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Our 2012 Top 7 Predictions for GenSan

Let me play Jojo Acuin or Madame Auring just this once by sharing with you my Top 7 Predictions for 2012 that could happen here in General Santos City and Soccsksargen within the next 12 months.

Here they are:

1.  The establishment of a LONE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT for General Santos City.   – This is long overdue considering that the total population of GenSan has already reached more than half a million already.  But unless the National Government approves for publication the 2010 National Census figures, which will peg latest census figures at 600,000 and which will be a major basis for the re-alignment of the congressional districts of South Cotabato, this will have to wait.  Hopefully, by the 4th quarter of 2012, our representative, Congressman Jun Acharon will be focusing on just the city alone.

2.  The construction of Gokongwei’s GoHotel beside their Robinsons’ Place GenSan lot in Barangay Lagao. – With more and more conventions and large conferences being conducted in GenSan, the hotel boom will reach fever pitch this year with the entry of national players in the hotel industry, including GoHotel which will open its Tacloban branch this year.  That only means that GenSan will be next.

3.  The ground-breaking of the Mindanao Campus of University of Santo Tomas in Barangay Ligaya, General Santos City.  Touted to be a full university and not just a college annexed under the UST Main Campus in Manila, UST General Santos will offer the same courses.  This will give Mindanaoans full access to quality education under the tutelage of the Dominicans.

4.  The expansion of the General Santos City Hospital and the improvement of its operations. – Health being at the forefront of the administration of Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio, expect this one to materialize with the entry of Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP) in the operations of key departments in the City Hospital.  Thus within the year, we shall witness the opening of the Dialysis Center that will drastically lower the costs of a dialysis procedure,  PPP-initiated pharmacy and laboratory which will offer lower medicines and services, respectively; and additional beds with the opening up of the 2nd floor of the hostpital’s new building.

5.  The commencement of the construction of the city’s Sanitary Landfill in Barangay Sinawal which hopefully can begin its operation by the end of the year or early 2013.  This will further boost the city’s Garbage Disposal and Segregation Program which it is trying to strengthen among the generals.  Cleaner city = healthier environment = mas Magandang GenSan!

6.  The entry of more major players in GenSan, notably Ayala Land.  – With Robinsons and SM here, can Ayala be far behind?  This could either be by the Kastilaloy-owned company’s joining the now very competitive mall industry or through the still-very-open and lucrative mass housing business in the Home of Champions.  Either way, we have received reports that Ayala has sent feelers to brokers to look for large tracts of lands in Barangay Lagao.

7.  The privatization of the General Santos City Central Public Market. –  As mentioned earlier, since the local government is keen on Private-Public-Partnerships, then the idea of pushing for the privatization of the GenSan Central Public Market should be put in the forefront.   Reports have reached us that the SM group is keeping an eye on this possibility.  If that happens in 2012, then we will soon have our very first air-conditioned MALLENGKE!   Cool!

So that’s it –  our 2012 Top 7 Predictions for GenSan!  Do you agree with most or some of them?

What does your own BOLANG KRISTAL say?

About Avel Manansala

Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. Mark says:

    heheh, all of it sir avel i could say will possibly be came into reality for they already make some sort of “paramdam” into our beloved Magandang Gensan…

    the ust campus in brgy ligaya was already a been put into place and from what i have seen from the last time i went there was they are now on the process of clearing operation inside the campus which we will expect construction state of the art fascilities…

    the GoHotel og Robinson’s Place Gensan is not much farther to be pushed through, since they already established also a stable place behind its Mall area.. we just hope that it we will be made possible this year..

    the rest are not far behind into reality also for they already have their own i should say spaces which Generals are ready to welcome this year of the dragon..:) happy new year, magandang Gensan..:)

  2. White Knight says:

    Wow! So excited to know your predictions Kuya Avel. As Generals, we are glad to know that our city is gearing towards progress we have dreamed of. I could not choose which predictions will commence early this year. All of them are very promising and worth to watch. I think this is realistic and the possibility is quite high to happen. Happy New Year Everyone!

  3. ed says:

    How about the Ateneo in Heights banda? any news? may permit to operate na sila according to my source.

    1. bariles says:

      @ed, wala pang na-receive na application ang City Hall.

  4. Sonny says:

    Basig dili na maka apas ang pobre?

  5. charito says:

    pwede. you gave me an idea. hehehe.

  6. Evelyn says:

    All these projecta are generally good for GenSan as it’s local residence but the realization of better Electrifications and ater system ill bolster the economy as well.

  7. Gay says:

    Lots of things to look forward for GenSan in 2012!

  8. A139 says:

    Hopefully, all of these predictions will come into reality… INSHALLAH..!

  9. koikoipalaboi says:

    Dati ko pang narinig yang UST school na yan..until now wala pa rin..ano ba tlgang dahilan bakit d pa yan matayo tayo?? wat the hell is goin on to our government??

