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Luke Mejares & Paolo Santos LIVE @ Robinsons Al Fresco

We first heard the term AL FRESCO STRIP being widely used when Robinsons Place GenSan opened their row of restaurants and cafes at its huge facade along the Lagao National Highway three years ago.   Since then, the strip has been featuring shows and concerts of performing artists, both local and Manila-based to enliven the night time dining and drinking habitues of that area.

Their move was a major push for the city’s appeal to visitors for it somehow created what was once a non-existent night life for GenSan!

Tomorrow, Friday, August 17 , 2012, at 7:00 pm, Robinsons Place GenSan Al Fresco is once again doing what it knows best as it stakes its claim as the HOTTEST NIGHTTIME ENTERTAINMENT STRIP in GenSan now that SM City GenSan has just unveiled its own Al Fresco Strip.

Robinsons is flying in two popular and very talented male singers,  R&B hottie Luke Mejares and Mr. Acoustic Paolo Santos to perform at their Al Fresco Strip!

Below is a YouTube video of former South Border vocalist Luke Mejares performing “You Had Me At Hello“.

Likewise, this is Paolo Santos’ official music video of his song “Naglalambing“.

There, two great Pinoy musicians exclusively for one night only at Robinsons Al Fresco. Admission is still FREE of course.

And yes, it’s the only Al Fresco Strip in GenSan so far where you can enjoy LIVE musical performances such as this while drinking your ice-cold drinks and feasting on your favorite pulutan with your friends, families and beer buddies until 1:00 am securely whether at Piyesta KTV Resto Bar, Giacomino’s, Bigby’s, Grab A Crab Restaurant, Big Ben’s or SunSet Bistro – just some of its strengths which made it the choice night time destination in the Tuna Capital.

Note: For a night cap after the concert, choose between Coffee Club 101 or BluGre, still along Robinsons Place GenSan Al Fresco Strip.  You’ll be sober in no time. 


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