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TRENDING: Watch Gensan Local Guide in Official Google YouTube Video investigate San Francisco City Sights

Google Local Guides recently released its video series that they named “Local Guides Investigate San Francisco” where teams of international Local Guides from various countries tour and “investigate” certain areas on the City By the Bay. These local guides were part of the 75 that Google flew in from all over the globe to attend their first Local Guides Summit in September 2016.


One of the four episodes that they produced and outed on January 27, 2017, entitled, “San Francisco City Sights“, features two Asian Local Guides, Ali Chua of Singapore and this blog’s author, Avel Manansala, of General Santos City, Philippines.

Here is a videocap of the two, in action.

LG investigate San Francisco

The pair toured and reviewed San Francisco’s iconic attractions, like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, the San Francisco Cable Car, Lombard Street and Hot Cookie at Castro District.

Here is that video of San Francisco’s City Sights…

As of this writing, the San Francisco: City Sights video has been trending fast on YouTube and has garnered over 100,000 views already, since it was uploaded ten days ago.


So, do take your time out to watch the video and if you like it, hit the LIKE BUTTON.  You may even want to leave a nice comment and more importantly, share it with your friends.  Yay!

Before we end this, watch another video from Google Local Guides summarizing the events during the Google Local Guides Summit 2016 in San Francisco, which was held in various places like the Googleplex in Mountain Viiew, the Google Office in San Francisco and Mission District, among other places.

Look for me at 0:27. 

Meanwhile, here’s a videocap of my cute introduction pointing at the Filipino Flag seal on my Google hoodie. 😀

Avel Local Guide in Singapore

Proud Pinoy here!  Prouder #LocalGuide from Gensan more!

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