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Sox Bloggers celebrate Xmas & 8th Year with amazing partners

The Sox Bloggers get feted by Smart and Dolefil in 2 amazing parties!

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Veranza set to open more restaurants in GenSan

In an earlier post, I blogged about the new restaurants and stores that will comprise Veranza, the upscale extension of KCC Mall of GenSan, and yes, they were aplenty.’ In fact, since Veranza opened this month of July, their following restos have already began enlivening the dining habits of the people of General Santos City: […]

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Aunt Ludi Bakeshoppe, first Halal-certified Bakery in SarGenSan

Congratulations to Aunt Ludi Bakeshoppe for being the first bakery in General Santos City and Sarangani Province to be given a Halal Certification by the Mindanao Halal Authority! According to Wikipedia, Halal ( “lawful”) is a term “designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law”. The term is […]

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Mantou, yummy stuffed bread sticks now at Zagu

If you are fond of eating at authentic Chinese restaurants, then you must have come across their steamed or baked buns or bread which they call Mantou.  Some are purely bread and some contain meat fillings but anyhow it is prepared, a mantou is soft and doughy and specially delicious when it’s hot. Now, Zagu, […]

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