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MSU General Santos produces 11 new lawyers

Congratulations to General Santos City‘s Mindanao State University College of Law extension campus!

The recent 2011 Bar Exam results released last Wednesday showed a great improvement in its standings from an average of only 18% in 2010 to 32.35%!

This means that out of 34 of its graduates who took the bar, 11 made it to the cut.

According to Atty. Mariano Lugares, dean of the MSU-General Santos College of Law, eight of these passers were recent graduates while the remaining three were second takers.

To find out who these distinguished men and women are, here then is the List of the  2011 Bar exam results passers from MSU GenSan College of Law.

Presenting MSU’s new lawyers:

  1. Alma Gorospe – Agayan,
  2. Libertine Cagang,
  3. Marnito Cosep Jr.,
  4. Sheila Mae Jagolino,
  5. Cornelio Grino Jr.,
  6. Mary Grace Guirhem,
  7. Ma. Jasmine Lood,
  8. Sittie Tonina Macasayon,
  9. Glenda Narcilla,
  10. Anthony Pantua and
  11. Ruby Jane Pena-Carena.

This achievement of Mindanao State University GenSan even bested the national passing average of 31.93%.  Goes without saying that, General Santos City’s biggest public university is  definitely leveling up.

Congratulations to MSU GenSan and to its 11 new lawyers!


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  1. Janly Magbanua says:

    Shiela Mae Jagolino is my Teacher in Notre Dame of Dadiangas University…lawyer ka na pala!? congrats if thats you 🙂

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