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E-Vibe Super Club (formerly Jmix) presents VJ BadBoy

The formerly named JMix Disco Bar owned by Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao and which has closed down a few weeks back (after they became born-again Christians) has just been resurrected.

Now called E-Vibe Super Club, it caters mainly to the young, trance music crowd.

For its initial salvo, it has come up with a Dance Party  on Saturday night, May 26, 2012, featuring VJ BadBoy, a deejay who delves on music video mixing.

VJ Badboy is a former 14-time TV dance champion, a two-time drag race champion and a businessman.  He has performed in gigs in Japan and in the US.

Aside from him, E-Vibe Super Club is also gathering together local music mixers DJ Young Jenz, GenSan Independents, South Wissh, Malayang 083, Checkmate, MC Ruff Mic, DJ Sir Knight and DJ Jeri Funk to show off their stuff.

There will be a Dance Showdown of GenSan’s hottest girls so expect the place to be cramped with feverish, excited tweens!

If this party becomes a certified blockbuster, then expect more of the same at this new incarnation of what was formerly Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao‘s disco bar.

Meanwhile, here’s a YouTube Video of VJ BadBoy doing what he does best.

E-Vibe Super Club is located at the 2nd Floor of JMP Building 2, Aparente Street, General Santos City, which is just a block away from the new Pacquiao Hotel, Roadhaus Economy Hotel.


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  1. Red says:

    Hope to visit the place when i come back.

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