future flights.  Am sure, many Ilonggos and Cebuanos here and in the Visayas would be wanting to do just the same.  Go na!

And yes, one more thing!  Boracay is not that far anymore!!!! Yey!

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Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. Lantaw says:

    This is very good news! Pirme na ta maka pa renew sine! 😀

    1. bariles says:

      @Lantaw, amo gid ya. Hehehe! 😀 Salamat sa AirPhil Express!

  2. A139 says:

    Calling Zest Air…the more the merrier the better fare for everyone.

  3. A139 says:

    @AirPhil & Cebu Pacific: More flight frequencies in Gensan-Cebu-Gensan sector pls.

  4. gensanite says:

    with the ever-increasing number of flights to/from gensan, and the number of airlines servicing the area, our airport SHOULD have a facelift to improve its looks and facilities… say, “AMEN”, if you agree… congrats, AirPhils!!!

  5. janet says:

    Yes! Wish come true!

  6. More reasons for me to go back…LOL!

  7. Peter says:

    Wow! This is good news to be able to visit Boracay from Gensan direct via air.
    And not expensive either!
    All I wish is that Air Phil fly direct from Australia to Gensan so I do not need to go to Manila first. General Santos is fast becoming a very good destination with linked flights. This will help bring more tourism and also help generate more employment for the South Cotabato region.

  8. chris says:

    thanks GOD ara na jud…direct to gensan..dili na moagi og davao..hassle kaau..daghan pa bagahe.. timing jud ni pag uli sa june after enrolment ko. Hopefully maging daily flight service agad if ang market is big talaga. And hoping ang airport na2 mabag-o jud. Kay kumpara na daun ang Iloilo sa gensan airport astang layua…tsk3. congrats Airphil..

  9. dapdap says:

    @ Kuya Bariles. Siguro you mean 1:50 PM ang departure from GEnSan then arrive at CEBu. Hehe. Kasi parang umikot lang ang plane kung sa gensan din ang arrival. Haha. 😀 Peace kuya Avel. 😀

    GenSan – Cebu (Flight 2P 390)
    Depart GenSan – 1:50 AM
    Arrive GenSan – 3:00 PM

    @Gensanite: A big AMEN to that.! KINAHANGLAN NA JUD I-OVERHAUL ANG ATONG NAG-INUSARANG AIRPORT.! Para kung mag invest ang Airline Companies ug direct international flights to and from Gensan eh maipagmamalaki naman natin. Hay sayang.

    Calling Gensan Government.! Pansina ang unang makita sa mga visita/turista inig naug sa irplin.!

  10. fahdingding says:

    Good news ever so much… Thank AirPhil Express!

  11. runin says:

    GenSan – Cebu (Flight 2P 390)????? —– P 390 one way only?
    Depart GenSan – 1:50 AM
    Arrive GenSan – 3:00 PM

  12. A139 says:

    it’s a typographical error.. try considering it…as of the price, don’t rely on it cause plane fare changes a lot in a day or in a week depending on the demand/availability. better go to their website for more info.

  13. Toinks says:

    AMEN! @gensanite
    sana soon may GES-CGY-GES and GES-ZAM-GES na rin.
    more frequencies pa sana to CEB-GES-CEB and MNL-GES-MNL sectors. sana may evening flights na rin para mas maraming options kung anong oras magbiyahe.

    Thank you Airphilexpress! and more power indeed!

    Magandang GenSan! Lipad na!

  14. White Knight says:

    Wish come true sa aton mga kasimanwa kag mga bisaya. Ara nata sang choices gid bala. Unta Gensan-Tagbilaran (Bohol) v.v. na sad ang sunod. Great Service and GO GO Airphil! We love you very much! hehe.

  15. White Knight says:

    and If AirPhil Express will consider the Gensan-Tagbilaran direct flight maiden trip will start this May 01, 2012 is a sure mega hit. Daghan mga bol-anon naga uli especially the month of May dinhi sa SocSKSarGen and even Davao kay ma miesta. No need to connect Cebu and rode the fast craft for an hour going to Bohol. Why not!

  16. Toinks says:

    @Peter, absolutely! Mas madali na, at mas mura na ngayon pumunta ng Boracay dahil dito sa GenSan-Iloilo v.v. flight ng Airphil Express!

    GenSan fly direct to Iloilo, then from iloilo to Caticlan by bus or aircon taxi. wohooo!

  17. gensanite says:

    @Dapdap: we boast our beloved city as the “Gateway to South Central Mindanao”, but it would probably shock visitors/tourists to arrive in an “international” airport complex in dire need of renovation and improvement… with the increasing number of flights, our local government officials should seriously look into this, and maybe work with the lgu’s from sarangani, south cotabato, and sultan kudarat in the drive to welcome toursits in the region and show them what we have to offer down south… magandang gensan!!! 🙂

  18. naitsirk says:

    mayor darlene custudio,,all lgu officials,,,,nalipay ba mo magtan aw sa hitsura satong airport hastang mauta gyud,,,,,wla mn lng comfortable facilitiues and amenities,,,,num 1 bya manaog ang mga investors kysa airport gyud dili sa sea port or sa bus terminal,,,,unyamkita nla naga boom ang gensan when it comes to infrastructures and businesses unya ing ana ang makit an hitsura sa airport na hastang mauta gyud,,,,,busa it’s tym mayor,,ky ang ato city,,,going to the level up na ang improvements,,,, comfortable and big malls sa airport,,restaurants,,dpat naa duty free shop para sa mga balikbayan,,,unya dunay aero bridges,,,aircon boarding areas sulod sa airport,,,sa pre dept. pod,,,unya tubes,,,and state of the art design sa mga buildings,,,,mostly dpat kmpleto ang intrnational gflights and domestic arun di na hassle mag hago hago manaog pag manila para sa imo destinasyun na adtuan sa gawas…..god bless general santos,,hope all of this,,mkita nato in the future……magandang gensan,,mag 2012 na,,,kaya now its the tym…..

