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Why do certain casinos have strict dress codes?

The chances are when you are going about your everyday life; the look you aim for is something like smart casual. Most women will dress for work in smart mid-length skirts coupled with a jacket and blouse – or trouser suits – and these sorts of outfits are also a particularly good choice if you are planning on hitting one of the casinos in your local area. Although virtually all casinos have a dress code policy, outside of the really glitzy ones in places like London, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, any outfit which is clean and tidy will be completely acceptable.

The kind of outfit mentioned above will suit a woman if she sees her casino night mainly in terms of gambling, not partying. If that is the case, she will want to be relaxed and at ease, meaning clothing choices that detract from this (and distract from the games) like high heeled shoes, are the sort of things to be avoided. If you have any evening of gambling planned, you want the focus to be on what you do, not what you look like, so comfortable, sensible attire is best. This is not the case for all kinds of casino trips though.   images (1) Casinos are also a very popular location for party nights now. since the rise of games such as online roulette there has been an increase in popularity. People generally use the bar or a separate room within them for the perfect party location. If you are attending a casino party, the chances are ‘sensible’ is not the impression you will be looking to make with your outfit – you want to look lively and fun-loving.

One thing not to do is opt for clothes which are very short, skimpy or tight-fitting, as many casino dress codes do not permit too much flashing of the flesh. Equally however, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction – with a full-length dress or gown. This will look glamorous, but also rather too formal and old-fashioned for a party. Choosing that old favourite, the Little Black Dress will guarantee that you catch the eye, while remaining sleek and stylish at all times.


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