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Samsung Store now at KCC Mall of GenSan

Samsung which has now become the cellphone of choice of most Pinoys due to the popularity of their entry-level and mid-level Android phones has just opened its first store cum service center in General Santos City.

Their outlet is conveniently located at the KCC Mall of GenSan‘s 3rd floor, right beside the NOKIA Store.


I was there very recently to browse through the numerous displays of their phones and tablets which were for everyone to touch, smell and feel.  I would have wanted to ask for the price of the Samsung Note I was eyeing but their four lady clerks were busy chatting away and seemed oblivious of my presence.   Oh well, will Google Search about it anyway.

Noticed that the Service Center is right at the back of Samsung’s display area which makes for a convenient arrangement for their clients.  Nokia on the other hand has separate areas at the KCC Mall for its Products Showcase and NOKIA CARE Center, which for me is even better.

Either way, with both Nokia and Samsung in our shores, coming up with elegant product showcases, I guess, Apple wouldn’t be far behind.

What do you think? Is it possible?


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Avel Manansala aka Bariles, is a native of a bustling city down south of Mindanao Island. He is a consultant on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing . He is co-founder and head of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers and manager of Google Business Group (GBG)- General Santos. You may add him to your circles on G+ - If you need more info on any of these fields, please leave him a message.

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  1. hayahay says:

    Apple? Murag imposible man.

  2. rrrr says:

    for me it’s possible

  3. A139 says:

    i do like Samsung smartphones. I use to have the Galaxy SII.. they are sleek in design, Flash capable and the list goes on..but….the downside is…THE BATTERY..! it won’t last long for a day lalo na pag naka on ang 3G (Data Packet)…with 3G on standby mode…max of 12 have to recharge it. how much more if naka-UNLI calls…with so much so…LIKE KO PA RIN ANG SAMSUNG SMARTPHONES..

    next upgrade: GALAXY NOTE..@ 2,699 Dirhams (roughly at 32,100+ pesos)..whew..!

  4. fahdingding says:

    With GENSAN’s unlimited potentials, nothing is impossible. Apple can thrive here in GENSAN owing to the fact marami na ring Apple users among generals… But for me, I’m a Samsung user (3 of my phones are samsung actually)… Samsung is hot na talaga!


  5. Mark says:

    Apple? Actually there’s one stall in gaisano atrium which caters originals brands of Apple products.. therefore, its not possible at all that they will put their own space among various malls in our Magandang Gensan! (^_^)

  6. ahgarcera says:

    love your own… HTC din sana… hehehehe 🙂

  7. b1785 says:

    @ahgarcera wala may nakaila ug HTC dha.. ang akong DESIRE S gani abi nila ug baratuhon r nga phone..ka level r ug cherry mobile.. whew..hehe

  8. Ate Vangie says:

    Samsung Center in KCC Mall – GenSan is so great! The atmosphere is very cool! However, salespersons in the said store did not pass customer service test!

    Kung maka-sagot ng customer, akala mo walang pera yung customer! Bastos! Muntik ko nang masampal ng checkbook!

  9. naitsirk says:

    Ahgarcera, htc are all androids fone also,,its nice to hear andyn na sa gensan ang samsung,,dpat my papasok dyn na intrnational elctronics shp like jacks, plug in, sharaf dg and jumbo,,like here in abu dhabi and dubai…

  10. ariel says:

    Oh well, Samsung is okay especially their Samsung note, but i wouldnt trade my latest Iphone 4s which I got from Smart at SMMegamall last Dec 22, Im deciding pa sa sana to upgrade my Iphone 3GS to this latest from Samsung since pinapahintay ba naman ako ng Globe till Dec 30, bago ko mahawakan ang Ipone 4s and i placed my order dec 15 pa, kaloka ang waiting time, so sabi ko mag Samsung note na lang ako but when i went to SMMegamall last Dec 22 sa Smart center nila aba right there and then nabigyan ba naman agad ako ng pinaka asam asam ko na iphone 4S hahaha kaya goodbye Samsung dito na ako sa Iphone 4s hahaha..

    all i can say is nothing beats an iphone once i tested Iphone 3GS wala ng balikan sa chakang nokia haaha…

    btw cheap lang ang Samsang galaxy note sa manila its only 31k while here 35k kaloka ang pricing kala siguro walang access ang generals sa manila prices hahaha

  11. ariel says:

    Ate Vangie Says:

    Samsung Center in KCC Mall – GenSan is so great! The atmosphere is very cool! However, salespersons in the said store did not pass customer service test!

    ay sinabi mo pa! when i went there before i vacationed for manila last christmas, sarap pagsasampalin ang mga sales lady kung di ko pa pinakita sa kanila ang Iphone 3GS ko sabay sabi “i need to upgrade from this old ipone of mine” di ako panapansin, sabi ko i think i like the new Samsung Galaxy Note, saka pa nagkandaugaga mag ateend sa akin, kaloka kala siguro wala tayo pera hahaha, ginawa ko inisnab ko pagkatapos ko butingtingin ang SGnote sabay sabi “oh im gonna wait for my iphone 4S na darating na”, hahaha

  12. Ianemv says:

    Kuya Avel, san po kaya sila pwede makontak? Inquire ko sana kung may service center sila or pwede pa replace ng screen. Yung samsung galaxy mini ko po ang na-dale!

    @ate vangie I experienced similar situation. Isa sa mga bar naman sa East Asia, ayaw kaming entertain kala siguro isang bote lang order namin. nung umabot ng more than 1K natuto ng mag smile.. Asar!

  13. chammy says:

    Ayoo ask ko lang po… available na ba sa market ang Samsung Galaxy R d2 sa Gensan??? Pls reply po kung cno ung mga nakakaalam… Thanks.. 🙂

  14. jazzzz says:

    pwede mag ask magkano ba samsung galaxy android na brandnew ? celphone……

    1. bariles says:

      @jazzz, sorry but we do not have info on that. Better visit their store at KCC. Thanks.

    2. anonoi says:

      samsung galaxy s3 – 32,990.00. nag pre-order gani ko last june 06, 2012 ingun 2-3 days wa p mn niabot, zzzz

      1. bariles says:

        @anonoi, dami mo wawarts oi!! Ikaw na! 🙂

  15. ryan says:

    my gmate ba kau???

  16. ryan says:

    ung gmate+

  17. guianne says:

    helo po pwde ask magkanu po ung samsung galaxy 3?

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