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Mid-Eastern Food in Gensan: Kebab sa Kambingan ni Kap

Ever since I had my first taste of middle eastern food during my stint abroad, I always had this craving for them.  That was why I was so happy when a couple of restaurants serving them opened in Gensan.

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Too bad, they did not last long for reasons only their owners would know.  From then on, I could only get to satisfy my need for kebabs, pita, humus, kofta etc whenever I was in the big city. Last time I had plenty of it was when I went on a trip to Sri Lanka on September 2014.

Now I do not have to go any farther because what used to be Kambingan ni Kapitan along Casquejo Street here in Gensan has just changed its name to Kebab sa Kambingan ni Kap and you guessed it right!  Aside from their usual goat dishes, they have started serving Mid-eastern food!

During my first vist there the other night, I found out that they were serving COMBO MEALS to make it easier for diners to make a choice.

kebab, mid-eastern food

They can select among a combo of Kofta Kebabs (Ground meat: Chicken or Beef, in skewers), Tikah Kebabs (Meat Chunks: Chicken or Beef, in skewers) or Chicken Tandoori (Middle East’s version of Spicy Chicken Barbecue).  They can be served with Pita (flat bread) or Iraqi Rice and Grilled Tomato and Onions.

Prices range from P90 to P110 and could consist of two Kebabs per combo.  Isn’t that cheap????

COMBO 3: Kofta Kebab and   Tika with Iraqi rice.

COMBO 3: Kofta Kebab and Tikah with Iraqi rice.

Side dishes of Hummus (chickpeas dip) and Mutabal (spicy eggplant dip) can also be ordered for only P30 per serving!!

kebab, pita, tika

Pita bread with Chicken Kebab and Beef Tika

Salads are also available: Tabbouleh (Parsley Salad) and TzaTziki (Cucumber Salad) for only P65 each!

Although there was a lack of personnel who could assist us in deciding what to eat, once our food was served to us in less than 20 minutes, we immediately forgot this inconvenience.

Both the Kofta and Tikah Kebabs were delicious and since we had two skewers per combo meal, it was worth the price.  I had to order two extra Pita bread and Hummus because they were my favorites.  Guess what?  They were also good, with just the right softness and texture.  Warning: their Mutabal sauce is the spiciest in this side of town!

Mutabal and Hummus Dips for the Pita bread.

Mutabal and Hummus Dips for the Pita bread.

For all these, our bill was only P300 including drinks for my partner!

Soon, the restaurant, which is owned by the family of Barangay Dadiangas South Chairman, Kapitan Alvin Veneracion (hence the Kap in the resto’s name) will be serving lamb dishes to make it more authentic.  As of now, I am contented with their beef and chicken varities.

Please note however that Kebab sa Kambingan ni Kap serves goat dishes including their famous Bicol Express na Kambing, from 10am to 3pm only.  Their kebabs and other mid-eastern fare is available only from 3pm down to 9pm.




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