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Atman Urban Day Spa’s Valentine Specials

For Valentines, treat yourself or a loved one to a most relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience at Atman Urban Day Spa, Gensan's Top Spa!

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Tibiao Fish Spa- GenSan offers a special exfoliating experience

Try a different kind of exfoliating experience with Mindanao's first mall-based FISH SPA in General Santos City.

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Atman Spa, an urban oasis in downtown GenSan

ATMAN (noun) the individual soul or essence; the essence that is eternal, unchanging, and indistinguishable from the essence of the universe. A person who is entirely in touch with his spiritual side is an example of someone deeply connected to his atman. Origin: Sanskrit; Source: Webster and American Heritage Dictionaries A lot of spas have […]

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Greenleaf Hotel GenSan: Luxury you can afford

or the past few years, we have been witness to the rapid growth and development of General Santos City, as opposed to the claims we heard during the recent local elections of some that the city has gone down the drain. It’s either these people have been living under a rock all these times or […]

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Pamper your body at Horizon Spa, GenSan’s biggest

For people in General Santos City who are very particular about the kind of spa they want to visit, preferring an establishment that should be special enough to transport them into nirvana-like state and offering services beyond the usual massage and foot rub, then they do not have to look far and wide anymore. The […]

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Glam Nail Salon and Day Spa

Next to hair, women tend to fuss over their nails.  That is why, we were not surprised that from out of the blue, General Santos City’s first salon dedicated to pampering your nails opened its doors quietly and modestly. Generals, welcome Glam Nail Salon and Day Spa! Glam Nail Salon and Day Spa is located […]

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Spa Vital Vida, GenSan’s newest spa delivers

One of the nice things about General Santos City is the fact that along with the proliferation of new restaurants, bars, cafes, videokes and other entertainment-related establishments is the mushrooming of health and wellness centers like spas and massage parlors. One of the very new is SPA VITAL VIDA. Bariles had a chance to try […]

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