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GenSan’s Tuna Floats Now and the Floats of the 60s

Bariles Republic was amazed at the entries to the recent Tuna Float Contest held during the culmination of the 10th Tuna Festival last September 5th, 2008.  Companies from the fishing, academic, private sectors tried to outdo each other in terms of coming up with the float that best represents their take on the festival theme […]

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(UPDATED) The GenSan Public Market and Cagampang Street

I have long wanted to take photos of the Gen. Santos City Central Public Market and the streets surrounding it from above and find out how it looks like from that vantage.  I remember doing it once when I still had my first digital camera, the first models of Sony Cybershot at 1.5 megapixels so […]

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Pioneer Avenue’s old Clock Tower and memories of its past glory

The clock tower along Pioneer Avenue is one of the oldest standing structures in downtown Gensan. Strategically located at the center island right across the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College, it was built and donated ages ago by either the Mt. Matutum Lions Club or the General Santos City Lions Club, am not actually sure. Unfortunately, […]

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Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish of GenSan

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish is the 2nd oldest church in Gen. Santos (after Lagao’s St. Peter and Paul), established in October 13, 1957. That makes her 51 this year. The photo above was taken on Good Friday 1965 when there was hardly any tree at the park in front of the […]

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The Old GenSan City Hall Building is 59 this year!

I did not realize that the old City Hall building at the back of the current one is turning 59 years old this year until I saw this marker (above) near its front entrance. It says: Municipal Hall, Buayan, Cotabato. Constructed October 26, 1949. This was obviously almost two decades before the Buayan was declared […]

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The Notre Dame of Lagao Class 1954 of my Dad

Graduation time is upon us once again. Time for our first HISTORY LESSON, my dear readers and followers. On June 21, 1948, four Marist Brothers from the United States arrived in the Philippines upon the invitation of Bishop Gerard Mongeau, OMI to work in the Diocese of Cotabato where the Oblates have their mission. Headed […]

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The Legend of the Imelda Grass found in the fields of Gen. Santos

Imelda Grass or more popularly known as Imelda Flower could be seen sprouting all around Gensan. Legend says that it was former First Lady Imelda Marcos who introduced it here in the 70s upon noticing that the area was one hot, arid desert. This thorny grass which is also known as Imelda creeper thrives well […]

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