  10. Toinks says:

    Oh please…ang palengke ibalhin na lang na sa Labangal beh…tapos ipa-lease or ibaligya na lang na sa Ayala ang current public market para himuan nila og Ayala Center with mall and condominiums.

    Ang halin sa pagbaligya/lease, gamiton sa pag panindot sa queen tuna park into a roxas blvd.-like tourist attraction og sa pagpabuhat og new public market sa labangal.

    please, pleaseeeee!

  11. Cidy says:

    Bongang predictions yan ah. Sana magkatotoo lahat=)

  12. Toinks says:

    wala po bang predictions regarding GenSan’s mode of tranportation???
    Trikes pa rin ba? lol

  13. Toinks says:

    bakit top 7 lang ang predictions? dapat tough 12!…for 2012! hehe

    ang airport nato, walay predictions? lol

  14. rrrr says:

    Magandang Gensan! Dapat talagang mangyari yan!

  15. gensanite says:

    these are great things to look forward to, indeed… sana mag-dilang-anghel ka, Kuy!!! hehehe… just my 2 cents on a couple of things sa list mo: (3) kung matutuloy, UST will definitely raise the bar in the education in the land of the “Generals” – sana ma-improve din ang basic elementary and high school training ng mga students; (4) with the growing population, there is an urgent need for improved health care; and the city hospital needs “livening up” – when i was home last week, saint elizabeth hospital is, i think, constructing a new wing; (5) kudos on the segregation of waste, as this disciplines the citizenry on their responsibility in recycling/reusing and the proper disposal of biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials; (6) the entry of ayala land is a welcome addition to the city’s investment opportunities and the investors’ confidence in the city – sana lang hindi tumaas ang standard of living ng general santos as this would be a big blow to sme’s and the general populace; and (7) a “mallengke” is something new, but, with air conditioning, this will mean the sky-rocketing of prices – sa bagsakan na lang gyud ta mamalit ug gulay/prutas ani… hahaha… but with all that has been happening, i still wish the best for General Santos and the “Generals”… there’s definitely no place like home… happy new year!!!

  16. koikoipalaboi says:

    Sana nmn mgkaron ng mga better signages and signs here in GenSan..Tsaka please if you noticed ung daan galing Davao papuntang Gensan especially jan sa Lagao Public Market ang dumi,tapos mga ung mga traysikad at mga habal2 ng kalat..nakaka badtrip….sana magkaron ng traffic light either jan sa my roundball sa lagao or sa my caltex banda…please lang 🙂

  17. Benedict says:

    daghanang good news karun ui! PADAYON LANG SA PAG USWAG KAY ANG MGA GENERALS ,,MURAG MGA DRAGON PUD !! rawr..

    anu naman kaya ang ipapatayo ng ayala? mall? condo?

  18. fahdingding says:

    I agree with all the predictions… pero sana ating public market malipat na sa ibang lugar….

    What about our airport?!????

  19. Dapdap says:

    Ou nga. Ang airport natin, naghihikahos.! Sana matuloy din ngayong 2012 ang opening ng bagong building ng KCC.

    I hope the government will shift the transportation into Taxi/Multicab from tricycle.

  20. Yadu Karu says:

    Ores!!! galing!

  21. A139 says:

    @TOINKS: may prediction para sa airport …soon to be MANNY PACQUIAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT…..may posibilidad ba? considering the fact that he is the best athlete that the Philippine has and take note the achievements he has done in boxing, world renowned pugilist, congressman pa and most of all PURE BREED GENSANITE..! ano kaya? who knows…

  22. gensanite says:

    honga!!! ang airport… sana mapaganda, and magawan ng sistema of some sort… when i left gensan for cebu nung monday, hastang daghanang tao sa gawas na nagkalisod ug sulod sa complex… whew!!!

  23. […] AirPhil Express flies from GenSan to Iloilo, Cebu Posted by bariles On January – 5 – 2012 – Please wait I should have included this in my predictions for 2012! […]

  24. bryan tablazon says:

    sna ang unahin ng gensan gov’t yung mga canal para hindi na magbaha d2 sa gensan pati mga dike rin kagaya ng davion dike sna matapos na double work mga tga city hall…..para di tau matulad sa CDO at iligan wag na kaung maghintay na matulad tau sa kanila………hapi 2012 generals….

  25. White Knight says:

    @A139, are you serious with your proposal? Hehe, its too late my friend we have an anti-epal law about to approve in congress. No offensement to your proposal and to Manny (he’s a great person undoubtedly) but let’s avoid naming our infrastructures, commercial buildings, parks, public stations (bus,port) etc. to a politician or any personalities except theirs a widely acceptance by the community. Its a public property and the people owns it, not by a single individual. PEACE!

