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The Restaurants of KCC’s upcoming Veranza Mall

From an insider of KCC Mall of GenSan, I was able to get a partial list of restaurants that are set to open at their upcoming Veranza Mall.

Due to be unveiled to the people of SoCCSkSarGen on December 2012 April 2013,  Veranza Mall will be KCC’s first premier mall in the region and will house mostly entertainment and dining establishments, high end retail shops, and a condo hotel, among others.  Think of it as their version of Cebu’s Ayala Center and Davao’s Abreeza.

So without wasting any time, here is Veranza Mall’s list of restaurants.

  1. Hukad

  2. Moon Cafe

  3. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

  4. Bread Talk

  5. Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

  6. Gerry’s Grill

  7. City Buffet by Yakimix

  8. Teriyaki Boy

  9. Cafe Laguna 

  10. Pancake House

This list of restaurants at KCC’s premier mall is by no way complete so you might as well check back from time to time and see if your favorite dining establishment will be part of it.

See you then at any of these foodie joints at  Veranza Mall on December 2012 April 2013.



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  2. wilma aquino says:

    yakimix… aabangan kita…

  3. ricardo quintayo says:

    sana meron ng shabu=shabu na YAKIMIX,, masarap sana!

  4. Ariel says:

    OMG!!! am i reading this right? Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?!!!!!!! my gosh my favorite coffee shop in the world!!!!! finally here in Gensan!!! im not a fan of Starbucks…naging sooo masa na dahil everybody wanted a piece of it! LOVE….OMG! icannot wait!!!! at mag open pa ulit ng Breadtalk WOW!

    I hated it when i go to SM where upon I buy Breadtalk’s shit and have to settle somewhere at foodcourt above it just to enjoy that shit hahaha malamang malapit lang yan dalawa magtabi lang sana yan …

  5. Cdeooww! says:

    hmm wala din nman kakaen dyan ehh… maybe hndi yan mag tagal…

  6. gensanite says:

    good to know that cebu restos, cafe laguna and hukad is coming to Magandang GenSan… 🙂
    kelan kaya ang paborito nating dimsum na “ding haw” luluwas ng Magandang GenSan, TunaMan? 🙂

    1. bariles says:

      @gensanite, that is the #1 restaurant on my wish list – DING HOW! Hope it gets franchised in GenSan soon.

  7. jhanz says:

    OMG .. City Buffet by Yakimix is a “diet chrasher”

  8. Cidy says:

    Tataba na naman ako nito-hahaha! Finally meron ng Gerry’s Grill dito=)

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