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Pinoy Comfort Food at Ranchero’s Merienda Mesa

Ranchero Nuevo at SM City General Santos never fails to surprise even us, their regular habitués as it continues to cook up the most delectable food deals and promos.

ranchero nuevo

For the month of February 2015, it is highlighting its most famous array of comfort food by way of its aptly named MERIENDA MESA fare.   Available daily, from 2pm to 5pm,  Ranchero’s Merienda Mesa’s offerings are sure to delight those on the lookout for iconic Pinoy dishes prepared the Ranchero way and thus are better than your ordinary tea time delights.

Check these out.

ranchero lumpiaUp first is Ranchero’s FRESH LUMPIA with the freshest ingredients ever!

ranchero molo

Then their famous Ilonggo dish, PANCIT MOLO which boasts of the tenderest ground pork dumplings.

ranchero tokwaPlus our personal favorites, LUGAW AT TOKWA’T BABOY and its famous sauce.

ranchero dinuguanAnd of course, everyone’s favorite cooked the Kapampangan way, DINUGUAN AT PUTO!!

RANCHERO PANCITNot to be missed is Ranchero’s PANCIT PUTI!

ranchero kakaninAnd topping it all, is Ranchero’s KAKANIN TRIO composed of the tastiest, yummiest maja blanca, leche flan and suman with latik in town!

Everything is reasonably priced but as we wrote earlier, they are only available from 2pm to 5pm daily at their location at the Fountain Court.

Try them now!  All these dishes comprising Ranchero’s MERIENDA MESA will surely make you think twice of ever eating your beloved Pinoy comfort food elsewhere ever again.

Ranchero Nuevo is located at the ground floor of SM City General Santos, across the Fountain Court.  They are open from 10am to 10pm daily. For reservations, call them at (083) 878-0468. 


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