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Nokia Care Center at KCC Mall of GenSan

Nokia Care Center, the only Service and Repair Center of Nokia Philippines in South Central Mindanao, has been around for almost a year now at the upper floor of the KCC Mall of GenSan.   It was only last week however, that Bariles had the reason and the chance to visit it.  His ever loyal and trustworthy Nokia 6288 phone unit wouldn’t function anymore.

Bariles got his Nokia free from SMART Communications two years ago when he signed on to his postpaid account.

It did not give him any major problem at all even after the second year that they have been together but upon entering its 25th month on earth, Bariles’s 6288 phone unit simply went kaput(!).

In short, it would not turn on or function, maybe exhausted after working non-stop for somebody as active and as mobile as Bariles.  It has fallen to the ground inumerable times already and has undergone the worst in wear and tear and thus looks older than it should.  If it was human, Bariles’ Nokia 6288 would have been a war veteran.

He did not present it to any unauthorized or run-of-the-mill service center however, since  the words of assurance of Nokia Philippines General Manager William Hamilton Whyte (whom he personally met in 2009 during the opening of the 1st Nokia Store in Region 12, at KCC) kepta ringing in his ears.

The Finnish gentleman said at that time that once Nokia Care opens in Gensan, it would accept any Nokia unit regardless of condition and age.  Bariles then hied off to KCC, went up the 3rd floor and entered the doors of their unassuming care center.

There was no client inside the office and so Bariles immediately surrendered his deader than dead phone to the amiable lady behind the counter.

In less than 5 minutes, after handing the phone unit to their technician,  she made him sign some papers, put up a deposit of P200 since the phone has gone past the warranty period of one year.

Bariles was about to go when advised by Maritess (that’s her name) that he can wait for his phone.


To while away the time, he engaged the other lady working there who happened to be the the Center Supervisor, Ms. Annavi Abulag to some small talk.  A local resident, Annavi revealed that the NOKIA CARE CENTER in GenSan is being operated by Greystone Data Systems.  They have another one in Cagayan de Oro.

Annavi mentioned that there is still a need to educate Nokia phone users in the Philippines to not just entrust their units to any service repairman.  Bariles himself was aware of this because at least 3 people advised him to take his busted phone unit to one of the many repair centers at the basement of Gaisano Mall of GenSan since they are very affordable.



Of course he didn’t want to take tha risk, and knowing that his phone is better off at the authorized service center, he was willing to pay the price for the quality repair of his clunky, best friend.

In about 15 short minutes, the technician handed him back his Nokia 6288, repaired, renewed and ready to service his master, the Fishman again.

Bariles tried it and it was perfectly fine again, just like it used to be the first time he had it.   And to top it all, if he wanted to replace his phone’s parts and accessories, he can just order from Nokia Care Center who will have it delivered in a matter of days from Manila.  He promised to come back in a matter of weeks to refurbish his 6288 with its much needed new armor.

The center also accepts unwanted, unused and ready-to-be thrown phone parts, accessories and batteries of any Nokia phone.  They will have them sent back to their RECYCLING CENTERS in Asia as part of their commitment for a GREENER WORLD.

By the way, Bariles’ total bill amounted to  P 500++ ONLY with a warranty of 90 days.

Not bad considering that whatever defective part was replaced, it was done so with original parts that only NOKIA CARE CENTERS can provide.

Thank you NOKIA CARE.


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  1. Sunny Wong says:

    Good Day!

    I have a N8 symbian 3 phone now which give to me with my sister from UK lock by network Orange world, what are requirment ? And it can be fix or unlock with your services and how many days & amount to be paid? Pls replay sooner so that i could go into your office right away.

    1. bariles says:

      @Sunny Wong, just got straight to their office. We could not answer your questions here. Thanks.

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  4. jane says:

    Sana po maglagay kayo ng pricelist ng mga nokia phones na available sa center nyo po. Thanks in advance po if i-grant nyo request ko. =)

    1. bariles says:

      @jane, that’s a good suggestion. Para hindi na natin gagambalain pa ang mga sales staff nila each time gusto nating malaman ang prices ng kanilang units. 🙂

  5. orman says:

    nung pinaayos ko naman yung nokia unit ko noon, it took them two weeks coz pinadala sa manila. it came back na parang brand new and hindi nila ako pinabayad…

  6. bariles says:

    @Fahdz, ano model ng Nokia mo pala? E series? N series?

  7. fahdingding says:


  8. fahdingding says:

    WOW! I also like the NOKIA STORE in KCC!

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