  26. A139 says:

    @White Knight: well taken. actually, it’s not a proposal. Sumagi lang sa thoughts ko ang idea…wala lang..parang ganun..hehehe

  27. ariel says:

    Sana alisin na yang mga tricycles at habal habal na yan they are sore to the eyes! at walang pakialam kung sumingit singit, sa traffic tas pag binasag nila tailight mo o magasgas ang gild ng kotse mo dedma and sabay harurut walang pakialam nga kung nagkasala sila, i was a victim nga eh ingat na ingat ka nga magdrive tas here comes a habal habal so yabang feeling me ari ng road tas bigla bangga sa tailight ng Jazz ko, when i stopped aba biglang harurut jos ko talaga di man lang nagsorry okay naman sa akin na magsorry dahil icover naman yun ng insurance ko pero por jos por santo, wala ni ha ni ho…napasabi tlaga ako sa sunod na bangga mo mamatay ka na!

    kaya i think the city government should stop the release permit for triccyle and habal habal na to tun on our streets…in fact a friend of mine who came here to visit screammed in her seat when she saw all this habal habal parading like catwalk halos hirap na hirap ang mga cars to maneuver over them…tawa lang ako ng tawa sabi ko ganyan tlaga dito makikipagpatintero ka sa mga habal habal sa major toroughfare hahaha…

  28. I agree to name it Manny Pacquaio International Airport

  29. Jack says:

    Unta ang patay sa gensan maundang na. Mao na dapat tutukan ni mayor kay halos adlaw adlaw may ginapatay dre sa gensan. Di naman na isolated case oi-daw wa man tay mayor. Og bright mayor dapat sad isog og mag issue pod og ginahi nga lakang aron maundang na pamatay! Jan11 pa lng pero isa ka dosena na napusilan sa gensan sa 2012! Bahala na dili uswag og maganda gensan basta kay hapsay lang unta ang dagan sa kalinaw sa siyudad.

  30. Edwin says:

    The predictions are all possible with the cooperation and will of the City Government.

    Comments on Airport –

    1. In all fairness the Airport has improved in 2011, but we need to look into expanding its facilities to cater more flights and more Tourist Friendly.

    2. Naming it “MP International Airport” is not a bad idea, the man was inducted into “HALL of FAME” why would not the General appreciate him for his achievements which no one have?

    Moving forward GENSAN must now secure a “viable” additional source of electric power, the City Government should encourage the players to start putting up this kinds of projects for us to get ready this 2012, once SM will be on-line, we will have more brown-outs to experience.

    GENSAN City Council must now make a decision on how to solve the traffic situation of the city. I have no problem with the “Tricycle and Habal-habal” per see, pangkabuhayan nila yan eh, but I have a very serious concern of the DISCIPLINE of the drivers.

    Traffic must obey and adhere to the proper rules and enforcers do their mandate with courtesy in doing it. We have seen a lot of the traffic enforcers being hired and deployed in the streets of GENSAN but no one is supervising them.

    I suggest that the GENSAN City LTO/LTFRB will put a “Web site” wherein the “daily” complaints of the motoring public will be “AIRED and SOLVED”. I further suggest that this will be under the City Mayor’s Supervision.

    The Best ang GENSAN if we can put our Political Resolve and Will to impose discipline on our streets.

    CITY COUNCIL mag group tour naman kayo to face the problem and right there make your resolve, hindi natin kailangan ang another “infrastructures” to resolve this problem, DISCIPLINA LANG ang KAILANGAN!, and that goes to to all of us as well GENERALS.

  31. rrrrrr says:

    Sir Avel, how about Microtel?

  32. ariel says:

    sir edwin, I agree with you on tricycles, pangkabuhayan nga, but the main issue is their discipline, wala talaga mga disiplina sila keber kung sumingit singit, bigla kamo mag overtake or mag cut sa yo sa outer lane tas liliko lang pala sa kabila at barahin ang daan mo jos mio talaga minsan jaan sa Makar traffic light (sa may pier natin) , aba ako na lang magisa ang natirang nakastop kahit red na red ang light while tricycles, and habal habal haruruot parang green light ang signal and to think may pulis outpost pa naman don grabe!

    ito mga diver ng habal habal at tricycle parang pinaparamdam sa ting may mga cars na kasalan natin may kotse tayo na para bang ang mga daan ay made for them only at wala tayong karapatan gumamit nito, yan talaga ang feeling ko…to think yang mga tax na binabayaran nila re registration ay ni kusing di kayang pantayan ang binabayran sa annual registration natin sa kotse, worst still mga paso or expire na mga rehistro ng mga karag karag nila trike, proof of that pag may hulihan sa makar highway ang dami nilang nakaparada sa gilid ng road habang nakaposte ang LTO sa bandang inahan…

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