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Aweng’s Balbacua – GenSan’s Roadside Cuisine

Although having had my breakfast an hour and a half earlier, I couldn't resist my driver's invitation to try out AWENG BALBACUA on our way back to the office from the airport where I delivered a cargo of tuna for Manila. Long been a favorite stop-over of drivers who just sent off their passengers to their planes out of Gensan, I felt it was time to try its famed balbacua.

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Images of Sto. Niño Parish in Barangay Bula, GenSan

Here are some recent photographs of the Parish of Sto. Niño at Barangay Bula in General Santos City which I took myself. Enjoy them...

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Faces of the Isda-Isdaan Festival Street Dancers in GenSan

Eleven contingents participated in the ISDA-ISDAAN Festival Street Dancing Competition at last Tuesday's Feast in honor of the Sto. Niño in Barangay Bula, Gensan. The dancers had to traverse through half of Pedro Acharon Boulevard up to the streets of Bula and ending up at the grounds of the Parish of Sto. Niño.

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Street Dancers @ the Isda-Isdaan Festival in GenSan

A group of dancers from a fishing firm dance below the Welcome Arch at the Queen Tuna Park while waiting for the image of Sto. Niño on board a fishing boat at the Fluvial Parade winding its way across Sarangani Bay along with 300 other vessels.

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Sto. Niño’s Fluvial Parade in GenSan

I was privileged to be a witness to the Fluvial Parade of Barangay Bula this morning which is part of their celebration of their 30th Patronal Fiesta in honor of the Sto. Niño. (See my earlier post entitled "Barangay Bula pays homage to Sto. Niño") I was at the Queen Tuna Park (formerly Lion's Beach) together with hundreds of devotees waiting for the arrival of the image of the patron saint on board a vessel owned by this year's fiesta Hermano Mayor, fishing magnate Marfin Tan.These are the images caught by my wandering camera.

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Muslim Women Rally or Peace

I came upon a Peace and Prayer rally last Friday at the oval plaza organized by Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society and the Rajah Buayan Regional Management Committee. Although it was already high noon with the scorching heat of the sun beating their backs, the group of about 500 hundred Muslim men and women rallyists […]

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A Manny Pacquiao Scandal??

Filipino Boxing Champ Manny Pacquaio's photos while partying with two ladies not his wife have been circulating on the Internet. Could have been another blown-up scandal with sexy young pinays (after his infamous smoldering "screen kisses" with bold star Ara Mina and and sultry TV host Valerie Concepcion) but this time the boxer who hails from General Santos City merely shrugs these off as attempts to discredit him. Read the story below.

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Gensan’s Barangay Bula’s Colorful Districts’ Homage to Sto. Niño

One of the most awaited fiestas in Gen. Santos City is held at the fishing village of Barangay Bula every 15th of January in celebration of the Feast of the Señor Santo Niño. Every year, Bula's roads are closed to vehicles and are passable only to foot traffic to accommodate the thousands of revelers and devotees who not only visit the church and pay homage to the Infant Jesus but also to partake of the gastronomic feasts prepared by the houses which open their doors to everyone, friends or strangers. This tradition could be traced back to the island of Bohol where most of the early settlers here originated from.

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GenSan celebrates Islamic New Year

Tomorrow, January 9, 2008 has been declared as a legal Muslim Holiday by virtue of PD 1083 and Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 81.1277 dated November 13, 1981. The observance of Amun Jadid or Islamic New Year corresponds to the 1st day of Muharram 1429 Hira Amum Jadid or January 9, 2008 in the Gregorian […]

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PREX Vis-MinWide Family Day 2007 draws record numbers

I have been a member of the Parish Renewal Experience Ministry (PREX) under the Parish of Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage in GenSan since June 1996 and was Music Ministry chair up until the time I worked abroad in 2001. Since then, this Catholic Renewal Ministry which originated from the US and began […]

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