  19. A139 says:

    sa dami ng mga proposed routes ng ating mga readers..why not gawin ng mga budget airlines na ito gawing HUB AIRPORT ang Gensan for BIMP-EAGA transport sector? anyway Gensan has Fifth Freedom Traffic Rights (FFTR) already.

  20. White Knight says:

    Gensan air route has lot of expansion in the years to come given our strategic location since we are at the tail of the archepelago. To name it, theirs GES-TAGBI/PANGLAO (Bohol); GES-CAGAYAN de ORO; GES-ZAMBOANGA; GES-BUTUAN; GES-SURIGAO; GES-BACOLOD; GES-CLARK; GES-PUERTO PRINSESA; GES-CATICLAN; GES-LEGASPI and even GES-DVO. So let’s wait, it will come true and that’s my prediction. Hehe. God Bless!

  21. White Knight says:

    And i won’t dream yet the direct Asian/International flight. One at a time lang muna. Hehe.

  22. Roell says:

    Salamat kay naa nay direct gensan iloilo, favorable sa amo-a nga gikan sa iloilo kay dali nalang ang mag travel di na muagi ug cebu. expenses wise maayo, ma shorten pa gyud ang biyahe.

  23. naitsirk says:

    calling the attention of all the LGU unitand the government of GENSAN,,,,maminaw unta mo sa mga daing ng mga generals,,,mapaganda ang airport ng gensan,,,,awang awa ako sa airport ntin tingnan,,evrytym naa ko sa airport sa gensan,,,mauwaw ko mutan aw tawun,,kulang nlang muduko ko mulakaw,,,,,……sir bariles,,,make this in ur blog as center of the subject forum……

  24. Strongly agree what happen to 120 million modernization project for GSCIA

  25. White Knight says:

    Just for a postcript. I think it would not be unfair to say that our Airport is trully that bad because geographically wise it is located in one of the best location an airport should be. It would be appropriate to say that our “passenger terminal” needs improvement. Our Airport is more or less 600 hectares and above the sea level overlooking Sarangani Bay. Our runway is one of the bests in the Philippines, better than in Manila, Cebu, Clark & Davao. For us to be competitive our passenger terminal needs overhauling since it was designed by american contructor decades ago not for commercial use solely but for military purposes as well which was not materialize as of now. I think it needs a national budget to realize our dreams of having a state of the art passenger terminal. And that would happen in sooner time we just have to wait. Agree?

  26. Toinks says:

    @White Knight, I disagree with you saying that the airport terminal building was built by american contractors and designers for military use. If you only study the the design of GSIA terminal building, it has a second floor…meaning, it was really planned desgined to have a jet bridge for commercial jets in the future. How can you say that the terminal building is for military use? May military quarters or perhaps a military command center ka bang nakita sa loob ng terminal building?

  27. Toinks says:

    Seriously speaking, Our airport’s terminal building badly needs rehab. The second floor of the terminal building was never ever used since the airport opened in 1996, except on that part where Cafe Leticia is currently situated…that second floor was designed for future expansion (pre-departure lounges) and installation of jet bridges and now, the time has come for that need of expansion and refurbishment. Especially now that the number of flights and destinations are increasing.

  28. Toinks says:

    Ang elevator sa loob ng terminal building ng GSIA kamusta na kaya? Gumagana pa ba ito? or baka naman nabulok na lang ay hindi man lang nagamit…tsk tsk tsk tsk

  29. White Knight says:

    Haha you get me wrong. Yeah you’re right, it was finished in late 1996-1997 if i’m not mistaken. The GSIA was funded by USAID isn’t it? Primarily one of the purposes is to accommodate military exercises that time or better known as “balikatan” which bigger US plane could land in our airport and but this was opposed by some sectors in our city & province because sensitive issues such as prostitutions, etc. That’s the story…Yeah our terminal airport really needs overhauling. Thanks

  30. Toinks says:

    @White knight, that is totally baseless. The airport was a grant to the people of GenSan by the US governement through its USAID…and USAID still continues to provide assistance to neglected places in Mindanao. Accusations of like that is totally baseless.

  31. danny says:

    Thanks to AIRPHIL for having Gensan-Iloilo route, I”m hoping this for so long due to very inconvenient effort to travel to davao everytime I take my summer/christmas vacation to Iloilo. To airphil mgt. ths is a bright idea idea coming @ your end!

  32. john says:

    ay salamat hndi na mabudlay mag puli sa lupang sinilangan…thank you for having this flight….hope this is for ever…

  33. […] Express has started serving the GenSan-Iloilo-GenSan route a few months back (read about it by CLICKING HERE), it would be just a matter of time before its major competitor, Cebu Pacific follows […]

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