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SM City Gen. Santos’ first Korean Restaurant “GuiGui Grill” opens

Gui or guee (Korean pronunciation: [kuee]) is a generic term that refers to grilled dishes in Korean cuisine. They most commonly have meat or fish as their primary ingredient, but may in some cases also have grilled vegetables or other vegetarian ingredients. – Wikipedia

A few days ago, along with some members of the Sox (SoCCSkSarGen) Bloggers, I had a chance to attend the inauguration of GuiGui Grill Authentic Korean Cuisine at the SM City General Santos.  Located at the 2nd floor of the Fountain Court Area, GuiGui sits between Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshop and Hap Chan Restaurant. It actually occupies two spaces up there.

Spearheading the ribbon-cutting ceremony were the owner, Andy Kim, and two other Koreans and SM City General Santos Assistant Mall Manager, Hermon Hernandez, among others.

guigui ribbon

FROM L-R, Mr. Andy Kim, owner of GuiGui  and Mr. Hermon Hernandez, Assistant Mall Manager of SM City General Santos, with two other Korean friends

Inside, the sparsely decorated dining area of GuiGui Grill looks straight out of a space ship with each table equipped with adjustable smoke vacuum funnels that can be pulled down from the ceiling to position themselves above the grill while the barbecuing process starts, to suck in the smoke.  The funnels look like golden metallic tentacles of an alien in a sci-fi movie.

gui layout

Simple, sparsely decorated interiors of GuiGui Grill and its tentacles-like smoke vacuum funnels hanging from the ceiling. Using natural lighting from outside, the place’s ambience is cheery and light on the senses.

And now the food.  We noticed from their menu that their servings are actually good for families and groups and cheaper than they may seem.  And their servings are visibly huge!

First up, are the side dishes or BANCHAN that serve as appetizers. I counted at least 8 of them, including the world-famous kimchi. First timers might find them odd-tasting but eventually, just like Japanese food, I had grown fond of them. All these were all immediately replenished when my table of four asked for second and third helpings. (CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO ENLARGE.)

Then the main dishes arrived, one by one.  What got my fancy was the HAEMULTANG or Spicy Seafood Stew which was good for 5 persons.  It was sooo good and sooo delectable and quite packed with the freshest seafood ever. Not as spicy as I thought it would be but it was enough to make me cough a bit.  Despite this, it immediately became a favorite of mine and my table companions.  We weren’t able to finish it all because it was such  a huge serving. Price: P1,000 good for 4-5 persons.



We also had our taste of the DAKDORITANG (Spicy Chicken Stew) which was like the Korean version of a spicy Chicken Afritada.  Super huge serving could actually feed six persons.  Only at P1,000.

guigui's dakdoritang

DAKDORITANG or Korean Spicy Chicken Stew.

Although I was not expecting it, we were also served sushi or its Korean version, KIMBAP (rolled rice). This one is ok but I felt that the rice was not sticky enough and kept falling off.  PRICE per serving was a measly P150 though.  Then there’s the JAEMUL PAJEON or Korean Seafood Pancake which was a great find at P250! I love it!

For noodles, we had the sweetish Korean Beef BULGOGI which is a very familiar dish to Pinoys.  This one is priced at P350.

Click on these images to enlarge them.

And as for the money shot, here is a photo of the grilling we did on the meat slices served on our table.  This is SAMGYEOPSAL or Pork Belly, priced at P300.  It was quite fun cooking it ourselves.

guigui korean pork bbq

SAMGYEOPSAL or MARINATED PORK while being grilled at our table.

After that hearty delicious lunch, we learned from our interview with the owners, a young hardworking Korean Christian couple, that even though they started their business in Davao (they have 2 GuiGui outlets there), they decided to expand here because of their ongoing humanitarian work with some of the hilltribes of the region.

The missus herself has learned to love Gensan and they are praying that the generals will patronize GuiGui Grill so that they can continue serving the marginalized communities they cater to.

Now isn’t that another good and noble reason to patronize SM City General Santos’ first Authentic Korean Cuisine Restaurant?   This, aside from its showcase of now proven delectable Korean dishes of course.  For sure, not only the ever-growing local Korean community but the food-loving Generals will flock to GuiGui Grill, the newest Gensan treasure find.

GuiGui Grill is open the whole week, from 11:00am to 3:00pm for its Lunch Specials and 6:00pm to 10:00pm for its Dinner Specials. For reservations, call 0915 734 5462.


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