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The Top 5 Startups in the Philippines for 2014

With a thriving startup industry that is going from strength to strength, the Philippines has blossomed into something of a startup hotspot. E-commerce sites in particular have been hugely popular with consumers, with companies like Zalora firmly establishing their staying power in the country.

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With its prosperous economy and westernized perspective it is clear to see why e-commerce sites have become a staple for Filipino shoppers. Below we have listed some of the most exciting startups to emerge in the Philippines so you can discover the best business ideas that are right on your doorstep.

Galleon has responded to the e-commerce boom by offering potential customers products they can’t buy in the Philippines. The idea is to create a shopping experience that is ‘refreshing as much as it is exciting’ by selling innovative products that many Filipinos may never have seen before. All the products are sourced from US suppliers so customers know they are getting unique quality goods.


With Giftlauncher, receiving an unwanted gift is now a thing of the past. Simply create a wishlist and share it on facebook so family and friends can see your desired gift. They can then contribute by hitting the wishlist link. This simple idea means that your loved ones can spend their hard earned cash on a gift you will really love.


Metroplate is a food delivery service offering students of Universities a healthier food selection. It not only helps students avoid the temptation of unhealthy food but also promotes local restauraunts, giving them the opportunity to supply nutritious meals to a new customer base. Some examples of their offerings include grilled chicken fillet on brown rice and banana almond smoothies- leading a healthy lifestyle has never sounded more delicious!

Carmudi is a vehicle market place designed to make shopping for a new or used vehicle as stress free as possible. Their easy-to-use online tools make site navigation a breeze and their blog (called a journal) giving advice on everything from insurance quotes to parallel parking, puts this site a step ahead of its competitors.


With Uniqly, sellers can create their own online e-stores, helping them to integrate their products into various media platforms. The startup wants to help sellers avoid the technical issues that sometimes hamper the selling of goods online. The set-up process is quick and simple meaning anyone with access to the internet can start their very own business.


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