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Video: GenSan Mayor Darlene answers her detractors

The three-termer former congresswoman and now chief executive of one of Mndanao’s fastest-growing economies is on the warpath!

In what is an emotional and stinging response to her critics’ issues against her and her family, General Santos City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio addressed the jampacked crowd at the Gen. Santos City Gym during President Noynoy Aquino‘s latest sortie in the Tuna Capital last April 27, 2013.

The stance is so uncharacteristic of her but then again, for someone who has been pushed almost off the cliff,  her 20-minute response was appropriate and timely at its best.

So that the public may know, we are sharing to you the video of Mayor Darlene’s speech.  Listen and watch her as never before, in fighting and combative form – the so-called “batang tun-og” (street child), in defense of the ideals that her family and their political party, AIM stood for all these years.

Thanks to Team AIM for recording this speech of Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio and making it available to our readers.

After watching her response on this video, I am hoping that you will know why GenSan News Online Mag is rooting for Darlene Magnolia Antonino-Custodio to lead the city once more along with her party.


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  2. Heneral Gabriela says:

    I still wanna know what long term solutions both parties offer for the city’s power crisis. While Mayor Darlene admits it’s better to have a band-aid solution than just finding and pointing out her weaknesses, just asking for power surpluses from Luzon and Visayas won’t solve the problem in the long run. What if they don’t have surpluses? And still sobrang mahal ang bayad ng taong bayan ng koryente. I propose that our LGU should go visit Thailand (or Malaysia) so they will see the success story how they produce biogas from their wastes. I can arrange their trip to Thailand’s leading biogas and ethanol producer, who’s willing to share to us his expertise.

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